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the speed of boredom

Sunday, November 30, 2003

i always knew brian was mr. popular.
i mean, we all knew he had many, many girl/boyfriends, but now we know at least 12 of them are imaginary. legitimately imaginary, though.

11:38 PM
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Dude! I bid on those 12 imaginary girlfriends on Ebay. I won all of them! Guess I'm THE most popular person in the world now!

9:35 PM

it is upon inspection of recent posts that i would like to remind people that i never actually stated that al, steve, tom, or anyone else were ever drunk.
re-read the posts. its your own sick minds that put these different pieces of information together and came to your own conclusions. you are the ones who said these people were drunk, regardless of whether you agreed with that statement or not.

...and yet i'm the asshole.

i pride myself of my ambiguous language, do not mess with it.

you know, i do have a livejournal. this isn't my journal. this is supposed to be an open forum dealy for my friends to share stupid ideas.

i adore the fact that the people who read this the most aren't registered to post on it (aside from myself, who reads this blog maybe three times a day out of an acute OCD).

anyway, the printers in the photo lab are retarded so i can't print any of the photos yet, but i will.

tonight i work on more stuff for the webpage.

7:11 PM
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hey, check out version 4.0 of my webpage.
only a few of the pages work so far, but there is new content there, and a bunch more to come real soon!

12:43 AM
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Saturday, November 29, 2003

yesterday i tried to do homework. the labs were finally open, so i went to scan some negatives. after about an hour of waiting for the scanner to warm up, i realized that the scanner in CJ8 is dusty and scratched, which you wouldn't notice much on full-page illustrations, but looks horrible when you're scanning itty-bitty negatives.
but now the photo lab is open and the scanners look clean, so it should be fine.

i've also been working hardcore on the webpage. 100% designed and constructed over the thanksgiving break.
should be cool. i expect it up and functional soon.

5:30 PM
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Friday, November 28, 2003

a friend from model congress sent me this slightly disturbing info

there are currently TWELVE auctions on eBay for an "Imaginary Girlfriend"

1:06 AM
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Thursday, November 27, 2003

what a happy turkeyface...

i made turkey and stuffing, watched four hours of the west wing, had a nice li'l feast next door...and now i'm falling back and forth between wanting to do homework and wanting to nap...

7:51 PM
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omg, i luv the west wing
omg, i luv the west wing
omg, i luv the west wing
omg, i luv the west wing
omg, i luv the west wing

happy turkeyface
i made stuffing. the apartment smells happy now.

2:00 PM
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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

wow...y'know, considering a vast majority of the people who are members of this blog don't bother reading let alone posting anymore, i sure have been getting alot of messages lately from people who happen to find their ways here.

i've made no effort disguising the fact that the only people i hate more than hypocrites are those who try to tell me what i "should be" thinking or feeling.
that's part of what bugged me most about the whole issue here (which, i'd like to point out, is not a common discussion topic, it only comes up whenever somebody else has brought it up to me and it sticks in my mind for an hour, just like almost everything else in this blog) and what particularly pisses me off about julia. she was telling me that i was wrong to do these things and that i should feel terrible and grow up because i'm doing terrible things to a wonderful person.

trust me, you'll fucking know it when i do terrible things.
brian knows all too well i fought roman colosseum style to not destroy any of tom's stuff during the zenith of the whole conflict, particularly his paintings and stereo in the living room. seeing as no damage came to any of tom's stuff this semester by the hands of anyone other than tom, i say i succeeded. max and i didn't get off that easy, so i like to think we're better people for not retaliating.

precious few people have incited my wrath, and when they did, it has made friends and family fear me. before leaving for ringling, dan, one of my closest friends, mentioned how he'd never seen me get mad, ever. david has once, and i almost got expelled from school for it (as a first-time honor roll offender in a school full of gangs, by the way). one time i had my elder sister crying on her knees after an incident i had in school because she couldn't understand what kind of monster i was.
that was freshman year...i like to think i've become a better person in these years, but people keep pushing me, and lemme tell you, i'm afraid to fucking push back.
also, as i've said before, i'm not a fan of large gatherings. i make these conflicts private. i have never asked for a friend's help in a fight. i've never accepted their voluntary help. when you've got a problem with me, you've got a problem with me. that's it. making it a group affair is just distasteful and downright selfish behavior.

