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Monday, June 30, 2003

oh yeah, forgot to ask, is that a self portrait on Thu Jun 26, 10:37:10 PM if s, damn good job, i'd say it's the best one yet.

4:32 PM

Damn Derrick, i wish i had a job as cool as yours, the olny people i get to meet are old ladies who glare at me as if i'm trying to rip them off by like cutting their fish as they asked or somehting, i dunno... damn i wish i had a better job, but i'm too lazy (and too busy with my current one) to go look.

4:27 PM

Sunday, June 29, 2003

i am so the best intern these guys have ever had.

sure...they've only had four so far, and we're actually all going to be in the office tommorrow, but i'm the only one bringing in a box full of comics donated by dc, an out of print critically acclaimed hardcover of Brian Michael Bendis's first published work signed by bendis, an original page of the eisner award winning book Powers signed by artist Michael Avon Oeming (creator of Bulletproof Monk) and writer Bendis.
the stuff from bendis and oeming i got all by myself after lawrence left, even, so i'm quite proud that i was able to speak so well for the museum to get this easily $100+ donation.
i also spoke for a while and passed MoCCA info along to michael gaydos, darick robertson, ethan van sciver, and mark bagley today, among others, and i got a sketch from gaydos which'll be up on my site in a couple days. a real nice drawing of jessica jones from Alias
bagley apologized for not being able to do a sketch for me. when i got to him he had a half hour till he had to leave for his plane and still lots of comics to sign. the guy ahead of me had him sign 90 comics.

i kid you not, i counted over his shoulder, exactly NINETY marvel comics, all pencilled by mark bagley. amazing spiderman, new warriors, thunderbolts, ultimate spiderman, and maybe a couple of others. NINETY!!!

10:49 PM
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Saturday, June 28, 2003

first off, happy birthday elysa!!!

so today at the art fest i got to shake hands and have genuinely good conversations with tom raney, phil jiminez, ron garney, peter david, brian michael bendis, and bill sienkiewicz

ron garney was great because he was artist of captain america for like four years (he was actually drawing cap as we walked up to him) and as we were chatting a skinny lanky guy dressed as captain america was talking to whoever was across the aisle. so ron got up, snuck behind the guy and made numerous funny faces and gestures behind "captain america" while his girlfriend took lots of digital pictures. i was laughing pretty hard and slapped ron five for that when he sat back down.

bendis was cool. he's the busiest writer in comics right now, and probably the most popular too. he's currently writing ultimate spiderman, ultimate x-men, alias, daredevil, and powers. he gave me his contact info for MoCCA and donated an out of print hardcover of his first published mainstream graphic novel, Torso.

sienkiewicz, of course, was the one i was really looking forward too, as he's my favorite painter ever...EVER! when i talked to him about MoCCA he seemed to get real excited and supportive. he gladly took a brochure and pen and gave me his contact info too so we could hook something up with him sometime. the real clincher was when i casually mentioned the upcoming kuper exhibit, because his eyes lit up and he said that kuper's a genius and his favorite artist right now.

also, if anyone's bored, i now have invader zim, the maxx, the gen 13 movie, and X2 on dvd.

i might go back tommorrow, mainly because its the last day so people will be more willing to give donations in order to get rid of some stuff to lug back home, and it will probably be easier to get sketches then. i'd love to get sketches from the whole back section: sienkiewicz, maleev, gaydos, bagley, and bendis. i just didn't want to take up too much time today as i was seriously in work mode.

7:26 PM
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Friday, June 27, 2003

i think this post "broke" the board, and it was a stupid post anyway, so i'm changing it.

welcome avi, though.

10:41 PM
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so today i taught the rest of the MoCCA staff how to fold t-shirts, i was made coordinator and supervisor of a major initiative, had lunch and a business meeting with Mo Willems (who wished me a happy belated birthday with a suzie kabloozie sketch) and got into the big sci-fi con in madison square garden for free on the guest list.

i have the best job ever. if only this job paid, i'd never leave.

my first time ever in madison square garden and i'm a V.I.P.
i'm shaking everyone's hands and chilling in the green room. as we were all eating in the green room, i stopped for a moment and said "so...this is where the knicks hang out..." and the other MoCCA guys (lawrence, ken and derek e.) all look around and absorb the fact that this IS the room where the knicks and rangers hang out. and we were enjoying the drinks and fine catered food for free.

i love this freaking job.

