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the speed of boredom

Saturday, May 31, 2003

well, it's more of tom would really like to play the cello. tom doesnt have one yet, but is deffinately planning on getting one.

11:35 PM

tom plays cello or tom just looks good standing next to a cello?

you know, cellists do it with there legs open.

its been icky rainy all day. i watched some cartoons in the morning, sketched a while, helped nova with some yardwork during a break in the rain, and basically the two of us got sick of crappy television. we talked mom into redoing the deal at blockbuster where you get all the dvds you want for a month.
so me, mom, and my two sisters went to blockbuster, and, of course, got none of the movies i wanted to see and all the ones we could agree on were out, like best in show. nova vehemently vetoed dancer in the dark, which was one of the few movies i wanted to see which i was sure wouldn't offend any of them.

so, despite my year's worth of open disgust towards it, we got charlie's angels, and a couple recent dramas i don't care for.
coral insisted on getting a comedy, except she doesn't like any good comedies.

damn, no one wanted to see Hollywood Shuffle
i really wanted to see that gem.

9:51 PM
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hey derrick i have joined the small club with brian: the balding redheaded ringling students, it doesnt show cause my haed is shaved, but i noticed a couple spots that don't have any stubble after a day and a half without shaving... but you know what, this just gives me an excuse to keep my head shaved now...also i'm thinking of saving some money from work and buying a cello.

7:41 PM

i started writing a song last night, but after a few minutes i realized that every line of it was stolen from either jets to brazil or mindless self indulgence.

12:21 PM
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Friday, May 30, 2003

i talk about comics too much.

maybe people need to bring up better subjects for us to rant on.

maybe people need to post here more.

maybe people should do stuff at open mic with me.
i know both dan and heather want to, but all any of us have come up with yet is "gulf war song" which i told them both i wanted to do over the christmas break.

9:13 PM
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oh yeah, this excites me:


the creative team of channel zero: jennie one on a monthly book...oh yeah!

6:42 PM
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b-b-b-b-but....its michael's...employee discount on golden acrylic paints and iron-on transfers (and i NEED that employee discount since they cost more than a buck a sheet. MORE than a BUCK a SHEET!!!)

i'm gonna call them on monday just to make sure they got my application if they don't call by then.

my mom brought back a cooler full of food from work today. i helped her bring it over to the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, where they gratefully took our free food.

go us!!!

and by "us" i mean us, not U.S.

the U.S. can suck my wang.

and what's wrong with canadians? its an ACUTE respiratory syndrome. it's NOT THAT F'N BAD, g!

6:38 PM
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Derrick, don't bother with Micheals, I applied there because the guy in the framing department was like 'HOLY SHIT WE NEED PEOPLE' and no one fucking called me. I wanna work there, dammit :( Oh well, I guess I have to work at the Chicken Coupe with Mia. I'm not getting that internship and my dad was like "you can't work at a camp because it doesn't start for another month"...fuck this shit. I want to leave dammit. poop. I'm hungry. dammit.

12:48 PM
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yesterday i applied to be a sales associate at michael's in oceanside. i stood there for a good half-hour filling out this sheet giving them every piece of information i could about my previous employment at school, in town, at usdan, and at the philly folk fest. then the manager rudely said, "yes, i need that" snatched the paper away and disappeared.
i assume they'll call me sometime.
working there would be good cuz its closer to home, it pays, and as a sales associate i'd basically just do what i always do; stand around and tell people what color paint works with which birdhouse and whatnot.
also, if i get both the michael's job and the mocca internship, i can just get a monthly metrocard and that will cover both the subway to union square and the bus to oceanside, i just need to worry about the train to penn station.

nova's got me addicted to dawson's creek. its really quite sad.