now i'm sure tom didn't put any of you up to this. but lemme tell you, you're not helping.
the more of these messages i get, the angrier i get at him for making this an issue and with the entire group of you, as its apparent its become a group issue and none of you are satisfied with the only "resolutions" to our turmoil that tom is willing to agree to.
as is proven my last year's reelection of kathleen harris in this area, this is still a democratic state, regardless of whether the decisions made are good or bad in the opinions of those outside of the state
you see, whereas i, from new york, loathe kathleen harris for all the shit she pulled during the 2000 election, i'm not emailing everyone in the state of florida to tell them they're assholes for it.
continuing that metaphor would only insult your intelligence, i'm sure.

i was going to post some junk about dead poet's society but it seems like every time i come back to my computer there's a new reason for me to get mad.

so, at the risk of being redundant, this is getting old, yes, i agree, but not at any fault of our own.

shut the fuck up or leave me alone.
if you keep up this behavior, i have no qualms breaking my own body in a fight. i don't care who steps up.
i don't want to lose any friends over an issue that shouldn't be any of their business to begin with, but the one thing that matters the most to me is my very strict set of ethics, and you're all fucking crossing the goddamn line.

besides, how am i supposed to take advice on dealing with roomates from a girl who stabbed her roomate with scissors during an arguement?
hypocrite, much?
god, i hate hypocrites

11:02 PM
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so...what the hell was the deal there?
i was on the phone with laurie when that obnoxiously loud fire alarm went off. we all stood outside the apartment complex for at least a half hour while fire trucks and cop cars sort of fuddled around the parking lot doing nothing.
and i was starving the whole time because all i'd eaten all day were the waffles i had around 1:30pm.

7pm-10pm were spent playing monopoly. early on it looked like max had the lead, but it all boiled down to an intense battle between suzanne and myself. i was surprised i didn't go bankrupt considering i cut deals with brian and max the whole game. whenever they were in any sort of trouble i would buy whatever property they had at at least twice what it was worth and whenever they landed on my hotels i let them slide with a rent equivilent to having merely owned the property rather than having a monopoly. i was losing money very quickly that way, but luck was on my side as i kept pulling sweet chance and community chest cards.
and owning all the railroads is always a very good thing.

oh yeah, i won, for those who weren't there.

i reign.

good game, though, everyone. very funny. we're some crazy mofos.

12:49 AM
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Tuesday, November 25, 2003


Violently Happy

6:15 PM
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you forgot about my favorite mirror, which he still hasn't apologized for.
and he still refuses to believe that HE punched the hole in the wall.

1:56 PM
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It looks like, despite my hopes and wishes, the drama monster has set up shop in my little corner of existence. I want more than anything to remain as above, beyond, and far away from this insanity as possible, but I can't, and I'm going to stick by Brian and Derrick on this one. Not only am I just as much in this as they are, but they're my friends.
Everybody's got a different spin on this whole Tom debacle. I don't know what any one person has heard, and I don't know who they heard it from. I could take this time to list the events leading up to all this, but I won't. You've already heard our side. You've already heard Tom's side, and you've probably formed your own opinion about it. You must have, otherwise people like Julia wouldn't be harassing Derrick at 2 in the morning about it. We've spoken to Tom twice about "everything", and it's solved absolutely nothing save for the food situation (which we simply removed ourselves from). The three of us are still the only ones doing any work around the apartment. He's a bad roomate, plain and simple. We don't want to live with him anymore. This has nothing to do with whether or not Tom is a "nice kid". It seems everybody wants to turn this into some deeply personal matter, as if our not wanting to live with Tom is some grievous personal attack. This has nothing to do with Tom or us as people. It has to do with us as room mates. Tom's a bad one, we're pissed that he hasn't done anything about it despite our efforts. End of story. Any more than that and you're reading too deep into it. Outside of specific incidents (setting fire to the toaster, getting wasted outside Derrick's window, etc.) and whenever people ask us about him (which everybody seems very inclined to do), we've stopped talking about him. This isn't worth this much drama, this isn't worth losing friends over, and this isn't worth long, drawn out blog posts!

1:03 PM

Is there something I'm missing here? We make fun of Tom mostly because other people come over and bring it up. We don't hate the boy. Were just not living with him after this year. You people need to lighten the hell up.
The issues are still there. The food problem has been taken care of, but thats about it. Keep in mind we were the ones to confront Tom both times and Tom is the one who crys about us in other peoples apartments. We've kept this entirely within our walls, unless other people egg us on about it. He hasn't. So fuck you.
What I've seen is a man faced with responsibility, and instead of taking that responsibility has instead ran away like a coward. Thats my two cents.