10:27 PM
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Hi all, I'm Derricks, I don't know if I'll post that often but when I do, comments are welcome and hopefully I'll read other peoples posts and have a grand time of it

10:12 PM
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for anyone who didn't go to the MoCCA Art Fest, here's one account of it all from AiT/PlanetLar.
of the people in this article, i talked for a good while with ryan, and got signatures from becky and brian, a sketch from brian, and bought one of rob's books.

i'm actually wearing the Channel Zero shirt I bought from them right now.

9:03 AM
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Thursday, June 26, 2003

10:37 PM
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Peter Kuper is a super-cool fellow and everyone needs to check out his adaptation of Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

For more information about the book, CLICK HERE.
For info about MoCCA's big book release party and Peter Kuper exhibit, CLICK HERE.
To check out the sweet sketch Peter oh so kindly hooked me up with on my birthday, CLICK HERE.

7:37 PM
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hahahaha, check this out:

Britney Admits To Drug Use

imagePop beauty Britney Spears has sensationally confessed to having taken drugs. In an exclusive interview with American tabloid the Star - the very publication the 21-year-old singer threatened legal action against after it published a story in February alleging she used cocaine at a Miami, Florida nightclub - Spears admits she has made errors in her past which she now regrets. She says, "Let's just say that you reach a stage in your life where you are curious. And I was curious at one point. But I'm way too focused to let anything stop me. Was it a mistake? Yes." And although the Louisiana native admits to having indulged in narcotics, she insists reports of her wild partying and heavy drinking have been grossly exaggerated. She continues, "Everyone talks about my year of wild living - but seriously, I haven't gone out in four weeks. And after two drinks, I'm good to go. My favorite drinks are Malibu pineapple and Amaretto sours - I can't drink strong drinks. Of course there have been times when I've done a shot or two like on my birthday. Yes, I'll go out and have a good tome. Why shouldn't I? And just like anybody my age, maybe I've woken up the next morning and said, 'Whooo... that was a crazy night.' A few weeks ago I was at (New York nightclub) Lot 61 and me and my girlfriend Jeannie did stand up in the booth and dance. Hey, Julia Roberts took off her bra at Hogs And Heifers - so what we did wasn't real bad!"

2:38 PM
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i hate air bud. i hate disney for making air bud. why the hell do we need FIVE movies to show us how this one dog is better at everything than you could ever hope to be.
first there was air bud, where this dog was all crazy amazing at basketball.
then air bud: golden receiver, where the same dog is all that at football
then air bud: world pup, where said dog proceeds to kick some human ass at soccer
then air bud: seventh inning fetch, where the same damn dog somehow manages to play baseball. not just play, but again whoop some serious human butt.
and now we've got air bud: spikes back, where the illustrious dog has slobbered himself all over our beloved summer beach pastime, volleyball.

f*** that puppy!

disney's giving me an inferiority complex...

and don't even get me started on M.V.P.; Most Valuable Primate...

2:32 PM
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another brush drawing i did last night

undercover brother is funny.
treasure planet is better than i'd expected, but it still bothers me.

why can't i meet comic fans like this?:

Soon enough, it will be against the law to sell comic books in the state of Arkansas.

9:21 AM
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ooh, it's the "new and improved" blogger.

i had alot to say yesterday when it wasn't loading, so whatever i post after this will probably end up being bullshit.

9:14 AM
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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

got some brush pens today. i just drew this like five minutes ago. i noticed dan's scanner and decided to abuse it before going home.

tightrope walking.

oh so casual, neh?

12:49 AM
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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

you are not a dick, erin. you are cool. i was not in town at all on my birthday. the only person who called all day was my best friend, matt, and i had forgotten to call him within the week before MoCCA to remind him to come, so i felt like shit for him missing out. i know maria and dan had a fucking blast at MoCCA so everyone who missed out...well...missed out.

by the way, all the sketches i got at MoCCA are now available HERE.

9:02 PM
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GODDAMMIT I FORGOT TO CALL YOU TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DERRICK!!! i had it written on my calendar and, of course, i remembered that i had to call you on your birthday every single day up until your birthday..that always happens. why does that always happen?! dammit. anyway, happy birthday still! i hope you had fun, and sorry i'm a dick.

