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the speed of boredom

Friday, October 31, 2003


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signed it! thanks, morgan

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Wow. Appearently the NRA has a blacklist! And you can join it!

I'm on it!

12:03 AM

Thursday, October 30, 2003

today in graphic design 1, we had two hours to design a 3.5"x5" invitation to a halloween party. it had to state friday october 31st, 8pm, our apartment, our phone number, and had to incorporate a triangle and a hand drawn image (not from the internet)

unlike everyone else in class who spent half the class looking online for creepy fonts to use, i just typed it all in Bodoni and then messed around with the vectors to make it all creepy.
yes, that's all the same font.


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Wednesday, October 29, 2003


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continuing the trend of badly photoshopped friendster photos:

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Monday, October 27, 2003

ok, so CNN finally found out about Radiohead.

the one new thing i learned from this article, however, is that Hail to the Thief officially fulfilled the band's record contract, so now they can do whatever they want without any pressure from the label.

i expect many an EP to come out of them in the future.

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everything ever is friendster's fault.

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Anyone want to see a picture of me popping a Morgan-zit? Well then, here ya go!

Don't say I don't give 'till it hurts. Sorry about the crappy resolution. Friendsters' fault.

12:42 AM

Sunday, October 26, 2003

maria: brb
maria: back
derrick: wowee
maria: amazed?
derrick: indeed
derrick: i thought you were gone forever
maria: :gasp:
derrick: i mourned for a while
derrick: turned to drugs and whores
derrick: eventually i accepted it
maria: how did that go?
maria: the drugs and whores?
maria: not that hard to accept
derrick: you know, drugs and whores, no real surprises there

11:03 PM
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back at lindell elementary you always had to take a pass in order to go to the bathroom. most teachers had one boys pass and one girls pass. and the pass was usually something like a large slab of wood with the teacher's name carved into it.
most days you'd have to sign up to use the pass. that's how much people felt the need to leave class. one person of the same sex as you would be in the bathroom, and since the pass was with them you'd have to wait. unfortunately, three other people of the same sex as you also want to use the pass, so they've already written their names on the board and now you have to wait until all of them are done so you can go to the bathroom.
and since nobody liked class, people would take their damn sweet time walking to and from the bathroom.

anyway, there was one day in third grade when i took the pass because i really had to go. i'd already been waiting about an hour for my turn with the pass.
i get to the bathroom and just as i sit down the fire alarm goes off. so i pull up my pants, and walk outside and down the three flights of stairs. since the boys bathroom was on the opposite end of the third floor from my classroom, i was nowhere near the rest of my class. instead, i was surrounded by fifth graders who all pointed at me on the stairs and laughed "look at his pass! he was in the bathroom! oh, how terrible! hahahahaha!"
when i found my class outside, they noticed i was holding the pass and they all laughed at me.
since then i made it a point to go to the bathroom as little as possible during school.
fact is, writing this, it took me five minutes to remember what the bathrooms in my high school looked like since i used them so rarely.

5:35 PM
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in case anyone in NY still reads this:


Marvel at the talents of Neal Adams, Eric Battle, David Michael Beck, Gil Kane, Bob Lubber, Russ Manning, Gray Morrow, Rudy Nebres, Louis Small Jr., Tom Yeates, and much more.

Attend Opening Night Safari Reception (Nov. 7th), and meet some of these talented artists, and receive a few other wild surprises.