i read everything i got at midtown the other day. hopeless savages was really good, blue monday was a bit juvenile for me but still fun, y is becoming less entertaining. i mean, the plot twists are becoming less shocking, but the conversations are still the best. there's no denying brian vaughn his ability to make a relatable story.
the best purchases in my opinion were probably the last two i came upon in the store, kissing chaos: nonstop beauty 2-4 and channel zero: public domain.
i'd bought KC:NSB 1 the week it came out back in october, but the series became dreadfully delayed and i couldn't find issue 2 anywhere so i figured it pointless to pick up 3 and 4 whenever i saw them at school. i'm glad i thought of it because the story was much more engaging than the first kissing chaos series. i think the art was better in the first, but the story was more engaging this time.

and channel zero: public domain is basically brian wood's production notebook from channel zero, except that the book is the same length in pages as the channel zero graphic novel. that's how much content there is, and its really interesting.
between kissing chaos and channel zero, i got really inspired to get into sequential art some more. i dreamed up a bunch of ideas for comics last night before falling asleep. i think they were both on the right track about writing who you know in that both KC:NSB and channel zero followed art students. i had a really interesting idea for a story with an art student, his best friend and the law student who ruins their lives.

i dunno, i just want to do something. i feel like even i i have to get a job now i finally have the time and resources to make a comic that i didn't have at school all year.

i hope i do it.

oh, and i need to start coming up with ideas for open mic night, really badly. help!

12:41 PM
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Thursday, May 29, 2003

yay good interview! =)

11:12 AM

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

my interview went well, i think. i chatted with the COO for about 45 minutes and we seemed to click on all the issues. he seemed really interested in having me work on the communications or sales side of things. the office has a bunch of bill plympton's original drawings up right now. really cool stuff.

i had an hour till the next train home, so i went to midtown comics to use up the cstomer discount i'd racked up last year. i bought Y 11, the first hopeless savages trade, two blue monday trades and the channel zero production book.

now i need to have a good relaxing week to make up for all the stress of just getting there today. i'm not gonna even bother going into all that.

9:55 PM
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yesterday was busy, kinda. in the morning me and nova watched dawson's creek while we took turns calling offices about internships or summer jobs. on a whim i called up MoCCA. their answering machine has the guy who does the voice of batman on the cartoon tell you why you should donate money to them. i left my name and phone number and asked if they were interested in having a summer intern. when my dad came home he seemed mildly pissed that i didn't have a job yet, but he cooled off because one of his favorite episodes of columbo was on (the one with johnny cash). about ten minutes later, i got a call from MoCCA.
turns out they are very interested in having a summer intern. i have an interview with them this evening, so i've got to get my resume together, shave, do something with my hair (which is now reaching out from the top of my head, behind my ears, and down my chest. its long.), and hop on a train and a subway.
i think i'll make a pit stop at midtown comics while i'm in the city. i still need last week's issue of Y.
and if they have the hopeless savages volume one trade, i need that too.

my mom also wants me to get a job at the michael's in oceanside along with the internship, since they would actually pay me, its relatively close, and i know a thing or two about arts and crafts.
and, apparently, she went there yesterday and they desperately need more staff.

after the phone call from MoCCA i spent most of the day at heather's hanging out with her, maria, jenny, jackie, erin and heather's friend from SVA (dammit, sorry if i get the name wrong, i'm still half asleep) caroline(?), who was crescent fresh. super cres at best.

and we watched this absolutely wonderful music video that heather saw while she was in europe and she found again online.

its best if you download it and blow it up to full screen in either quicktime of windows media player or something.

9:47 AM
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Monday, May 26, 2003

update successful.

shouldn't i be happy?

ah well, no great achievement...yet...