11:07 AM

at this moment i wish flesh-eating bacteria among so many many people...but i know it is wrong of me to think such things, let alone blog them.

2:01 AM
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i don't need grief like this at a quarter to 2am while i'm doing homework before a holiday break

julia: hey, you know, everyone can read your messages about tom
derrick: i am fully aware of that
julia: yeah
julia: grow up.
derrick: and i know he's read them
julia: you guys are really taking this out of hand
julia: if you've got a problem, say something
derrick: ok, at the risk of not growing up, "fuck you"
julia: 'cause no one else wants to hear about it anymore
derrick: and we have
derrick: many times
julia: so you are just gonna bitch about it to the world?
julia: whatever, just putting in my two cents
derrick: i don't seem to remember discussing any of this with you so i don't know why you address me about not wanting to hear about it
julia: oh, and FUCK YOU TOO.
julia: because everyone else keeps bitching about it and even i am starting to feel bad for tom.
derrick: "even you"
julia: he's a nice kid
julia: yeah, even me
derrick: fuck, from day one people have been telling me that you think we're wrong about this
derrick: specifically you
julia: yeah i do
julia: but i'm not the only one
derrick: i don't know why its a big deal for you to be sick of it now
derrick: i am fully aware
julia: because i feel bad for him!
derrick: but this is not about what other people think or feel
derrick: this is about me not wanting to fucking live with this
julia: oh whatever
julia: anyway, i just wanted to point that out
derrick: good for you
julia: i'm not gonna get into an arguement about it
julia: yeah good for me
derrick: yay
derrick: kablammo
derrick: maturity rocks
julia: you wouldnt know.
julia: talk to you around
derrick: or not
julia: a witty retort
derrick: *bows*
julia: "or not"
derrick: growing up ain't easy

people have a hard time accepting that its not just us being mean. when three roomates all agree that the other one is this state which i'm already vastly sick of describing, its no longer an issue of attacking the individual, its an issue of conflict that spreads beyond petty differences with any particular one of us.
I am not at fault for this.
Max is not at fault for this.
Brian is not at fault for this.
if anything, it must be the three of us combined who are at fault.
but that's like feeling sorry for maarten because micah, steve and bill don't get along with him. is maarten really that bad a guy or is it just that steve's an asshole?
no, its neither, its just that things aren't working out and its leading towards mild animosity. preventative measures are taken to halt said animosity, but certain individuals will go out of their way to avoid these measures.

at this point, i'm sick of all this crap.
its getting to the point where i'd rather just not hang out with any of these people because they try to guilt me over the tom issue.
yes, i am probably as sick of al, steve, micah, julia, ankur, and everybody else bringing this up as they are with our attitudes toward him, if not greatly moreso.

i tend to lean towards the latter as i almost feel sick to the stomach whenever i see any of these people around anymore.

not trying to sound elitist, but i'd rather go without them and without this crap than with both.

so i hope you all have a happy thanksgiving. while all of you are off with your family's and whatnot, i'll be here with tom spending as much time as i can busied with other things.

and now i must finish my homework.

i almost want to end this with a universal "eff you", but i'd rather not.

so sweet dreams, and pray my x-acto knife slips and you never "have to hear about this anymore"

soundtrack: the dears - dear mr. popstar

1:59 AM
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dammit. not ten seconds ago i heard a gentle knocking on tom's door, it open, and then two cans open. this was followed one second later by the distinct smell of cheap beer.

goddammit, its one in the morning.
and i'm finishing these damn boxes.


12:57 AM
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he would not do that. i refuse to believe he would do that at this point in time.

blogger was down the whole time i was at work, so i'll just post right now that THIS is what is currently topping my christmas list.

y'know, that and tons of scholarships so i don't have to worry about paying for school.

12:30 AM
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Monday, November 24, 2003

has anyone else heard that kuh-razy rumor that thom yorke had his bum eye fixed to mirror his right one?
i hope not. asymmetry is part of his charm.

3:54 PM

Well,well,well, another day in this dumb Interior design class. I am so sick of getting up at 7:30 in the morning to go to class. I can't wait for 5:15 pm tomorrow. That's the last class I will have for a week. God, trying to stay awake during Mr. Bidelmans class will be hell! i hate that class and I am not a fan of the teacher either. I am sitting here in trying to avoid my teacher, I don't really have to do anything unless he sees me. Well, I guess I should go work now! Check you later! Love suzie (d-rock we have to rent "Friday")

9:16 AM
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goddamn, but andre 3000's "hey ya" is a catchy as hell song.

outkast and pharcyde are implementing their hip-hop styles on my predominantly emo mp3 collection.
and i need more yann tiersen.
i demand the black session album. but its out of print and nobody has it online. closest i came was where they would put out an order for a used copy but made no guarantees.
i downloaded all but six of the songs on it and i NEEEEEED it.