At The Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art Corporate Headquarters

32 Union Square East (between 16th and 17th Street)
Suite 600

4:21 PM
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i was just thinking about this one day in first grade. mrs. pierro decided we were going to play pin the tail on the donkey, but just to be "fair" she would give a prize to both the person who got closest and the person who got farthest from the right spot.
naturally, everyone tried their hardest to get exactly on the donkey's ass. that's the point of the game, isn't it?
not me, though.
i figured what the hell's the point of competing with everyone else when i can go way off on purpose and still win?
it wasn't too hard to get your bearings. sure, you were blindfolded and spun around three times, but you still knew that if the thirty kids giggling were behind you, the laminated paper donkey was directly in front of you.
so i did what they expected. i stumbled forward three steps towad the donkey, and then, just as i was approaching the wall, i turned a sharp left, tripping slightly over desks, bookbags, and cubbies. another left, past the window and a few more desks, and i stuck my tail into the wall. i took off my blindfold and all the kids laughed because i'd found my way to the other side of the room, as far away from the donkey as possible without going out into the hall. they laughed because they thought i was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaally stupid to have messed up that bad. it was another couple of minutes before any of them remembered the rules and figured out that i'd done it on purpose. they were all too caught up in their preconceptions of what the game was supposed to be.

mrs. pierro bought me an ice cream at lunch that day as my prize. she told that what i did was very sneaky and clever and i had better never do anything like that again.

i think that day was when i first realized how much fun it is to challenge the rules, and especially how much fun it is to challenge te teacher.

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Saturday, October 25, 2003

derrick: yeah, i see
nova: my candidates are the three "talking heads"
nova: greenstein, guear and cimino
derrick: funny
nova: i know
nova: it's well done
derrick: so very well
nova: some people are pissed, but i don't really care
derrick: and by very well, i mean (???)
nova: haha
nova: true
derrick: yeah
derrick: that is one pointless ad
nova: people are retarded in this state
derrick: no one actually stops to care about web ads that poorly designed
nova: i know
nova: and the only people who read this site are people involved in jersey politics
nova: so it's like preaching to the choir
nova: the same damn philosophy is behind stupid goddamn yard signs!
derrick: hahahaha
nova: i HATE yard signs
nova: they are the biggest waste of time, money, and energy ever
derrick: truth

8:46 PM
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look at my crappy new front page (note, it looks right on internet explorer for me and brian, but is slightly off on safari for me...tell me if it looks right to you)

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now you're just rubbing it in, morgan.

i was supposed to see that movie a year ago, but SOMEBODY didn't feel like waking up and giving me and brian a ride downtown like he promised he would.

and now they do those (weekly?) shows in NYC and i'm way the fuck down here.


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Friday, October 24, 2003

I just saw "Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns" and it was awesome. Even awesomer, was the Q&A with John Flansburg. So. Fucking. Cool. I got to ask him about their performing/visual art influences and why their wifes weren't in the film. Hey, they can't all be college-y questions!

9:03 PM


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derrick: omgpantherisoutnowappleisawesomebecausejaguarwaslikesolastsummerbutpantherislikesototallycaliforniarotflmao
max: omfg!

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

kupek; please stop x3

my heart hurts less today then when i first heard you sing
its worse to think that all this time does not mean anything
i know that you don't want anything that i could give
i hope some girl needs someone
cause i need someone and i've got some things to share
the girl can't see what she does to me
oh, she breaks the same heart that she once set free
and she can't hear me screaming
baby, stop it, please!
oh, stop it, please
i know we're changing
i feel you shaking
i won't go
until you know

my heart hurts more today than it did the day we met
the thing you never do is the thing you will regret
i know that you don't need any help at all from me
i hope someone somewhere needs someone
cause i'm someone and i'll go anywhere
the girl can't see what she does to me
oh, she breaks the same heart that she once set free
and she can't hear me screaming
baby, stop it, please!
oh, stop it, please
i know we're changing
i feel you shaking
she knows i want it
she can't stop it
i won't go
until you know

i need you less today than i ever have before
and one day very soon i won't need you anymore
i hope you never know about the drama in my head
and maybe someday i can meet someone cause i need someone
i need someone
i need someone
i need someone, two, three, four

i won't go
until you know
the girl can't see what she does to me
oh, she breaks the same heart that she once set free
and she can't hear me screaming
baby, stop it, please!
oh, stop it
baby, stop it, please!
oh, stop it
baby, stop it, please!
oh, stop it, please!