9:01 PM
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last week i was hooked on sonic (yes, i'm aware of the mild punny humor there) and now i find myself stuck on pokemon red and legend of zelda oracle of seasons. emulators are so much better than the real thing, except i miss the controls and i wish i could bring it with me. they need to make something like the iPod where i can just transfer the emulator i want to run and a couple of roms to play and bring it with me.

so my mp3 playlist happened to stumble across "the frequency" by jets to brazil the other night while i was bored and shuffling between business. for some reason one of the lyrics got an image stuck in my head and i've been working on a sketch/digital composite very slowly ever since. i really hope it comes out cres.

stephanie wants me to work best buy rather than usdan since usdan will work me like a dog and i could get employee discount at best buy. thing is, usdan will probably pay better, but best buy is air conditioned and i could probably steal a bunch of cres stuff (that's how you know stef's from suffolk and i'm a smooth long beach cat). suffolk people are rich enough to buy shit.

i tried to update my webpage yesterday, but this 56k is very unhappy when my mom plays yahoo games, my dad does taxes and my li'l sis writes endless emails and IMs.

my hope is to get my work super cres so i can make a bunch of computer printouts before the MoCCA Fest and show it to some of the pros (since the email i got said that was encouraged) and get some words of encouragement from people in the know like that.

and get some books autographed. hopefully get some sketches or photos taken with brian wood and mo willems and bryan o'malley (who, i noticed today, contributed to couscous express, so i have to get both him and wood to sign that)

and my dad is insane. he almost ripped the house down today when i was eating a bagel and nova was watching surprise by design.
he seemed slightly better after a trip to home depot. i have no idea what they bought.

oh, and reccomendations of what i should do at open mic night are welcomed.

7:51 PM
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i know what i'm doing for my birthday, the MoCCA (Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) Art Festival in NYC.
i got an email from bryan o'malley ( telling me he'd be one of the guests (and replying to the email i sent him on his brithday). when i checked out i saw that the festival would be on my brithday (june 22nd for those not in the know) and that the confirmed guests would include people i love such as brian wood (creator of channel zero, couscous express and pounded), mike mignola (hellboy), bill plympton (i married a strange person) and mo willems (sheep in the big city, the off-beats, codename kids next door)

i wrote back to bryan saying i hope to see him there, and that i've got those vanilla dome songs stuck in my head (he is kupek) and i emailed MoCCA to volunteer to work the festival. got my reply email from MoCCA and it sounds pretty cres, outside of the fact that most of the other people who were addressed in the email had star wars references in their email addresses.

on a similar topic, i've been listening to mc chris's "fett's vett" alot this weekend...i don't know why.

home movies was hilarious tonight. i love that show.

me and matt are gonna try to get together later on this week. he's got to read channel zero and y - the last man.

and the great job hunt is back on. i didn't get any of the internships i applied for, so my top picks right now are to work landscaping at Usdan or be a salesperson at Best Buy.

and me and dan decided it is a neccessity to get a four track cassette recorder. that's one more person convinced i need one. now i just need to convince my parents, as all i've asked for for christmas or my birthday for the past four years has been either a four-track cassette recorder or a megaphone and i've gotten neither.

i envy dan. he gets field day tickets and fancy new computer when he asks. he also takes my first edition hardcover of stupid white men signed by michael moore and loses it without telling me for a year.

i don't hate dan. i merely envy him. he's my friend. and i realize that if anyone could lose that book and not be physically assaulted by me, i'm a much better man than my father.

12:32 AM
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Saturday, May 24, 2003

i don't have a credit card and my mom won't let me use hers to try to get the 2$ radiohead tickets. =( ..i just want two. that's like, four dollars! that's cool. eight if i do get them online..maybe my dad will let me use his credit card.

we should have open mic night fun on an upcoming wednesday soon...


i want someone to have a bbq for memorial day. because i don't have a functional bbq and i want a damn bbqed cheeseburger dammit. have a bbq. now. ready, go.

3:05 PM

Friday, May 23, 2003

i have all these kupek songs stuck in my head. new stuff from the april 2003 album "vanilla dome"
if i had a credit card i'd probably buy the albums rather than patiently wait for mal to post them online song by song.

vancouver to hali-halifax...damn that's catchy stuff...

i talked to matt today, which was moderately exciting since i never get to see him and hardly ever talk to him anymore but i still think of him as one of my best friends ever
we're gonna get together next week. when i was home for the holidays it took forever for us to talk and we only saw each other the day before i left, but no one could stop us talking. we just chill so well.

i love my friends. honestly and truly.

matt, dan, dave, jesse, heather, maria, elysa, and erin and the smartest and most exciting people i've ever met. and everyone who ever gets a smile out of me when we talk is well on their way to making that list.