6:47 PM

very cute, dan, but the ending is kinda cliche.

how funny that dan posted this morning and now i'm posting from his house. his computer. he's not here, of course. he's out and about living it up as dan can and collecting money for the future of liberal thinkers.

i'm just escaping.

i awoke in a steamy, sweaty, orange room. it does that in the summer. the orange walls become a beacon of firey heat. its only summer for two days and its already sweltering in my house. i think the solstice just came to town and kicked our fucking asses.
my dad was asleep on the couch, coral was still in bed, my mom was finishing clearing out the closet which my dad had apparently started before passing out, and nova was curled up in a blanket near the table. i felt entirely out of place. what the fuck is my entire family doing here on a tuesday?
i turned around and b-lined for my room again, sitting in the chair, listening to this is intolerable and reading the rest of blankets. after every couple chapters i'd peek my head out to hear what was going on in the house, decide it wasn't for me, and read some more. i finished the book before 9 am. i almost cried. it was so amazing and i felt so many different conflicting emotions throughout it all. it was the most beautiful thing i've seen or read or heard all year.

so i go down to tell people how amazing this book was, but no one's really listening. they're busy with their own crap. my parents blamed me for an incident with a guy from keyspan over a month ago that i had nothing to do with. i again realized that today is a very uncomfortable day.

i really don't care to continue. i thought it'd be nice to get in here but i just don't really feel like it right now. my dad started throwing fits and breaking me and nova's stuff. before i left my room was completely blanketed in books and boxes that i'd pulled away from my father's rampage. only about half of it is mine. the door to my room was completely blocked by a wall of boxes i didn't recognize the last time i went upstairs. nova was crying because of her broken furniture. i couldn't even get to the bathroom for my deodorant before leaving.
i went downstairs, said goodbye to my mom and started walking and here i am.
she asked me to at least come home sometime tonight. if not than to call and say where i was.
i made no promises. but i'll probly go back there after night fall.

i just can't be there right now.

it's funny, i had these two days where i really honestly thought that my life would be ok again. that everything was for the best and i was a lucky guy. sure, these two days were completely filled with hard work and sheer business, but maybe i need to be busy. maybe i need preoccupation for salvation.

between reading blankets and listening to kupek these last couple days, i think i might cry myself to bliss.

but i hope not.

11:04 AM
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This is not a happy story. There are no talking animals, no musical interludes, no happy endings. Just death. Lots and lots of death. I’m slowly realizing the fact that this will never be read by human eyes after I’m done writing it. I’m also realizing that I accepted this fact months ago, back when hope was familiar enough for the idealists to still hold on to. Idealists. How romantic it probably was for them. I would watch the news and see the people frantically trying to protect each other, getting in the way of the machine when it finally noticed they were still alive, as if it would make a difference at all. But then again, it’s things like that which got us into this mess in the first place.
I remember the day it all started, three years ago. Everyone had this anxious glow about them, so excited at the idea of intelligence from somewhere other than Silicon Valley or Japan. It landed right in the middle of Central Park, in a ship that betrayed its destructive power. A simple orb shimmering with every color imaginable, it was so beautiful. Those must have been good days for the newspaper industry. It said it was here to observe and gain information about the planet, about us. It spoke in friendly tones. Some were excited because they thought the machine would bring with it knowledge of the stars and the fates and everything religion fumbled to explain. Some were excited because now they had something new to fear and hate. Who would have guessed they were right all along?
I wouldn’t have. I didn’t. Tons of good it did for me too. I got to be the lucky one who watched the rest of the world crumble. The lucky one that got to sit and wait as it learned all we had to teach. The lucky one that saw it come to its final conclusion, that we were too illogical to remain in existence. That all the beauty humans have created, Romeo and Juliet, The Sistine Chapel, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band, every good thing we have ever done as a planet – does not make up for all of our sins. Well, it didn’t call them sins. It called them “irrational operations.” We call it death, we call it destruction, we call it rape, we call it natural human behavior. Whatever it’s called, the point is, it wasn’t good enough for the machine.
It said that the way we lived our lives improperly, flawed and filled with nonsense. It said that the way we lived was a problem. A problem that somehow became the responsibility of the machine to correct. And correct it did. It started with Florida, namely Cape Canaveral. It would not allow us to spread our imprudence to other planets. Then it worked its way north, until it had the entire eastern seaboard in ruins. Then it moved west, until the Americas were nothing but rubble.
After that, it appeared to be done. Everyone thought that it was over, that the machine would stop there. I never understood that one. Why anyone would think that it was done? It never said it would stop. All you had to do was watch it in action to know that it would not stop until everyone fit the machine’s concept of proper living. Proper living. If there was anything confusing about the machine and its action, it was its idea of “proper living.” See, the machine condemned us for all of our evils, but it was under the impression that the way to go about stopping it was to perform an action that was more evil than every terrible thing we have ever done combined. I never thought something that claimed to thrive in rationalization and sense could be so… so hypocritical. I guess when you wield that much power, hypocrisy isn’t something to worry about. Anyone who objected was destroyed, along with all the others. I will give the machine that – it did not discriminate in its worldwide genocide.
It continued on after finishing the western hemisphere, first to Australia. It was about this time when anyone who was left realized that they would not be spared. So, they did what any illogical carbon-based life form would do in this situation. They tried to nuke the hell out of it. It would have been an excellent plan, had they realized that bombs like that don’t exactly have the same effects on alien machines as they do on humans. It didn’t really matter though. If you didn’t die from the bomb, the machine would get to you eventually. It wouldn’t stop until it completed its task. Actually, as a matter of fact, I think it did. Well, almost.
The reason I know all this, the reason I am not one of the countless dead, is because of who I am. I am a scientist stationed at Macquarie Island, an Antarctic base far south from anything that used to be inhabited by humans. The machine must have been distracted by the atomic bombs, because it hasn’t even noticed that I’m still - wait, what is that? OH SWEET JESUS IT'S HE-