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AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... Pop.

5:52 PM

probably my favorite song on MFZB, "Strength":

Turn the TV off
Turn me on
Disbelief confidence is gone
You can take all this from me
Stands my integrity (now)
I'm so sick of mother fuckers
Crooked wars that they wage
Should I sit and count the seconds till were all blown away?
Sex, tyrants, violence on the news everyday
Ignorance turned anger into hate
Turn away
Strength in diversity, unity, and evolution
Strength in diversity, unity, and evolution
Strength in diversity, unity, and evolution
Strength in diversity, unity, revolution
Now you're gone and it's forever
Nothing is the same
Right to wrong we'll come together
Time to make a change

Turn the TV off
Turn me on
Disbelief confidence is gone
You can take all this from me
Stands my integrity (now)
And these wars that we wage
An eye for an eye
So I lock, load, engage
Casualty - high supply
We'll be missing all our friends who die to get us by
Courage facing fear
Hate increase decline
Strength in diversity, unity, and evolution
Strength in diversity, unity, and evolution
Strength in diversity, unity, and evolution
Strength in diversity, unity, revolution
Now you're gone and it's forever
Nothing is the same
Right to wrong we'll come together
Time to make a change

Strength in diversity, unity, and evolution
Strength in diversity, unity, and evolution
Strength in diversity, unity, and evolution
Strength in diversity, unity, revolution
Turn the TV off
Turn me on
Disbelief confidence is gone
If you take all of this from me
Then all of you can . . . (come together)
Now you're gone and it's forever
Nothing is the same
Right to wrong we'll come together
Time to make a change

9:12 AM
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very often for quite a few years now, i'll wake up like two minutes befoe my alarm goes off, so it'll force me up just as i'm starting to relax again.
so when i wake up this morning in the silent pitch black asylum of my room, i decide to lie around and get comfy but not too comfy since i'll just have to get up. after rolling around for 15 minutes, i reach out and check my watch. i've still got an hour till the alarm. woah.
so at this point i wonder what woke me. i step back into my mind to remember my dream. most of it is gone, but i can remember that for some reason i'm put on some sort of academic blacklist but before anything happens i rent a wheelchair from the student life office. people will hop in the wheelchair and i'll run real fast, pushing them in front of me. faculty and staff start popping up and warning me about what a terible person i am because of the blacklist. all of a sudden, everyone on campus except for me and my friends go to the commons for some sort of party. at this point it is worthy of note that the school campus more resembles any given "street" in disney world rather than my actual school campus. so we head onto campus (this time i can remember i was pushing max in the wheelchair and we were both screaming and laughing while everyone else chuckled watching us) to see what's up. before reaching student life (which has taken on the properties of either a pretzel stand or an information booth) max hops out and i fold up the wheelchair. i approach the window to return the chair, when the man behind the desk looks at a noteboard and sees my face and a few notes about me on the blacklist. he says he can't do anything with me because i'm blacklisted for "wheelchair theft." i reply that since we can't talk, i might as well not return the wheelchair. i spin the wheelchair around my finger the way a cowboy swings his guns or a drummer swings his sticks and slide it in my back pocket (don't ask how, its a dream). the other guys all go in the commons (which looks like a playhouse for koalas) to see the show while i head to the cafeteria, a generic food court area. after a couple minutes, pete harp, one of my graphic design classmates, limps in with his clothes all ripped to shreads. he pants and breathes heavily for a minute, mumbling about how "somebody had to take care of them" and "nobody would help." apparently the show involved two white tigers which knocked their tamers unconscious. pete jumped in to settle them down, since nobody else would, and nobody chose to help him, watching instead as them clawed at him. at this point i look down and realize that my pajama pants have a huge hole with reaches almost as low as my knees and is wider than my two legs, so very little of the top half of the pants is there at all. the edges of what's left seems to be soaked in eiher gatorade or kool-aid and his warm and coarse with sugar. i grab at the bits of pants left to cover myself and i wake up. of course, after remembering the dream, i looked down and checked. i was still wearing jeans and they were just fine, no holes, completely dry and problems.

you never know after a dream like that.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Oct. 22, 2003 -- Singer-songwriter Elliott Smith, 34, was found dead Tuesday by his girlfriend in the Los Angeles apartment they shared. He apparently stabbed himself in the chest.