..and i will kiss you in toro-ronto, or maybe in providence or chicago... goddamn that's catchy...

i finally read couscous express last night. it was a faster read than i thought it would be, but impressive nonetheless. i still have to read scion and someday in the next week get my hands on the new issue of Y.

oh yeah, i spent most of my day goofing in photoshop and playing sonic the hedgehog.

and not eating. i should stop that habit...

12:27 AM
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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

that's not dandruff i see in the mirror.

its the dead skin peeling off my sunburned scalp.

really quite disconcerting...

ruben won american idol and i've been goofing in photoshop all day. no surprises

on that topic, tickets for radiohead at the beacon theater go on sale next week for $2 each. party on, dudes.

9:58 PM
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odds that she read any of the graphic novels she borrowed from me for the trip? slim.
she took some good ones, too. channel zero, magic pickle, cheat, y - the last man, a bunch of fun stuff.

most of my website is fully functional again. i even put up a new AIM buddy icon i made. and the menu's a lot nicer now that everything's aligned properly. there's also a link to this blog now, so be sure you can find one or the other of these two sites, since there's a link to the other on each.

watched the finales for buffy and 24 last night, along with the big night on american idol. buffy kicked ass, 24 was pretty sick, american idol hurt me, alot.

11:17 AM
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heather's coming back soon! =) 5/25

9:09 AM

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

spent a little while today rebuilding my ringling webpage and downloading an ftp shareware. its back up with a few new graphics, but no real content yet. keep an eye on it...or don't, see if i care.

7:29 PM
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then she hasn't been hanging out with me. there's something wrong with that picture.

8:15 AM
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esa's been home.

2:32 AM

Monday, May 19, 2003

yay. now we must party with erin. and jesse and esa should be home soon too (unless esa's home already and didn't tell me)

i got pretty sunburnt during the commencement ceremonies, but it was worth the sun and pandemonium to hear the wonderful speech from their guest commencement speaker, former secretary of state madeline albright, despite the best efforts from slews of protestors.

also, while i've been away, it seems my ringling server has been deleted as threatened, thus, my website is no more. luckily i have all of the files saved on my computer, so i hope to have a new redesign of the page with hopefully some new content up by next weekend.
i also have a new idea for a new piece of sequential art, this time a little mix of my traditional and digital drawing skills, in full color. i'll pencil all of the art, scan it, trace in illustrator, and color most of it in photoshop, with special pieces colored in illustrator. i'm really excited for it, since i've been stockpiling ideas all weekend. i hope to have the character designs up as some of the earliest new content next week.

hugs to everyone, gotta help nova unpack.

7:12 PM
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Saturday, May 17, 2003

back from hasn't hit me that school's over and i'm going to be home for like, four months. i am already bored, though. and i miss my t3...and a couple people. this summer should be interesting.

10:29 PM

Friday, May 16, 2003

hey all. i'm in massachussets at nova's graduation. keep posting without me

2:22 PM
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Thursday, May 15, 2003

new header image.

saw the matrix. damn good. posted my initial review over at the aph.

odd as it sounds, i'm actually looking forward to freddy vs. jason. the trailer last night just made it look too cool.

12:50 PM
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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

maria was worried about me getting matrix tickets. since its rated R, she figured they wouldn't let me buy more than one ticket in case i was buying for children.
i went to the box office at 12:30. there were two old ladies ahead of me, who went right into the theater. i figured they were there for daddy day care, since the only other movie playing this afternoon was X2, and they looked more ready to laugh at a black guy get beat up by cute children than watch a new race of genetic freaks wipe out the human race.
i asked for three tickets for the matrix.
"that's at 10."
"yeah, can i buy the tickets now?"
and i bought 'em, no hassle.
she also told me to get there to line up around 9:15, since there would be a crowd.

i'm hungry. time for food.

oh, and that gir picture is supposed to be transparent. on every other webpage and background i've looked at it on, there's no stupid white border, so try downloading it and putting it wherever you want...i should work alright...might not.