//end transmission

12:15 AM

Monday, June 23, 2003

we had my grandmother's funeral today. my mom's cousins showed up, which kind of surprised and bothered us, since we don't really get along that well. uncle steve dropped by for just a minute, a couple of my grandfather's old friends swung in, and arden fekett showed up too. we all went to bertucci's together after the service.
after everyone left from there, the five of us and arden went back to her house and hung out for a while. first i'd seen matt since january.

again, we came to the conclusion that we really need to chill more beacuse we totally are cres together. we just think so well together.

i swear, if i ever make it big and have enough money to be comfortable for a few years no matter what, i am going to call up matt fekett and dan arrigo and we are going to make a comic book together.
i'm not sure if it'll be the teenage messiah book, but we have to do something. me and matt have always loved colaborating and dan keeps bugging me to work on a comic with him almost as much as i bug him to colaborate on music with me.

similar topic, my new shirts rock, the new kupek EP i bought from mal is totally cres, and i read the first two chapters of "blankets" which is most compelling.

10:04 PM
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yeah, that was a great festival. i had a great day, but i don't want to lift another box until at least july. when i got into bed last night my legs were screaming in the agony of straightening out again after a full day of standing and lifting boxes. they're better now, but my arms are still sore.

during breakdown at the end of the day, lawrence (president and founder of MoCCA) handpicked me from all the volunteers to bring everything back to the office. as everyone packed up the boxes, i personally carried them up into the office. because i was doing this i happened to miss the volunteers raffle (too bad mia left early, cuz EVERY volunteer got something valuable out of it). lawrence and ken apologized for me missing it and said i could take anything i wanted that was left, but i was tired at this point (9pm) and opted to pick when i come back friday. lawrence insisted on buying everyone still around sushi, so we went to his favorite japanese place up the block. along the way i said how shocked i was to get so many sketches during the day (soon to all go on my webpage so you can all see) but that i wished i'd had a chance to get one from mo willems. lawrence stopped and said "oh, are you the guy who said he loved sheep in the big city? cause i had mo do a sheep drawing while we were there. tell you what, that's your raffle prize."
so when i come home friday i'll have an original sheep in the big city drawing by mo willems.
very cool.

i got two cd's from bryan lee o'malley, the only brian wood book i did not yet own, a channel zero t-shirt, a curious pictures long sleeve, a personalized copy of the new GN "blankets" from craig thompson (who recognized me somehow and i knew i recognized him too, so we kept chatting all day despite the fact that we were both working) and a bunch of free the sketches.

a happy birthday to me, andlots of good work.

i'd post more but i gotta go for now

9:38 AM
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Sunday, June 22, 2003

Hey, I'm stupid. I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Derrick! so....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Derrick! It's 10 before midnight, so I'm not late yet! At least I know you had a good time, or you seemed like you were. It's so awesome that the fest fell on your b-day. Good things happen to good people. In following with Russian tradition, i wish you long years of prosperity and good fortune.

I really had an awesome time today though. I got a sketch from an amazing artist, I got free comic books from another, a volunteer t-shirt (which I proudly wore to empire disks tongiht), the best food I've eaten in weeks, a pocket full of free-$1 pins and stickers, met a kid named MORGAN and saw people from school, and got all around special treatment cause I watched the doors for an hour and stood through a boring seminar. I hope Derrick enjoyed it as much as I did.