Smith was a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter whose atmospheric compositions and Beatles-esque melodies hid dark lyrics about drug use, death and personal anomie.

His song "Miss Misery," used in the soundtrack to the film Good Will Hunting, was nominated for an Oscar. NPR's Neda Ulaby reports on the musician's life, his large cult following and his untimely death.
(as reported by National Public Radio)

5:10 PM
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so apparently i'm like the best graphic designer ever, cuz i was just feeling sick in class goofing with letters and shapes pretending i was doing my work when the professor sees my screen, comes over, gabs about how brilliant it is as i make quick revisions and has the whole class come look at it.

so apparently this is awesomeness:

11:31 AM
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brian wood just released the cover art (sans text) for the global fequency volume one trade. he did all the original covers for the series, all of which were beautiful and i hope are included within.
also Warner Bros just announced that they are developing a series based on the book.

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i could write a song called "stack 'em to the heavens!"

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Monday, October 20, 2003

Apple and Pepsi to Give Away 100 Million Free Songs

gonna have to start drinking more sierra mist...

10:23 PM
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sometimes, people take pictures i wish i had taken. brian has done such:

ona related note, kudos on the photography article in this weeks edition, bri.

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Sunday, October 19, 2003


Go here and click on "When I Am King"

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"I am not going to put you through a long list of horrible environmental actions taken by this administration. Instead, I refer you to what TeanFranken calls the Internet. For instance, a Google search of the terms "Bush, horrible, environment" yields 42,500 websites, some of which discuss Bush's environmental record without any reference to horny, barely legal coeds."

-Lies and the lying liars who tell them by Al Franken

5:29 PM


another new webcomic that i love.

and this one's just genius. i meant to post it the other day.

god, i love webcomics.

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Saturday, October 18, 2003

between daily activities and food shopping, max brian and i worked on a new wall collage.
from right to left, there's a deflated jack o lantern balloon, two alcohol awareness posters, an acrylic wolf painting of max's, a cinnamon broom, my novelty chinese food trick or treat box, a MoCCA Art Fest 2003 poster, al's sketch book, and numerous elements of our ongoing photo collage.

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I've been saying for years that everyone needs it.
Now there is no excuse.

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Friday, October 17, 2003

i made this today and sent it to mal in celebration of him making a new mix cd of kupek stuff for me

2:13 PM
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John Flansburgh addresses your hard-hitting questions with mumbles and evasive hedging!

From Suzie M.
I hear you've written a new song called "Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed." Is it like the song called "She Was A Hotel Detective"?
I'm not sure where the fascination with writing new songs to old titles comes from, but the "Bed" remake is different. It's actually the same lyric as the song on No!, but the melody has been completely changed. The recording on the new book/CD thing is sung by Kimya from Moldy Peaches. She has a really interesting voice, and brings a lot to it.

From Ruby S.
How do you guys feel about file-sharing, and the suits brought against kids regarding "music piracy?"
I think it is a complicated question that divides people in unproductive ways. The recording companies seem like they are focusing their energies on the present, trying to regain the past, when they really should be thinking about the future-if there is going to be any for them- and suing consumers seems damn cold. TMBG have benefited a lot from MP3 since we don't have much mainstream media access, but we also know that many great, but still struggling songwriters and musicians rely on the current setup for their livelihood, so it's not something we want to be flip about (as tantalizing as being flip can be). It's already a hard enough world for musical people. Unless there is a meaningful shift toward an equitable digital music scene it seems very possible it's just going to get a lot harder for us lifers.