6:55 PM
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that's really good. i think you're starting to get better at this whole digital art thing too.

9:57 AM

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

i think i'm starting to get better at this whole digitial art shindig

a year-old self portrait, touched up in photoshop

GIR, drawn in illustrator

9:54 PM
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6:58 PM

that's unfortunate, cuz it made me laugh a good bit (jesse batus, if you are reading this, that link is TOTALLY for you)

still, i'm on a 56k and it took only like 5 minutes.

oh, teen girl squad 3 is up on now.
i love teen girl squad.

sometimes i wish i were a girl so i could join teen girl squad

among other reasons...*wink at elysa*

2:15 PM
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i tried to watch that. it was taking too long.

1:26 PM



11:32 AM
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Monday, May 12, 2003

i really should look at those words of the day more often.

two things today: bought nova's graduation present with my dad (19"tv w/VCR+DVD, CDRW + MP3, 2 additional inputs, cable ready, and remote control)
got my report card. ewwwwwwwww...

emailed my computer aided graphics teacher to ask how i got a D in the class when i only had two absenses and got straight As on every test and project

and if they were to officially release the movie on wednesday, that's another day in the box office to add to the overall take. by having wednesday shows for a thursday release, those early shows get lumped in with the thursday ones, making the thursday crowd look even bigger, since you know a large part of the thursday audience is going to want to see the first chance they can, on wednesday.
i think the money a movie makes is weighed differently in the books if it opens on a wednesday, which is why only the really big motherfuckers tend to do that (independence day, men in black, star wars)
matrix wants to look like it brings in more money in a shorter time, hence the one less day

4:25 PM
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haha, they should just say it's opening wednesday the 14th..cause it pretty much is..

Word of the Day for Monday May 12, 2003
supererogatory \soo-puhr-ih-ROG-uh-tor-ee\, adjective:
1. Going beyond what is required or expected.
2. Superfluous; unnecessary.

that was just one of the words i needed to know for my ethics final this morning. cool.
always check the word of the day.

3:07 PM

how are they showing it at 10am? the movie's not suppost to open till the thursday the 15th. i'm surprised long beach is even having the 10pm show on wednesday.

actually, now that i look, theaters in merrick, rockville, franklin square and bellmore are doing 10pm shows too...whatever...

2:56 PM
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i was going to see the matrix reloaded at 10am on wednesday, but i have a final at 11..which puts the 12pm showing out too. and for some reason, oh wait, since this is binghamton, there are no late previews of it. so i am going to have to go thursday night. still a good way to spend my last night here.

12:59 PM

head explodey is bad. new header image is good.

saw X2 for the second time last night. i went with dan and my mom who had both very much wanted to see it, and they both seemed to enjoy, especially dan who laughed hysterically and had mild muscle spasms whenever wolverine sunk his claws into some poor guy

i did pick up a few things i didn't catch the first time, which is good. makes the movie more of a whole for me. still love it, which is much better than i can say for the second time i watched spiderman.

me, mia, and dan are gonna see the matrix reloaded this wednesday at 10pm. should be fun (i've realized that in this post-war america, i don't understand television, so movies are good for me now)

10:32 AM
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Sunday, May 11, 2003

too many tests. my head is going to explode. so many things to read. ahhhhhhh! all i want to do is go play.