11:53 PM

i wanna see 25th hour, but it was out when i tried to take it from blockbuster. they wouldn't give it to me. they gave it to everyone else first. damn them! then i watched darkness falls. that creepy toothfairy movie. i didn't want to see it, but on the back it said something like "now he has to return to face the evil winged creature of doom" and he was talking about the toothfairy. and he said winged creature of doom. and that was funny. so i watched it. and it was not good as i suspected. and when the electricity goes out, the elevators don't work. but apparently in darkness falls they do. who names a town darkness falls? okay, time to go buy skirts cause i got a job. =) and be my friendster. =)

11:54 AM

Saturday, June 21, 2003

ugh...i hate life.

i love my job and i love new york but i hate life.

i lose about twenty bucks a day on two hours of commute. TWO HOURS. goddamn. and i've never travelled well. i fuckin' broke down into ectoplasm going to ringling in august and back in may.

i gotta get to the puck building at seven in the morning. lawrence put me in charge of making sure the water gets there in the morning (poland spring is donating) and that the refridgeration unit works properly.
but the best long beach train that will get me there before seven leaves at 5 am. i'll be there about an hour early. that and 5 am is way too early to get on a train.

my parents insist on driving me all the way there. i don't know why. they never took that vested an interest in my professional life (its an internship, so it still counts as professional without getting paid, right?) or in my birthday in general.
fuck, i'm surprised they remembered. doesn't mean i want them to drive me ANYWHERE. i can't stand my parents driving.

last three years i got nothing from them. nova and coral get all sorts of crazy parties and stuff they want.

i get...well...left alone for the day, usually, as june 22nd happens to usually be a busy day in the calendar.

i just read through a few people's livejournals. reading those and thinking about my birthday just makes me realize what a miserably lonely and depressed guy i've always been.

so consider this my self-loathing entry of the week.

times like this i wish i were an alcoholic.

i would call up dan and get really fucking high and wasted if i didn't have to stay hre and watch coral and wait for my mom and nova.
the car battery died in north carolina this morning, so the got a new one and have spent the day getting their shit together. still a couple hours till they're expected here

recap: i need drugs.

9:33 PM
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Friday, June 20, 2003

first day back in the office since the insanity that's risen since tuesday.

derek elwood (the other friday intern) didn't show till after noon, so i spent the first hour+ calling more media contacts. mostly local tv network affiliates, and then the national networks. CBS and ABC seem really interested in the artfest.
lots of phoning, faxing, and putting together of press kits. then we went over all the treasure hunt and raffle prizes, marking off what we had listed and making notes of anything not listed.

art fest is sunday. its an hour till satruday. in 25 hours i am legally upon my twentieth year.

i've eaten maybe three meals in the past four days.

i am so out of it.

11:07 PM
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Thursday, June 19, 2003

it was an hour from east end pizza back home, with a ten minute stop in blockbuster. i got Adaptation, Pay It Forward, and Best In Show.

when i got home there was a message on the box from my dad, saying that he's stopping by a bandmate's house to pick up his keyboard and should be home between 2 and 3...which i wouldn't mind if he hadn't said he'd be home before 2 to pick up coral at the end of her party.

so when she calls i've got to figure out a way to get her home. she doesn't have money for the busses, and her bike is here and i don't have a car and sure ain't walkin' back there.

this is gonna be a little rough.

1:50 PM
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i watched 25th Hour.
really good.
not sure why brendan said i'd like it. not sure why brendan says anything. honestly.

still, good movie. not anything i'd feel inclined to watch again, but it was well made and well written and all. mostly, though, i like the sentement of the title. the 25h hour. what comes after the day is over.

after coral comes home from her test she's gotta go to a birthday party, so she comes back here, gets ready, and the two of us will take the east loop bus over there. i'll walk back home from there, stopping at blockbuster for a few more exchanges, and rock out to something along the way. not sure what yet. i think i'e had enough dears for the time being. radiohead, too.

i actually went looking in my room for some old blink 182 last night. i had a few songs from cheshire cat pop in my head for some reason and i felt like listening to it and dude ranch just for fun.
of course, all i could find were buddha and enema of the state. i have no idea where these two cds are hiding.
actually i just had a tough. maybe i'll find them this time...

9:52 AM
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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

i just finished uploading and checking the new junk on my website. assorted madness. i'm not as happy with the "hard" section as i'd hoped, but i just needed to finish it today or i'd go mad leaving it there like everything else i avoid.

in related news, i'm the only person to post in this blog for the past six days.

i love wasting my time

i love being a turtle.

