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the speed of boredom

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

holy crap...

i'm not sure if this is sincere or pretentious.

9:32 AM
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Sunday, August 15, 2004

In Stores October 5th!

1 Wheels
2 No Phone
3 Take It All Away
4 Dime
5 Carbon Monoxide
6 The Guitar Man
7 Waiting
8 She'll Hang the Baskets
9 End of the Movie
10 Palm of Your Hand
11 Tougher Than It Is

i'm worried about my friends in florida. i want to know if they're okay, but i don't have any of their phone numbers on me (all the phone numbers i have are on my computer which is currently disconnected) and the power is supposedly out down there.

anyone who hasn't read Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life yet is totally missing out. its rocking and only about one train ride long.

i miss playing mega man

5:39 PM
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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

the fine folks at Bumble & bumble called on monday. apparently they'd overbooked the 12:15 session this thursday and were hoping i could either come a different week or at 2:30. i heard a tone of concern in the woman's voice, so i said rather solidly "hang on let me check my calendar," walking towards an empty space on the wall and running my finger down the vacancy as if there were volumes of text scrawled across it. "huh...2:30...thursday the twelfth, right?"
a cautious "y-yes, sir..."
"hmm...yeah, i can do that."
"oh, you can?!" sounding as if three albatross had just been released from the ropes around her neck.
"i need to be there fifteen minutes prior, though, correct?"
"oh, yes sir, 2:15"
"ok, i'll be there"
"thank you so much!"

i don't know if they teach these people to make it sound so vitally important or if i just totally had fun with it...but i totally had fun with it.

12:13 PM
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Sunday, August 08, 2004

so dan arrigo, jay arrigo, maria karchevsky, and i just recorded an hour-long album in an hour. naturally some of it is completely retarded, but some of it truly kicks ass musically.
we've tentatively titled the album "Poppycock" (early titles included "Needle in a Poopstack", "The Something-Something Project" and "Sgt. Pepper's Other Less Impressive Band") and have included it at least for the moment as part of our Nunchuck Breakfast project.

anyway, this thursday i have another appointment at Bumble & bumble and next saturday (the 21st) i head back to florida.


i need better stories. i'm sure i have them, i just can't think of them now.

11:20 PM
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