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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Village Voice, the nation's largest alternative weekly newspaper, is excited to announce the initial line-up for the 5th Annual Village Voice SIREN MUSIC FESTIVAL(tm) at Coney Island on Saturday, July 16th from 12:00 noon - 9:00 p.m. Scheduled performers include Spoon, Mates Of State, Brendan Benson, VHS Or Beta, Dungen, Q And Not U, and The Dears, with many more to be announced.

who's coming with me? this is a guaranteed dance-tacular day. and its FREE (minus train and subway)

on an unrelated note, there have been people breaking the sidewalk outside my house all day. i have not left primarily because of mocca-related typing and emailing, but there is no longer firm ground outside of my house. there's gotta be an angsty metaphor there.

on another unrelated note, i got a call from ringling today and i have a place to live. i'll be sharing an apartment with my classmate carlo, who had four pieces in the graphic design section of best of ringling this year and is on the team that is designing next year's school catalog. i am generally uninspired by his work, but it seems to be attracting positive attention from the faculty, at least, so it'll be nice to study his process, but more importantly its nice to have a place to live.

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Monday, May 30, 2005

Q and Not U's official website says, they're playing the main stage at Siren at 4pm.

now, everybody, dance!

p.s. - MoCCA's gonna be totally awesome and two weeks from now i'll be totally wiped out.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Brooklyn Vegan contrasts and compares Intonation to Siren, despite the fact that Siren still hasn't announced anything remotely resembling a lineup.
the hypothetical lineup BV suggests includes Spoon, The Dears, and Q and Not U, which would make it an absolutely essential event for me to attend. if those three bands were there and i did not go, i would need to be seriously injured, either in advance to prevent me from going, or after the fact via self-inflicted wounds of punishment.
they also unfortunately say that Intonation may have hooked Thunderbirds Are Now! and The Hold Steady. i personally think this is unlikely considering Intonation already announced their lineup as finalized without those two bands on it, and The Hold Steady were recently named "Brooklyn's Best Band" by the Village Voice, who sponsor and operate Siren. i find it hard to believe that after an uncharacteristic rave review like that, they wouldn't have gotten the band to play Coney Island.

also, Stars are opening for the New Pornographers at their free show in Prospect Park on June 25th, which i would very much like to go to (sometimes i forget how much i enjoy the new pornographers' Electric Version until i listen to it again) except that's the day of my cousin elliot's bar mitzvah.
alas and alack, i'll not be going back.

MoCCA's really friggin' soon
i'm totally going to be having a nervous breakdown the whole weekend.

EDIT: ok, Frenchkiss Records' page on (i know, tacky, whatever) says that The Hold Steady and Thunderbirds Are Now! are, in fact, joining label leaders Les Savy Fav at Intonation, which makes me mad as they're all fantastic bands I want to see, and i know The Hold Steady and Les Savy Fav are both FROM Brooklyn.
however, I'm now reading other reports from other websites that agree that The Dears, Q and Not U, and now Brendon Benson are playing Siren, with Spoon still very likely. with the Dears and Q and Not U, i'm sold (or would be it it weren't free)

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

tuesday afternoon/evening, i will be home in new york. i'm still trying to find a decent graphic design internship/part time job for the summer.
i'll be spending a large portion of may and almost all of the first two weeks of june at MoCCA getting ready for this:

when i come back to Ringling in august, i will be a senior. graphic design will no longer be a friendly thing, but a competition. here is my schedule, which people think i'm crazy for taking these classes, and maybe i am:

its time to get serious about this.
graphic design is real. it is my future, and i am going to kick its ass.

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