4:57 PM
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new layout finished. yay...

new pic:

8:03 AM
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fuck the cue, its the perfect song for the moment:

i will dig a hole
save my pennies for a rainy day
i will dig a hole
saving pennies for a rainy day
i'm not scared
i will build a wall
sensing trouble from a mile away
i will build a wall
saw it comin from a mile away
i'm not scared
i'm not scared
try wearing your insides out
i don't even try, i know i have seen the best i'll have
i don't even try
i will just play dumb
i won't hear a sigle word that's said
i will bite my tongue
never sing another song again
i'm not scared
i'm not scared
try wearing my insides out
i don't even try, i know i have seen the best i'll have
i don't even try
now they want to take my chances
i don't even try
clouds are coming
air get's heavy
looks like trouble on a rainy day
sun starts sinking
can't see my shadow
looks like trouble on a rainy day
holes uncovered
walls will crumble
all spells trouble on a rainy day

7:37 AM
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"you ride that train in the freezing rain, you try to ignore that lady who talks to you all the way. its you against the world. you and you alone. two whole decades old. that's pretty old." - brian lee o'malley, "this is intolerable"

mom and nova went to florida. i'm watching coral all week, and i still have to get to the office friday and saturday and do the art fest on sunday and, oh yeah, age another year.

three birthdays in a row ruined. *cue rainy day by guster* i don't even try.

7:31 AM
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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

we must destroy this man

that cd is composed of mp3s I hosted on aph and the cover art is a wallpaper i made for aph, which is also hosted on my website and was briefly on matt good's official fanpage, nation of cool

i don't really mind him making the cd, since matt himself even said he'd rather people share the songs online since he never authorized the release of the album. i am a little bothered by him making money off of it. what REALLY bothers me is him using MY artwork without my permission or knowledge. he obviously took the image from one of those three webpages, all of which gave credit to me for the image. and my email address is even in the lower left corner of the picture, so its not like he didn't know how to contact me or who i am.

bids were up to 40 dollars last i checked for something anyone on either of those message boards (which, combined, have well over 2000 registered users, not including guests) could have made for free.

fact of the matter is that people like me provided such files. that image especially is 100% mine. i spent days of free time after class making it.

help me out here. email this guy and contact eBay or anything else you can think of. this guy's a thief and pretty much a jerk for doing this without even telling me he was doing it.

5:03 PM
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well, my grandma dottie died this morning. that's two years in a row that a grandmother has died within the ten days before my birthday. that's not fun.
last time i saw her was the week before regestration at ringling. last time my mom visited her she brought printouts of drawings from my website, which apparently scared my grandma.
funny stuff. well, not really.

i spent all day yesterday calling the media and plugging the MoCCA Art Fest, trying to get them to send reporters to cover it. the one that went best with me was CBS Sunday Morning. they sounded interested, since it was an art festival for an art form that's really building momentum right now.
MTV gave me the cold shoulder when i called, though danielle had a bit more luck when she tried again two hours later. i think i may have called most of the offices during lunch hour since i got answering machines at the wall street journal, comedy central, cnn, and a&e.

if anyone still wants to volunteer at the art fest but hasn't contacted MoCCA yet, please email ASAP.

i need busy myself.

9:46 AM
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Sunday, June 15, 2003

rawr, days suck. in general, most days happen to be no good.

first off, my last post here was on june 12th, which, after i signed off, i was reminded was both my late grandfather connie's birthday and the one year anniversary of my late grandmother celia's death. that's a real downer.
next was friday the 13th. i went to work at MoCCA and packed up tons and tons of shit for the "treasure hunt" table. basically the deal with that is you make a ten dollar contribution to MoCCA and you can pick any one bag of stuff we have on the table, all of which range in value from 15 dollars to 50. so its a real bargain on your part. everything over that value which we have to give away goes in the raffle.
and that's what i did at work yesterday, organize the raffle prizes. also while i was there i signed for a package from clampett studios. inside was a few thousand dollars worth of original looney tunes production drawings and paintings, a hand painted batman cel, and four original flinstones comic strips signed by hanna barbera. oh yeah, the raffle prizes range in 70 dollar value to 500 dollar value. and its only 5 bucks per raffle ticket.
but yesterday i left straight from work and took the train to little neck to meet my family and go to coral's dance recital. i didn't go last year, so i had to this year. rawr.
it sucked. plain and simple. for the most part it did not look like these people had worked more than a month on any of these pieces. forgive me, i'm a raging critic, even at a dance recital like this. and having dad anywhere is not fun, especially if he's in close proximity to nova since the two of them make nuclear bombs out of anything that happens. at least nova accepts that fact, though. about 3/4 of the way through the show i turned to nova and said "you know that feeling you get when you've eaten way to much fettuccinni and all the sauce on it has made your entire digestive system feel gross inside? i wish i were doing that right now."
when we got in the car, nova, mom and coral were all talking about how great the hip-hop dancers were and i was profoundly dumb enough to protest.
i thought the hip hop dancers were quite often sad. what separates hip hop dance from ballet, jazz, or lyrical is that all of those are harmonious, melodical dances whereas hip hop dancing is supposed to be sugnificantly more rhythmic. and these girls moved to fluidly. its called "pop and lock" for a reason, stupid people!
ugh...and i hate crowds. i can't stand crowds or holidays. and since organized celebration sits squarley betwen those two, i hate it too. that's why i've never liked christmas, i've never had a happy birthday and all the parts of model congress that involved everyone in one room always made me uncomfortable.
and it was too dark in there for me to sketch.
and now its father's day and i have to get together with family...again.