10:46 PM

no, we are never going to come out of debt. not even close.
happy mother's day.

i'm not okay with the fact that this is my last year of actually being a teenager. a year from now i will be 20 and that is soooooooo not okay with me. that's so old. ewewew. i'm going to be so old. that's not okay. the only good thing about it is it's closer to 21..

ahhh, why is it sunny?! it was just thunderstorming and me and anna went to go play in the mud.. as soon as we get outside, it's stopped raining and now the sun is coming out!!! wtf. how are we supposed to play in the mud in the SUN?! dammit. how am i supposed to be motivated to study for finals if it's nice out? that doesn't work at all.

i should go read some things..

1:43 PM

george w. said that he knows we're in a deficit, and we are in a deficit because we are at war. "and this commander-in-chief, for one, will spend whatever he needs to" until the war is won. he then talked about the war on terrorism.

to my memory, george has given us three wars thus far. we are told we've resolved the iraqi one, and now we're back onto the terrorism one...and then we'll probably be back onto the war on drugs or whatever else he feels like annihalating this week.

we're never going to come out of debt, are we?

1:15 PM
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i figured the time zone was set wrong, i just couldn't figure out where to change it. gracias. now that can stop driving me crazy.
hahahahahahahahaa i had to print in my anth paper for our final test and hand it in the other day, and i went to print it five minutes before it was due, and for some reason the printer wouldn't print and i had to print it off anna's computer...just now i tried to print more things, and i have been trying so hard to figure out what the hell is the matter with this stupid printer that it won't print anything..and i just checked..and the printer is NOT connected to the computer. i guess i didn't plug it back in after i moved my laptop..

ahhhhhhh anna left her phone here and it won't stop ringing and i'm going to shoot it. ahh, it stopped. good.
okay, three finals in the next three days..most of them at 830 in the morning..didn't go to class to much this semester..time to go read some things.

yay, thunderstorms! too bad i can't see the lightening..

1:02 PM

tom daschle, leader of the democratic party and head of the senate, is talking about how bush's ineptitude FORCED us into a war.
american forces have yet to find ANY weapons of mass destruction in iraq, outside of the ones we've brought there.
george w. bush flew a fighter jet onto an aircraft carrier off the coast of california to talk to the troops arriving home. he took a jet instead of a helicopter because the carrier was "too far" for a helicopter to fly. the carrier was too far from the coast because bush insisted the carrier, which takes 26 gallons of fuel per mile travelled, go in circles so that he could speak to the troops with only the sea behind him, no land in sight.
he did this so they could shoot a campaign commercial out of his speech.

we were not forced into war. we allowed ourselves to be swept with the zeal of a seven-year old mentality playing with his G.I. Joes. Daschle, as head of the Senate, could have done a great deal to prevent our going to war, but chose not to.
Daschle also says the world's view of America will NOT be tarnished if we do not find any weapons of mass destruction, after all, our goals were to remove any weapons of mass destruction and save a nation from a tyrannical despot.


the nation is lying to us, tricking us with veils of deception.

i must be an old-timer, because i remember a loooooooong time ago when this nation was actually in a surplus.
*phew...waaay back, three and a half years ago...

11:33 AM
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Saturday, May 10, 2003

i just watch "the Green Mile" and was very impressed.
i'd been meaning to see it ever since i first found out that bill scienkiwicz had done all the storyboards and promotional art. that just got me curious as to what the hell kind of movie this could have been.
it was good. very good. what i expected and a whole lot more.
and michael clarke duncan was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better in the Green Mile than in Daredevil, which is a shame, since he was the one actor i looked forward to the most in Daredevil before seeing it.

11:05 PM
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ERIN!!! i think i figured out why the time is wrong.

log in to blogger, enter the blog (y'know, where you type your posts and whatnot), click on the "team" button, click your name, and click on "Edit My Profile"

change the time zone.

you've got it set for california for some reason.

so does everyone else who's joined so far, so everyone do that and the blog will be happier...i guess...