1:12 AM
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Sunday, November 23, 2003

brian came in to the library about two hours ago. since i can't go food shopping today and i'm the one who will be here after tuesday, he decided to ask me what food they should buy for me to survive the week (brian and max are going to spend the thanksgiving break with max's family in daytona beach)
realizing the break is rapidly approaching, i rented a nice little stack of dvds i would like to see over the break along with a digital camera.
i've already seen most of the dvds, but they're really fun so i'm doing it again.
i WILL (try my very hardest) to have the brand new webpage up by the end of the thanksgiving break.

on thanksgiving i'm going to make a whole bunch of stuffing. suzanne's having thanksgiving dinner at her place, so a bunch of us who will be here are each making one piece of the dinner. should be great. as stuffing is my favorite part of the season, stuffing is what i shall make.

i'm almost done with the pizza boxes. each box consists of nine pieces.
1 base crust
1 top cheese
1 back crust
3 papperoni tubes
3 pepperoni tops

i've already cut and constructed the crust and cheese for both boxes. all i have left are the significantly smaller and easier to build pepperoni.

i'll take pictures when i'm done.

but tonight, my primary concern is that photo collage.
i printed all thirteen pictures yesterday. tonight i must put them all together.

can't wait to go home. can't wait to get to baggage claim in JFK and just feel the new york air.

dan IMed me that he finally got the software that allows him to rip dvds, which is what he was trying to do all summer since he got the dvd burner. so he's going to copy almost all of my awesome dvd collection and give me copies of a bunch of his great dvds. additionally, maria got the aqua teen hunger force and space ghost coast to coast dvds, so he's going to copy those for both of us.

hurrah, cheap entertainment! ($2-5 per blank dvd these days)

5:01 PM
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Saturday, November 22, 2003

i am not a fan of drunkeness.
i am not a fan of alcohol.
sure, i go to alot of places where alcohol is common, its almost impossible not to these days.
sure, almost everyone i know is down with getting drunk and whatnot.

but i just don't dig it. don't dig it at all.
too many bad memories and whatnot.

which is why i'd like to formally announce that i do not appreciate the behavior, noise, and odor of tom, steve, and al outside my window for the past hour or so.
brian and i were discussing locking the door to keep their behavior out of our business, but i'd still have to put up with the noise outside my window right next to my bed and i'd be the one who'd have to answer the door when he pounds on it loudly for ten minutes screaming and whining.

god fucking dammit all.

to do this weekend: print last week's roll of photos and make a single image by joining them.
construct two "pizza" boxes
go to work on sunday
food shopping
maybe some christmas shopping if max and brian are up for that.

12:23 AM
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Friday, November 21, 2003

The girls in MTV's Rich Girls have to be the most ignorant people i've ever heard speak on television.

12:04 AM
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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Alex Ross, Neal Adams, Chip Kidd, and a free MoCCA plug in the Village Voice.

6:48 PM
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considering the percentage of this grapefruit box that was finished this morning (lets say 10% for concept and sketches) and the percentage that's done right now (98%, paint will dry overnight, then i put the insides in the outsides and its done) i think its safe to say i'm amazing

like a zim.

burger king was closed by the time i got out of work, so me and max went to taco bell, as neither of us had eaten much all day. i donated a dollar to the boys and girls club while we were there, so there's a paper bell in the drive-thru window that says "Derrick"
about two seconds later i realized how clever it would have been if i said something like "Ted Theodore Logan" or something.

i just looked in the mirror as i washed my hands. at this hour, with this little sleep, having done that much work with such fine precision with such sharp blades and whatnot, my eyes are so sullen and focused that they remind me of peter kuper's, only blue.
the first time i saw peter i was fascinated by those bags under his eyes. then, as i looked back over his work, i realized that he's had those dark bags since he was a child and it never struck me until i saw him in person. it was really kinda cool.

can't wait to go home and sleep and rest and play in the cold winter air of new york.
and probably take lots of pictures as i love my camera.