i fucking hate tis all.

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Thursday, June 12, 2003

if heather's reading this (or tom even, if he knows...or anyone who knows anything about this, actually...) how good is the wacom graphire 2 tablet for painting and sketching?

i ask because there's a mac store at roosevelt field now. i went yesterday and they have both the graphire 2 ($99) and the intuos 2 ($349)
i could probably get the graphire next week if i wanted it, but i don't have the funds for the intuos right now, and the guy at the store said the graphire was no good for anything mor than minor photo touchups and i should definitely go for the intuos.

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she still needs to invite me *nudge-nudge*

of course i could never forget esa's birthday. its always six days after my own and much more fun.

i'm almost done with the new intro to my webpage. i came up with the idea while the long beach-penn station train was delayed tuesday afternoon, and its been fun putting it together. i hope its fun.

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and then the 28th is esa's birthday. mhm.

12:52 PM

father's day is right around the corner, and then come my 19th birthday and the MoCCA art festival. i started a thread on about the MoCCA art fest and already got at least eight people excited for it, including bryan lee o'malley, whom i'd absolutely love to get a sketch from if he were up to it. and the MoCCA staff seemed pretty impressed on tuesday about all the posters i'd hung monday. apparently they all stopped by jim hanley's universe on the way to the office and were shocked to see the posters up already.

i'm hard at work on a moderately exciting new intro for my webpage and a new design for this blog, since this one ain't great.


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Wednesday, June 11, 2003


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Monday, June 09, 2003

just finished my first day working at MoCCA. fun, fun, fun...except for the MTA pissing me off. apparenlty the long beach train that was boarding when i got to penn station which i rushed to catch was actually a babylon train with a transfer at jamaica to long beach. i fell asleep listening to "street spirit" by radiohead. when i woke up, everyone around me was asleep, so i wasn't worried...until i wound up in babylon...
hopped the next train back to jamaica and from there to long beach. those last two trains combined cost three times as much as my original ticket from penn to long beach.

fuck the MTA.

anyways, the MoCCA Art Festival is in 13 days. everybody who can make it, come. June 22nd, 11am-7pm, the Puck Building. 5 dollars admission, lots of famous cartoonists and comic artists, tons of free swag.

i spent the afternoon going to comic stores in NYC putting up posters for the festival. the managers of every store seemed very excited when they heard i was from MoCCA, and they immediately rushed to plaster the doors with posters. impressive, no?

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yeah, i used to know a page that did what i want, and i was gonna do exactly as you say, but it no longer exists... :-(

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Sunday, June 08, 2003

not yet. that's actually something i was going to look into.

my reccomendation: find a webpage that does that. save it to disk. open it up on dreamweaver and copy and paste the code until you figure out what you want.

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hehe, nice, but i'd say guns only on the left side
btw, do you happen to know how you can create a scrolling area in a webpage that's like in a window type thing (but not a popup) like make just the center of the page scroll, without using frames?


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Saturday, June 07, 2003

i haven't worked on that in a few days (and that's about 1/5th of the size i'm working at)

i think it needs some guns along the top and left edges.

i pathetically updated my webpage. one new pic and a pathetic links page. but i messed up the links, so the all open within the window. i'll fix that later.

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Friday, June 06, 2003

heheh, now i get to insult you regularly the way all new yorkers insult all floridians.

you got a world of emotional hurtin' coming to you next semester, and we're sharing a bathroom.

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I also became a Floridian today! :-( I finially got my Florida liscence and liscence plate today. It's so sad to see florida plates on the Hondamobile.

3:51 PM

hehe, yeah, any form of captain crunch kicks ass, i like original best... althoguh i'm a bit wary of those new choco donut things... btw that HULK cereal is actually pretty good, kinda like Smacks with marshmellos.

