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Friday, May 22, 2009

The mighty Mos Def has a new album dropping in a little over a week. This here video for lead single Casa Bey simultaneously reminds why Mos is a legendary figurehead in hip-hop and shows off some simple and sweet typographic motion graphics.


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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tacos vs. Martha

My favorite burritos in NYC are from Calexico cart. I had them twice this week. Not on Wednesday, though, as the carts were closed so the dudes could be on Martha Stewart:

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Actual Instant Message Conversation From Today

Megan: if someone told you you were a hipster, would you be insulting? and if so, why?
Me: me personally?
Megan: like, what about being a hipster is objectionable? yeah. are they known to be pretentious? or big fakes maybe?
Me: i actually just wrote about this yesterday:
Megan: oh man! HA, oh that's great! i'm having a deep thoughts type conversation with meghan about hipsters, i will share this.
Me: haha, awesome. i think the problem is that hipsters, by nature, try as hard as possible to defy labels and calling them a hipster is labeling them. but they (and by "they" i mean "we" because i sadly am one) bring it on themselves.
Megan: this far more involved than meghan and i got. i think we were like, if you live in manhattan you're not a hipster.
Me: then you get into the "yuppie" label. i've actually been thinking a lot about this very topic lately
Megan: also i think hipsters are not grumpy. that's a horrible way to put it. i was just trying to define why pete and john would never be hipsters, they're too crotchety.
Me: i think they can be hipsters, just not scenesters
Megan: oh god, my head
Me: sorry 'bout that. when labeling the label-resistant, we only come up with more labels, like how i'm not a "liberal" but a "progressive"
Megan: okay i can't play anymore
Me: aww, you're no fun
Megan: maybe later i can ask wtf a scenester is
Me: this is what urban dictionary is for, megan. but whatever you do, never search for your own name on there. yeah, i'm not even going to finish that train of thought.

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

The following is an actual email I sent to my coworkers in preparation for what eventually became a wild and crazy party Friday night:

Salutations, cool kids of Nerve & Babble,

As you may have heard, our beloved Nerve Senior Editor Peter “Danger” Smith has a rock show with his rock band this rock Friday. The show is at 7:30pm about nine blocks away from Nerve/Babble HQ, so it should be fairly easy to traverse from one to the other.

You may have ALSO heard this rumor about the return of roof-beers in celebration of the flippin’ gorgeous weather outside. For the uninitiated, roof-beers is a scientific term describing the act of acquiring beers, going up to the roof, and drinking them while gazing over the glorious city skyline in the warmth of Earth’s beaming sun, a celestial body that belongs to the United States of Awesome for the express purposes of lighting up our lives.

On top of all of this, you may have possibly heard another rumor about a group of us assembling for ceremonial roof-beers and then traveling en masse to Peter “Danger” Smith’s rock show, effectively transitioning from the already not-unpleasant work week into a rocking-out-with-our-stockings-out weekend.

I just wanted to inform you that all of the rumors are nothing more than rampant speculation. UNLESS, of course, you choose to believe otherwise. Maybe all of these things are TRUE. Better yet, maybe all of these things are AWESOME. The only way to find out is to show up.

Oh yeah, and I heard somewhere that more info about Peter “Danger” Smith’s gig may or may not be available here: (Facebook link here)

Your friendly neighborhood warning system,

Derrick Sanskrit

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