2:27 AM
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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

actually, i already read about that on the pleasurable headache message board (see right) but it is quite good news.

the better news, however, is that i've already constructed all four inner boxes for my grapefruits while here at the library. all i need to do to finish them is affix bubble-wrap and spray paint them. that means the only work keeping me up tonight will be cutting and constructing the outside rinds, and finishing that damn philosophy test.

i despise take home tests. i so prefer going into class and making up half the answers than taking it home and stressing out because i dropped a fishstick on it and can't read the questions.


i'm gonna have to hit up burger king tonight, assuming they're open after 10.

9:45 PM
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This ought to cheer you up, Derrick

9:16 PM

for the knowledge of everyone who's not max or brian, jeff bleitz, my graphic design professor, surprised us yesterday by announcing that instead of having the two boxes we were designing and building due next tuesday like he said before, he wants two identical versions of one of our final boxes in class tommorrow and two of the other on tuesday. that way he can take one picture of each and show both open and closed.
only problem here is that we all expected to do most of the work over the weekend, and by telling us on a tuesday that it was due thursday, it meant i had to pull all-nighters to finish it as i had class the rest of tuesday and two classes and work today.
i'm working hardcore tonight and making two fully realized and completed grapefruit boxes. i already bought half my materials last week. i got my paper and printed my templates today after class. i'm actually putting a few of the templates together right now at the library to save time. just watch it rain as i leave for my apartment and ruin all the paper boxes.

last night i hopped back and forth between entertaining suzanne for her birthday (which was fun) finishing and printing my design with type homework (which was pretty decent. my teacher thought they were brilliant this morning, so that was great) and filling out my philosophy take-home test (which is absurdly off topic from everything we've discussed in class)

after midnight, i went down to the bayou to take long exposure photos for class.
i found a good spot and started taking one minutes shots. after the first shot, all the dogs across the bayou (cuz every house there has like five) started noticing me and barking because they didn't like me. i generally tried to ignore it. also, the bayou bubbled up in little splashes, which confused me since, as far as i know, no fish could survive in there. it was a little weird at first, but the longer i was there, the more aggressive the dogs got and the more i could hear their masters rustling around and the more the splashes in the bayou occurred, and the closer to me they did.
it dawned on me that this is the part in the horror movie where the monster comes out of the bayou, crushes the camera, and kills the boy and that the dogs were barking because they knew the monster was there all along. so i left. i didn't need that kind of grief.
i ended up taking long exposure shots around the living room, which was almost pitch dark this morning. i developed them, and they look cool. they were exposed so long that everything looks like normal lighting, except there are weird lines along everything showing where the light came in from the blinds against the window. those are the sort fo cool effects you can only get through long exposure shots.
the few shots that came out by the bayou were MUCH nicer though. i wish i'd stuck around long enough to take five more shots and make a nice composition out of it all.

and today's laurie's birthday.
monday was nova's b-day back home in NY (i assume...she may have drifted to jersey or elsewhere since last i heard)
yesterday was suzie's here in sarasota
and today was laurie's up in philly.

happy b-days girls.

you lucky girls always had fun little birthday celebrations in school and stuff.
my birthday usually happened to fall on graduation day, so everyone was already preoccupied with busier things.

max brian and i all have birthdays when school's never in session, and we're all really sick of terrible birthday parties for other people. we keep joking that we should throw birthday parties for ourselves at indescript points of the term just so we don't have to be stressed out about bad parties and rather reap them of their succulent juices.

mmmm...sucky juices...

7:56 PM
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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

aw. i wish you luck, senorita suzie. you're cute.
i think this is my second post in this thing...?
in other news, i'm going for a summer semester at PA Governer's school of excellence or fine arts or something... dealie.... yeah. and tomorrow's my birthday. suzie, we wish eachother luck.

4:25 PM

Hey, it's Suzie posting my first blog. Go me, it's my birthday, no really it is my birthday. Just a mere hour and 17 minutes ago I turned 20 years old. I can say with all honesty that it has sucked up to this point. What am I now going to blame my childish ways on? I cant use "teenage-hood" anymore! I don't want to grow up and be an adult. I don't think I like this change very much, not at all. Well I guess I am one more year closer to death. Wish me the best on my special day (trust me, I will need it!). I guess I will just go back to my room and be just another sad little emo kid! Check you later! Love suzie

1:19 AM
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Monday, November 17, 2003

Derrick's Spring Semester, 2004:

1:19 PM
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Sunday, November 16, 2003

forget the joker, batman faced his greatest foe ever way back in 1988 in Detective Comics 594

it was more dangerous than naked ladies and twice as deadly as a machine gun

only this gun, you fired at yourself...