9:57 PM
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why is mia in deleware?

i've been doing alot around the house lately. lots of dishes and plant watering, along with goofing on my computer to figure out how to use photoshop the way i see people use it online.
in the back of the daredevil hardcover i got in february, the colorist does a step by step of how he colored one of the covers in photoshop, and i really fucking want to do it as cool as he did.
i'm not ready to ruin my own sketches with my inadequate skills, so i've been loading the skechs i'd taken from other people's websites years ago to goof on

so far, very little luck. but i did download the entire new dears album, "no cities left"
it kicks mucho butt

additionally, i've been painting a birdhouse for my grandfather that we're giving him for father's day.
me and my mom took a trip to michael's the other day and i showed her the wonder of golden acrylic paints, gels, and other media

fun fun silly willy

i need to eat more. i weighed myself yesterday (out of boredom) and i gained two pounds since last august.

eating = good

8:43 PM
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Hi...I'm in ...Deleware

8:16 PM

messed with the html a little. now it should be easier to see who posted what when.
also, the links.

4:55 PM
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and it said 1:44PM, so that ain't bad

1:45 PM
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doesn't look wrong to should say some time around 1:40PM when i post this

and welcome, erin!

1:44 PM
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how come the time is off?

12:59 PM


12:36 PM

hiya, esa!

you posted right, you just didn't publish it, so it didn't show up on the webpage.

next time, click the button that says "post & publish"

12:10 PM
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this wright? i'm sorry, this will not do....i meant "right".....jebus...gotta sleep more...psshaa

9:57 AM

hmm, i dunno if i'm doing this wright, but WOOO! BLOOG! and i think i'm the first person posting, as far as i can see, i dunno tho....n e wayz...tis i, elysa, you're friendly elf :)
umm yeah...yay matrix...and yeah...i still had no idea that aaliyah wasn't in it, i saw the character and thought it was her lol....i'm an ass, anyway, *tear* i wish it was aaliyah, i think she's better than ms. smith, but oh well....I still miss her, even if i didn't listen to her in the first place, she was a good kid :) i know heh....
alright, peace homies....

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Friday, May 09, 2003

i've now invited everyone on my ringling email list that i feel like inviting right now to come join my little blog. hopefully by the time they get around to ever looking at this i'll have something interesting typed here.

anyway, i was watching the matrix again tonight. i decided that i like the movie and that i like the people who made the movie (specifically i mean larry and andy wachowski, steve skroce and geoff darrow, the rest of 'em are merely doing what these four tell them to) and that i like what they were trying to do with the movie, i just don't like how people reacted to the movie

the general populous acts as if their worlds have been changed because of it, and it saddens me that people could have not already though these things about reality since i have since shortly after kindergarten
the media acts as if its the perfect entity, which it is far from. too much about the movie and the story bother me as imperfect to be so.
and, of course, everything in the media has changed because of it. i am so sick of people on strings and slow motion and radial pans and all that stupid crap that made morons see the movie in the first place.

i first saw the matrix because i saw the trailer during the suuper bowl, heard the vague things laurence fishburne hinted at and immediately thought "YES! That's EXACTLY what I've thought about the world since elementary school!!!" only to watch two hours of the actors tiptoeing around any semblence of storytelling.

still, now that people have had they minds blown enough to accept whatever they didn't get before (at last to a small enough degree for a movie) i am very much looking forward to the sequels.

i do find it funny, however, that with all this media buzz around the matrix sequels, i have not heard the word "aaliyah" once during any of it (she was originally cast to play the new character in the second movie who becomes a major player in the third, but died a matter of months before shooting was scheduled to begin, and the role was filled by jada pinkett-smith)

good to be hollywood. mourn and forget.

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alright, so i've got a blog now? i first got the idea to do this by reading macaddict when i came home from school and they said i could run a free blogger from my mac. when i tried making one, i realized that all the data for the blog would be stored on my mac and therefore it needed an internet connection.
and it seems every website i've been on lately has its own blog...eventually i stumbled upon this ad and was like "hey, why not?"

so here we are.
i have no clue what i'm doing, but that's half the fun.

eventually this thing will be decent, but now its just here.

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