From Joslyn E.
Do you ever notice regulars at concerts when you're on tours?
I've become aware of regulars over the years. Not too many people actually following us from show to show a la Phish, probably because the miles are so crazy, but that's okay. I think it might be better that it's like the carnival coming to town, rather than the cult.

From Sara K.
Just saw the Cartoon Network songs. How does it feel to be a cartoon character?
I hear it's cool but I haven't seen them yet (I know it's online but my computer won't show the "real" stuff right now). I must admit it felt funny being a pig in the Tiny Toons. We did this thing for "Home Movies" (on Adult Swim) that is coming out in a few months, so it'll be interesting to see how we look there.

From Amy A.
Like the kids' stuff okay, but when is your next regular album coming out?
We are working on it right now with Pat Dillett, and have made some serious progress. We were planning on having it done for right now, but other opportunities keep knocking and it holds us up.

From Erik B.
Imagine my surprise when I found out you guys toured with Frank Black and I missed it. Any future plans involving him?
We just heard that there is going to be a Pixies reunion, so he's probably tied up, but we are big fans of Mr. Black. He's one of the few true originals.

From Joe M.
Did your parents influence you to become musicians? Are they musicians themselves?
My parents were supportive, but not too into the professional part. My dad played the coronet and my mom played the piano and sang a lot. Don't know about John's folks.

From "Mr. Bean"
Have you ever been hit by a projectile thrown from the audience?
Yes. It hurt a lot, and ruined the show. Not the kind of thing we want to encourage.

From "Conan"
I think it's awesome that you guys are hooked up with 'Malcolm In The Middle'. How did you get to do the music for that show?
They called us kinda out of the blue, but it was a big break for us.

From Jack E.
What current rock music do you like?
I like the new Nada Surf disc, the Long Winters from Seattle, and though I didn't know much about them before I recently got turned on to Teenage Fanclub who have a "greatest non-hits" compilation out that's really cool. There is also a very low key NYC songwriter named Peter Salett who I like very much.

From "Skabeedoo"
How do you decide where to go when you tour?
We don't. Our booking agent hooks it up.

From "T-bone"
Who is your favorite professional wrestler?
Strongbad from Homestarrunner.

From Alan M.
Which of your rock heroes have you met, or do you hope to meet one day?
I actually have few, but I met Elvis Costello -who's up there for me- and he was very nice. He likes "Youth Culture Killed My Dog," which was exciting.

From E. Y.
What is the largest crowd that you've ever played to?
We've played for a number of 30,000 and 40,000 crowds (like at the Hatchshell in Boston) but I think we did a show in Chicago that was actually much bigger, but the setup was such that you couldn't really see over a hill to the rest of the crowd so it didn't feel so big.

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

as stupid as this web graphic is, i just can't ignore it:

11:06 PM
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i didn't go to the mall yet. i just rented a digital camera from the school library with the intentions of getting some fun pics over the weekend.

1:17 AM
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that's not a leather jacket, silly. but those are short hairs. lo me gusta!

12:58 AM

dan: so i got this thing
derrick: thing?
derrick: like a disease?
dan: kind of
dan: more like a file
derrick: yes?
derrick: so its a virus
dan: no
dan: but good thinking

12:47 AM
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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

11:46 PM
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hahahaha! i got an A on my photo midterm!

today we each had a private 15 minute sit-down with professor pettibon to discuss our tests, our photos, and any questions we had. so now i FINALLY understand exactly what aperture does (the one thing i had a hard time grasping, now i got it.) and she even helped me figure out exactly how to take this particular shot i want at the mall.
there's this sweet leather jacket at one of the women's clothing stores and it looks sooooooooooo awesome on me but i'm not buying it (yet) because the shoulders are too tight (being a woman's jacket of course) and they don't allow photographs to be taken in the store. we almost got kicked out last week for just taking out a camera in the store.
so this weekend i'm going to send al and steve into the front of the store to just stand and look around for a minute while i focus my camera on them from the food court. this will require a fast film speed, a long lens, wide aperture, fast shutter speed, and probably a tripod, definitely a flash. once i've focused on them, i pass off the camera to brian who stands exactly where i was and i go replace al and steve, put on the jacket and stand exactly where they were in the store. brian then takes a bunch of quick pictures. my camera is more well equipped for this sort of task than brian's, but he's not accustomed to the in-camera meter on it, so that's why i do all of that stuff before handing it off to him.
and i trust his compositional skill with a camera more than anybosy else's.