3:32 PM
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Saturday, November 15, 2003

posted by Media Blasters:


New York City (October 13, 2003) - AnimeWorks is ready to rain down Zim's doom upon the heads of animation fans everywhere with its release of Jhonen Vasquez's Invader Zim. Anime fans have been screaming for this DVD release since Zim first aired on Nickelodeon in 2001 and now it's finally here. Coming Spring 2004 will be the first of three double disc sets and a limited edition boxed set which promises to send fans' blood racing through their veins like giant radioactive rubber pants. The pants command them! Invader Zim currently airs on Nicktoons, Nickelodeon's digital home for animated hits.

'We at Media Blasters are thrilled to add Invader Zim to our powerful line-up, and expect it to be one of our flagship titles in 2004,' said John Sirabella, CEO of Media Blasters. 'Zim has created quite a fan buzz in the anime community and we know that it will be a huge sensation!'

From the inventive mind of comic book creator Jhonen Vasquez, and co-executive produced by animation veteran Mary Harrington, Invader Zim focuses on a paranoid alien named Zim from planet Irk who believes he is at the forefront of a sinister plan of galactic conquest. Jhonen Vasquez is famous for such fan favorite comics as Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, SQUEE!, and I Feel Sick.

AnimeWorks is a division of Media Blasters. INVADER ZIM will be released in early Spring of 2004.

Nickelodeon, now in its 24th year, is the number-one entertainment brand for kids. It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does. The company includes television programming and production in the United States and around the world, plus consumer products, online, recreation, books, magazines and feature films. Nickelodeon's U.S. television network is seen in more than 86 million households and has been the number-one-rated basic cable network for more than eight consecutive years. Nickelodeon and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.

4:20 PM
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10) Wedding photographers
9) Pilots for major airlines
8) West Coast longshoremen
7) Airport skycaps
6) Real estate agents selling high-end homes
5) Motivational speakers and ex-politicians on the lecture circuit
4) Orthodontists
3) CEOs of poorly performing companies
2) Washed-up pro athletes in long-term contracts
1) Mutual-fund managers

3:00 PM

Friday, November 14, 2003

i was pretty damn out of it all day. that's mostly because i didn't sleep much the past few days due to homework issues. when i got to the library today, things started changing colors and that was weird. i was stacking books the wrong direction, too. it wasn't until i put my headphones on and had a good ten minutes of world/inferno that i finally got into the groove of work. my boss sean offered me something to help me stay awake through the shift. whatever it was, it was small and wrapped in aluminum foil, but he was sure to point out that "it's not speed."

oh yeah...he said it was some concentrated ginko extract or something.
still, i laughed at the "not speed" comment and politely declined as all i needed was my headphones.

tonight i sleep.
tommorrow i sleep and eat and do a little homework.
sunday i work hardcore again

10:18 PM
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Thursday, November 13, 2003

fun fun silly willy, max. remind me to yell at you a lot.

12:14 AM
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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Tomorrow I'm going back on about 20 mg of Prednisone for my Ulcerative Colitis. Prednisone is basically a hormone not unlike adrenaline that's released into my system during times of extreme stress. While this helps reduce inflammation, I'm also wired like a motherfucker for the first day or so after taking it. Not to mention the bevy of potential side effects, but let's look at the fun ones!

Psychic derangements may appear when corticosteroids are used, ranging from euphoria, insomnia, mood swings, personality changes, and severe depression, to frank psychotic manifestations. Also, existing emotional instability or psychotic tendencies may be aggravated by corticosteroids.

Wheee! Sounds like a gre-DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!

9:32 PM

in celebration of Lost At Sea's completion, Mal has revamped his webpage.
He claims that the book should be out the first week of december. Oni Press says december 17th.
either way, i'll buy it on my first trip into the city when i'm home.

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yeah, the fact that it's a quarter after one am, i have an 8:30 class, and he's coming in with his immensly heavy footsteps (put my dad's to shame) walks into the hall next to my door, belches loudly, walks loudly back to the front door and slams it is most certainly not helping me want him to not move the fizznizzle out of here, fo' shizzle.