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Thursday, June 05, 2003

i saw that stuff. creepy.

we went food shopping yesterday. i was excited when i woke up because i knew there were all sorts of cereals waiting for me to salivate over.

before today i think it'd been about a year since i had a bowl of peanut butter crunch.

i swear, i hope to never see the day when i dislike peanut butter crunch.
i know your taste's supposed to change as you grow older, but spare me the peanut butter crunch.

i need that much.

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And i bought some HULK cereal, yay for big green marshmellos!!!

10:32 PM

YAY i got paid today!

6:21 PM


i heard about field day on the news this afternoon and read the rest online. that sucks. makes me happy i cheaped out and never bought tickets.
and even though giants stadium is cheaper than calverton, its a fucking stadium. i was looking forward to it being, oh i dunno, in a field.

so i just got an email from MoCCA and i got the internship. pretty sweet. but that means i should go to the reception the're having this friday. MoCCA and friends of LULU worked together on putting together this new anthology for women cartoonists and they're having the big party on friday. everyone gets a free copy of the book with admission.

we watched Life As A House tonight. that movie was hella good. i almost cried twice, but i didn't.

that movie was fucking beautiful

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

i took out a dvd today. it costed me 10$ all together.

i have to get new tickets for fieldday.

i need a job. any job. i have a dollar. oh wait, no i don't. hahahha i don't even have a dollar! ahhhh i need a job! lckjlsajdjlsjcflajer;ljsladjladfj

my eyes hurt from the computer.

11:26 PM

i need a job.

i need something where i actually do something and it serves a purpose. it would also be nice to not lose money doing it.

what's the point of having the deal at blockbuster where you rent all the dvds you want for a month if you're not going to go get new ones every other day?

the last time we got this deal, i think we took out seven movies during the entire month.
sure, its nice not having late fees, but we could've rented ten times as many if we wanted...and we should.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

i want today
i want tomorrow
i want to wear them like braids in my hair and i don't want to share them
i want a party with roomfuls of laughter
ten thousand ton of ice cream
and if i don't get the things am after
i'm going to scream
i want the works,
i want the whole works
presents and prizes and sweets and surprises in all shapes and sizes, and now
don't care how, i want it now

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its that time of the week again...i am so painfully uncomfortable with the appearance of both this blog and my rsad site.

this must be corrected.

and it gives me something to do on my computer other than color that CCX pic i was working on yesterday.

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Monday, June 02, 2003

if i were cool or rich, i'd eat fags.

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yay, erin! =)

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yay, picture! =)

1:19 PM

ijust realized, whenever anybody here announces their presence i'll just start with "yay, somebody's presence besides my own!"

oh what an existence this is...

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yay, its nicolle! whoo!!!!!

i been playing with that sketch in photoshop and came up with a bunch of different techniques as i goofed around with layer blend options. the result is that there will most likely be a few different versions of the final product on my website by this weekend.

this shirt has gesso stains all over it, which i don't really mind except that they look like an entirely different type of stain.

there's no real food in this house.

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Allo allo... It's Nicolle. I finally checked my e-mail, got the invitation, and did a happy dance... That kinda made my mom think I'm not sick... oh well... love you all!

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Sunday, June 01, 2003

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yay! mia no dead!

if you're not dead, we should hang out more often before one of us does keel over from heat exhaustion or boredom.

just finished inking the pic of olive and moustafa from couscous express and i made a neat little vespa logo in illutrator to use as a background piece when i color it.

watched the good girl today, its that movie jennifer aniston got all those rave reviews for last year. it wasn't great, but it was better than i'd expected. all in all a good film. definitely proved that she can act, which you can't tell on tv since you really don't need much acting ability to be in a sitcom, especially one like friends.

me and nova agreed that after we watch the bourne identity we're gonna rent the entire first season of six feet under. woo-hoo.

i said alot of funny things today. my favorite thing i said all day, while not at all the funniest or smartest, was when we were watching the weather report this morning. they showed both a blue front and a red front coming towards long island. i suggested we might have some purple rain coming in. i then reeled in the moment for using "purple rain" in conversation.

i don't know why, but that made me happy, briefly.

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Hello, I'm still not dead.

9:18 PM

tom would be self-taught in the art of the cello?

went to church for coral's coming of age. big minus? paula rosenburg speaking, let alone leading the ceremony. big plus? spent the whole ceremony inking a sketch i did last night of the couple from Couscous Express

bonus round!
watched a car crash outside church after the events within.
i love being a turtle.

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