this WILL work.

soon there will be pictures of me with my sexy new hair in a sexy leather jacket.


2:51 PM
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if i had the time and money, THIS would be my halloween costume.

12:14 AM
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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

dan: dude
dan: large happening
dan: i should have your loot by the end opf the week
derrick: large
derrick: loot?
derrick: que pasa?
dan: you do rememebr the 75 i owe you yes?
derrick: 90?
dan: youre right
dan: and im stupid
derrick: yes, yes apparently i do remember

11:21 PM
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because you wanted more:

1:31 PM
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max: i don't think they make thanksgiving hot pockets...hey everybody, dinner's almost ready! *ding!*

1:03 AM
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Monday, October 13, 2003

derrick: hey there hi there ho there
laurie: hihi
laurie: sup
derrick: i'm quitting my monday shift
derrick: its absurd
derrick: as soon as i got there i shelved four whole carts of books, two FULL carts of videos and dvds, and one full cart of periodicals
derrick: the other student worker put away one cart of books
derrick: and when i had twenty minutes left, they told me i HAD to shelf one more cart because i'm "forgetting i'm getting paid for this"
derrick: so i ran around the library, knocked into as many walls as possible and got the whole cart (mostly photo books, the worst section of the library, in only ten minutes
laurie: well, go you
derrick: whatever happened to equal pay for equal work?
laurie: true that.
derrick: how the fuck am i forgetting i'm getting paid when i doing nine times as much work as someone who gets paid JUST AS MUCH
derrick: because she's a girl, she doesn't need to do work.
laurie: yeah. definitely quit the monday shift.
derrick: i'm sick of this favoritism
derrick: so how are you ?
laurie: in need of something cheery i guess.
laurie: but hey, can't win em all.
derrick: i cheer you?
derrick: i dance...
laurie: oh, how he danced.
derrick: i can dance if i want to. i can leave your friends behind.
derrick: cuz your friends don't dance and if they don't dance then they're no friends of mine
laurie: if friends dont dance.....
laurie: hah.
derrick: some friends and i did that out loud in the middle of a school assembly once
laurie: thank you. thank god for men without hats reference of the night
derrick: screaming from across the auditorium
derrick: thank me? thank GOD?
derrick: woah...
laurie: hey now.
laurie: eh. i'm gonna go, okay boy? i need some curl up in room alone time.
laurie: so, g'night
derrick: night
derrick: have fun

10:28 PM
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artwhenwemelt: HI SARA!!!
suedeumbrella: hi. this isn't sarah, this is her friend tom on her name for her. But I've given her your message and she says "HI DERRICK!!! that's spelled d-e-r-r-i-c-k, not like derek's name"
suedeumbrella: that last part wasn't supposed to be put in apparently
suedeumbrella: you get the idea though
artwhenwemelt: ah, yes
artwhenwemelt: i see
artwhenwemelt: highly understandaable
artwhenwemelt: HIGH TOM!!!
artwhenwemelt:"hi" tom
artwhenwemelt: i dunno what i was thinking
artwhenwemelt: woah...
suedeumbrella: freudian slip!
suedeumbrella: HI!!!

5:15 PM
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4:18 PM

Sunday, October 12, 2003

yeah. lost sixteen inches. i'll post pictures just as soon as i get any.

11:15 PM
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did you cut off your hairs yet?