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monday night was a humorous one in good old apartment 2010.

i spent the whole afternoon putting boxes together for my graphic design class and listening to all four world/inferno friendship society albums really loud, since i was here alone. i made a quick sandwich on the george foreman grill before work and noticed large deposits of cheese in the toaster oven, along with other trails of gunk and grime in it. that can't possibly be good for an electric appliance. not having the time to clean it as i was already approaching late, i wrote a note on the dry-erase board directing attention to the problem: "what the hell is that crap in the toaster?"
after a long and only occasionally entertaining but mostly bland library shift, i returned to the apartment around 10:12pm and noticed that the glass door to the toaster had been sloppily wiped, leaving streaks and condensation all over it, but i could still see the large globs of cheese inside. brian pointed out to me that tom had done something that in tom land qualifies as "cleaning" the toaster oven. we both shrugged it off as neither of us use the toaster much except for waffles on some mornings.
shortly thereafter, al and suzanne came in to the apartment and al accosted me to my room where he promptly apologized for getting mad at me on saturday (the note i left on the board apparently bothered him a lot. see below for the note.) and how he didn't want us to be at odds since i'm "a cool dude" and "one of the funniest kids around" and stuff along those lines.
this amused me a little as i can hardly keep up with brian and max when we're all making jokes. those two just...damn, are they funny.
as we left to chill with brian and suzanne again, we were all overcome by the distinct stench of burning death. we looked towards the kitchen which was completely shrouded in smoke, though we could make out tom futzing with the toaster.
we still have no idea WHAT what was toasting, but we do know that there was still hordes of garbage laying around in the toaster and that tom did not acknowledge the fire in front of him. he and al went outside, slowly closing the door behind them, which me and brian loudly protested for a good twenty seconds before tom finally closed the door and i raced over to reopen it, lest that devil of a smoke alarm go off.
after a few minutes of brian, suzanne and i making fun of the absurd situation, i pranced over to the toaster, unplugged the son of a bitch, pull out the tray, and started scrubbing the hell out of it.
tom came back in a minute later to say that he has no idea why it caught on fire after he cleaned it. brian replied that he didn't ACTUALLY clean it. tom protested. i pointed out that i had written the note before work about the globs of cheese and whatnot inside which were still there when i came back from work. tom confidently asked "well, when did you get back from work?" "10:12" "oh..." the confidence melted away. "well...i didn't do that" pointing at the dying aparatus. "yeah, you did, tom. you set the toaster on fire and you sure as hell didn't look inside and think before turning it back on, let alone clean the damn thing like you swear you did."
he slinked out to go bother someone else for a few hours. after a few more minutes of scrubbing i realized that i had now managed to mess up my awesome new t-shirt i'd just gotten two days prior as well as get my fingers all greasy and sticky, which was not helpful for my homework of constructing boxes, which i should have been doing rather than cleaning another of tom's messes. as i washed the gunk off of my fingers vigorously, brian and max took up the reigns and scrubbed the living daylight out of the toaster.

it is fully functional and non-fire-starting right now.

what baffled me was how one could NOT figure out that the glob of cheese would melt and get all over the hot metal. i mean, i need to wear oven mitts when i touch the plastic casing for the toaster when its done, that's how hot it gets. if you were to put a piece of cheese on top of the toaster while it was on, it would melt right there on top of the toaster. how can one have such little perception of such basic physics at this point in their life?

i'm not mad about it now. monday night i need to take a break from box construction because i found myself stabbing them. but still...its pretty obvious that tom doesn't realize what a strain he is on our comfortable living environment and has been since pretty much the third week of school if not earlier.
at the moment i don't wish any particular misfortune on him other than the lack of my presence, which al atributed to a majority of the pleasantry in social situations, so...yeah.

brian made me promise i'd post the toaster story, and some of that i just think i needed to get off my chest.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

today, mal posted in his livejournal that he's finally finished Lost At Sea which means it should be out while i'm in new york.

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Monday, November 10, 2003

derrick: that was unexpected
avi: hm?
avi: someone die?
derrick: always
derrick: why couldn't everyone have three lives like mario?
avi: or DO they?!!?
derrick: go get eaten by a plant in a pipe and see if you come back, just smaller
avi: i do
avi: always have
derrick: wow
derrick: did you find one of those pipes where you can kick a turtle into it a million times and get infinite lives?
derrick: cuz i've been looking and turtles just don't want to get hit that often
avi: the right angle is key
derrick: damn, i've been going isosceles

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Sunday, November 09, 2003

Looky! Looky! I've just finished my christmas list web site for my wonderfull family to see and use! Hooray! Hazaa! Upchuck!!


and because you're obviously bored... visit me here

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i'm working in the library and this one girl (i forget her name, but she's in my graphic design class on tuesdays and thursdays) comes in to make all these photocopies for american creativity 2. apparently they have a test this week or something. i look over a few of the questions. stuff like "who painted a tribute to spam?" ummmm...warhol? i win!
we talked about the class for a mintue. apparently you just check out at popular american culture, like listening to the velvet underground and watching woodstock documentaries.
not too shabby.

i do need two liberal arts courses next semester. i think we have a viable option now for one of them.

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we're totally starting a rock band someday. i don't care what anyone says, i'm going to be in a rock band sometime soon and some of you bitches are coming with me.

i've had james kochalka's "jetlag" stuck in my head most of the morning...but now i have his "show respect to michael jackson" in there...which is weird since i haven't listened to any of his music in weeks, if not months

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i spent a large portion of the week listening to kupek's "maybe you are like me" and almost all of the past few days listening to faux photo's "wake up" (both still available on

i love them both. excellent excellent stuff.

i can't wait until mal and jacob finish their joint album, as that will be bliss.

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Saturday, November 08, 2003

it has become grossly apparent that none of y'all bitches know shit about social gatherings. therefore, i have decided that i shall have no part in any parties, shindigs, hootenannies, box socials, et al from this point on. if one is in development, do not bother me with your ineptitude; i will have none of it. i expect no payment for the pies and ice cream. consider it a farewell gift.

- derrick

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Thursday, November 06, 2003

issue #1 available at finer comics and specialty stores now

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

matrix revolutions?




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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

today in graphic design 1, we did the same thing but with a winter party (christmas, kwanzaa, new years, whatever):

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Go here and watch the trailer for the DVD! Its sooo funny!

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Monday, November 03, 2003

who wants to help me win this contest?

seriously, you guys. working on this asap. submissions need to be between november 24th and december 4th. voting takes place over the winter break.

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best prices i've seen on kodak TMax film yet

thinking i might stock up before going home so i can take tons of crazy awesome pictures back north.

the plan is still to have an actual portfolio-esque rsad webpage up around thanksgiving with a bunch of graphic design and photo work, along with a more select batch of illustrations, rather than random sketches i happened to have when i was near a scanner, as is the case now.

i've also been in development of a new comic strip. when i have the time and motivation, it should work out much faster than billy's world did. bear with me here, but it's all done in adobe illustrator, all the characters look the same but are different colors, and i'm thinking of titling it "poo party"

should be pretty wacky...

of course, this all leads up to the exciting rerelease of "refill robots: season one" next year.


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Laurie: i'm not good, not bad, just here
Derrick: :(
Derrick: what can i do to make you good, not bad?
Laurie: dance?
Derrick: *dancing like a maniac*
Laurie: yay. dannnnnnnnnnce
Derrick: hoot-chicka
Derrick: wowow
Derrick: wikka-wop? a wicka-POW!
Laurie: O.O
Derrick: my feet
Derrick: are moving
Derrick: SO FAST
Derrick: diggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadiggadigga
Laurie: i'm so putting this in my profile
Derrick: i was thinking of blogging it myself
Derrick: wow, we're internet geeks
Laurie: i was especially fond of the wikka pop? a wikka POW
Derrick: what? that's the way i talk and you know it
Laurie: i knowwwwww
Laurie: XD

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Sunday, November 02, 2003

prophitzprofit: no, you missed him by a week
sculptwerks: oh.
sculptwerks: ok
sculptwerks: A week's a long time to miss.
prophitzprofit: in the grand scheam of things....yes it is
sculptwerks: I once missed me a fortnight.
sculptwerks: took ten days to find.
sculptwerks: but by then we's remebered us it was tuesday and the whole thing were called off.

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Saturday, November 01, 2003

what the hell kind of country do we live in when an innocent man can be punished thusly and his assailants are called "heroes"???

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hope everyone had a great, happy, fun, safe halloween.

everyone in my design with type seemed to think i did a significantly rocking (and even funny) presentation of Josef Hoffman today, despite the fact that the library has no books on him or his work.
got some great pics of everyone in their costumes. played around with one of max dressed as No. 6 from the prisoner and made a crazy cool 60's style illustration out of it.

sent lawrence the first draft of my design for the MoCCA membership certificate and he seemed to really like it. he's gonna show it off to everyone over the next few days before passing any reccomendations for revisions on to me.

i fucking love MoCCA. not only is it an awesome museum with a great cause, but the people are all fucking wonderful and they've just given me so much. i hope the museum never ever crumbles and just becomes fucking awesome without ever "selling out" as some people were already worried we had after the art fest this past year.

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