8:04 PM

zebrahead is playing in farmingdale tomorrow and i am here.

it is samba time for tambo and weep day for urine man.

on the plus side, the new album MFZB comes out next tuesday. and there are two new acoustic tracks online.

3:48 PM
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Saturday, October 11, 2003

David T Hardy's website detailing deceptive tactics used by Michael Moore in Bowling For Columbine

Michael Moore replies to accusations regarding Bownling For Columbine

David's reply to Moore's reply


11:44 PM

Who's that comin' from somewhere up in the sky?

Moving fast and bright as a firefly

Just when you think the trouble's gonna pounce

Who's gonna be there when it really counts?

Do the Care Bear Countdown

2:33 PM

3:30 appointment at the New York Hair Company in downtown Sarasota.

its not anywhere near new york, and they don't make or distribute hair...i don't understand.

1:20 PM
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Friday, October 10, 2003

after weighing the pros and cons for a couple months, i think i've decided.
i'm gonna go downtown and donate to Locks of Love either this weekend or next.

i swore all summer i'd do it in october. my hair is plenty long, and i lose way too much hair right now simply because of the added tension from brushing so much of it and tying it all back.

its time for derrick to have short hair again.
and its free.
and i'm helping cancer patients.

12:37 AM
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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Here. Go here and sign this. DONT THINK! Just do it.

11:42 PM

Wednesday, October 08, 2003


It's going to be an early wakeup call next month for "Matrix" fans in the U.S.

In what might be called a "day and moment" strategy, Warner Bros. has decided to release "The Matrix Revolutions" at the exact same time in every major city on Wednesday, Nov. 5. That means 6 a.m. in Los Angeles, 9 a.m. in New York, 2 p.m. in London, 5 p.m. in Moscow and 11 p.m. in Tokyo.

Studio, which has been contemplating the never-before-employed scenario for several months, plans to start the screenings of the trilogy's final chapter at the same moment in a total of 65 actively tracked territories.

Distrib execs said the strategy was motivated by a desire to capitalize on the success of the previous two pics, along with tightening up protection against piracy.

"The zero hour simultaneous opening of 'Revolutions' once again positions the 'Matrix' films as the cutting edge experience in motion pictures," said domestic distribution prexy Dan Fellman.

Studio also said the large-screen version of "Revolutions" will debut at Imax sites in the U.S. on the same day, marking the first time a major Hollywood live-action film has been released concurrently in 35mm and Imax formats.

Move reflects the rising popularity of the "day and date" worldwide releasing strategy, in which tentpole pics open overseas in ever-closer proximity to their domestic openings. In May Fox opened "X2" on the same date in 58 countries. (As reported by VARIETY)

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its funny, i made a picture in photoshop last night that looked eerily like this:

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California's new governor has sworn to use the people's Eraser to wipe out all of the office's True Lies. He plans to be a Predator of crime with little Collateral Damage and support Liberty's Kids by hiring more Kindergarten Cops.

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happy birthday to hedder!! =)

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word on the street is i'm gonna do a webcomic for koujo and batus.
i'm just waiting for the reference pics and scripts to come through.

be on the lookout.

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malevole - A Tribute to Ray Harryhausen

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extreme birthday greetings to HEATHER BERNKLAU!!! happy, nineteen, girl.

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ladies and gentlemen, i give you the governor of california:

feel free to drive you new humvee in the wrong lane into crowds of pregnant illegal immigrant supermodels while consuming mass quantities of steroid muscle growth suppliments and argueing with your agents on your cell phone. its time for some EXTREME POLITICAL POWER!!!

at least we can still enjoy lifes simple pleasures:

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Monday, October 06, 2003

just for reference, here's the illo i made for a t-shirt almost one full year ago:

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neither brian nor suzanne have seen Amelie so al and i decided we're gonna have an Amelie party later this week. to celebrate, i am burning Yann Tiersen's Le Phare for al.

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the computer animation students are getting demanding. they're all looking up the sound effects they want to use on the sound ideas company webpage, rather than in the library like they did last year. also, the library didn't buy most of the sound effect cds the company released since last semester.
thus, the students are picking out sound effect cds that we don't have.
and when we explain that we don't have these cds and you have to search on the library computers rather than the company's webpage, they get pissed at us because their projects are due very soon and we can't accomodate their needs.

there were extremely few complaints last year of us not having the sounds they needed, so i can only assume we have a LOT of sounds. we just don't have the exact permutations of them that these students want. and they're too lazy to look through what we DO have and find suitable replacements.

i fail to see how this is our fault.

its like looking up movies on Internet Movie Database and complaining that we don't have them on DVD here in the school library. and then getting real loud and angry about it because you have a comparative research essay on all the works of Richard Linklater due in the morning and you put off renting any of his movies until now, and its all the library's fault if you fail out of school.


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as i'm packing for work, there's a loud knocking on the door. i figure it MUST be maarten, since he always seems to come around when i'm just leaving and then he assumes that i'm just avoiding him and therefore lying to him and keeping secrets...or something. i open the door to greet a fifteen-year old (i'm guessing)skateboard-lookin' honky. not maarten...ok...

"hey, help with our school."

my immediate reaction is 'with a pitch like that, i pray to god that someone helps, cuz you need it, kid.'
grammerically, that was far from a coherent statement, let alone request. and as far as sales pitches go, i can see how that maybe could work on unemployed floridians with lots of time and a nose permanently stuck in other people's business because they have none of their own.

" how?"

" magazines?" his inquizative approach led me to believe that he had no clue what he was actually selling, just hoping that i would shell over armloads of cash based solely on his professional presentation.

"not now, i'm actually on my way to work."

he begrudgingly saunters around the corner to see if anyone else is in their apartments.

i locked the door and hoped that in ten years time the school would raise enough money to raise the standards of education to teach the fundraising children one line of grammerically correct sales pitch.

i changed my pants before leaving. i was wearing the new scrubs i got on saturday. very comfy, but very airy. i needed something more substantial for work, so i put on my black jeans.
now i smell like tide detergent because this is the first i've worn them since stuffing them in a dresser drawer full of freshly washed clothes.

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Friday, October 03, 2003

Go here. DO IT!

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hahahaha, now if i had the money, time and energy, THIS is what i would do.

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this one looks great on my desktop. really optimized for a mac. hope to see how it looks on a PC later...or not. PCs are for suckers who like video games with polygons. gimme good old pixel based games any day

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Thursday, October 02, 2003

hahaha ryan was telling me about this kid he had...he told the story so well, it was awesome. that kid was so awesome.
and duh, who doesn't know that dreams come from the dream factory in merrick? you act like you've never seen it.

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by the way, in case any of you forgot, the world ends a week from tomorrow.

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Get Hulk on DVD for $3!

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now you're playing with power

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i loathe you, erin.

with that loathing, however, comes a complimentary hug.

still not as good as our psych class at LBHS when we went to blackheath and interviewed the pre-k kids. one of my kids said that dreams go into our heads at night from a dream factory in merrick.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

for my psych class you have to do 6 credits worth of psych experiments (cause the grad students have to run experiments and they need subjects..) and i did a hypnosis one, and some chick just called me and asked me if they could experiment on me further based on my hypnosis results. (it didn't work, btw..)
they need me for 3 more 2-3 hour sessions
but they're going to pay me 10$ an hour for it
that fucking rocks.

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NOTE TO SELF: go to Pop Comics tomorrow and pick up A Sort of Homecoming #1, Stray Toasters Trade Paperback, and Y - The Last Man #15

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the dears show in NYC is $8 admission. goddamn. the set is under and hour, though. they go on at 8:30 and susan tunney goes on at 9:30, according to the Mercury Lounge website

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here, everyone. free wallpaper:

fun, the things i do in design with type.

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