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the speed of boredom

Thursday, July 31, 2003

its too warm to be me.
everyday i develop a new annoying pimple because of the sticky humidity. i hate it. it makes me feel cramped and oily and makes me look like a fucking teenager (which, granted, i still am, but fuck anyway.)
it was just weird cuz at one point at matt's i went to the bathroom and i looked in the mirror as i was washing my hands and thought to myself "woah...i look cute today. that hasn't happened in like two years." and i felt good for a minute.
later on i thought about the last time i felt cute (my last year at usdan) and realized that i was a fucking wimp of a teenager and that i will never be that hot again because nothing like that happens after high school.

i never had a slip and slide. never saw the fun in it. one of my friends had one. i tried it once. i only slid halfway before the friction from my belly on the plastic slowed me to a stop and burned my skin a little.

that and the commercials always scared me, the way the kids would slide along the wet plastic into a cartoon alligator's mouth and he'd eat them and spit water at his friends.

i've been goofing with halftone coloring in photoshop. only problem is that i have no sketches to try it with and i can't seem to do decent sketches anymore. i hate my pencils.

11:25 AM
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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

spent the day with matt, which was good since he's one of my best friends and i never get to chill with him.
we didn't really do much, but it was fun as always. i invited him to the kuper party and we played the new star wars game for xbox. all sorts of madness.

10:43 PM
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i don't get to come on here as much as i'd like. that's mostly because i spend half my week in the city and whenever i am home either my mom, dad, or li'l sister is playing some stupid game on so i barely get to check my email even.

i do make it a point to come on for a couple minutes now and then, though, since lawrence put me in charge of compiling the RSVPs for the Harvey awards. i need to email them to the Harvey board tommorrow morning with the final RSVP list as the reception is saturday night.

busy week or so at the office. last friday i single-handedly took down the broad appeal exhibit, spackled the walls, and helped lawrence install the new AC. saturday i opened and closed the office myself. monday, peter kuper came in and we hung his new exhibit. its amazing. everyone NEEDS to see it sometime in the next month.

10:22 AM
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Saturday, July 26, 2003

bored at work today:

8:44 PM
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Friday, July 25, 2003

i got burned on my leg. and now i'm growing some skin. i'm so proud of my platelets and everything else that's helping to rebuild my leg. now it doesn't hurt to shower. yay me!

9:17 PM

Thursday, July 24, 2003

thanks, mia, for the props and for posting.

and here's today's inky thing for those reluctant to hit my page:

i call it "portrait of a poor bastard"

4:25 PM
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i finally updated the sketches on my webpage. check 'em out. even a new one i did this morning.

4:19 PM
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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I love "NM the Bollocks". Sorry I didn't comment much on the beach, many people were talking at once, or maybe I was talking to many people at once...

11:15 PM

Sunday, July 20, 2003

yesterday's sketch:

i bought james kochalka's "kissers" yesterday. i thought about getting a volume of his sketchbook diaries (which i currently think are brilliant) but noticed that kissers was a book/cd. the book was actually a companion to the "kissers" album by his band, james kolchalka superstar, which was packaged in the back of the book.
neither is particularly wonderful, but both are charmingly honest and almost childlike. i like it. i just don't like spending money, that's all.

12:56 PM
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Friday, July 18, 2003

forgot to post this yesteday. a sketchy i did on the beach:

9:16 AM
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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

i've been really quite busy lately, hence the lack of updatage.

here's a painting i did about a half hour ago. i call it "prelude to a moment of desperation"

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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

the stupid things i figure out how to do:

10:17 PM
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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

new pics on my webpage. funfunfun.

i also fixed a few probs with this blog but didn't get around to uploading them yet. maybe later

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Monday, July 07, 2003

i've always seen science as an art and art as a science. most people don't agree with me. they don't even bother thinking about a connection between the two.

i'm never happy sticking to a scientific method with my art. that becomes too stationary...not exciting, no fun. so i always experiment. play with everything until i find something that works.

i decided that i like the fluidity of my pencil sketches and the drama of my inked sketches, but neither held the others shining features.
so what if i skipped the pencils all together and just sketched with a fine point pen?

here are the two i did on the train today. one to work, one back:

oddly, i only had canadian music today. the dears, moxy fruvous and kupek i wonder if that had anything to do with it.

8:38 PM
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Sunday, July 06, 2003

happy independence day and happy birthday, dan! =)

10:05 PM

exciting new layout.

i swear i'm ADD.

2:15 PM
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so in addition to hang wif me homies the past couple days, i also managed to do alot of shitty sketching.

here are some of the more coherent ones.

no pencils at all. mostly started with my purple .005 micron and then the brush pen over it. sometimes just the brush pen:

maria, as we were watching fireworks. it was all kinds of dark so i didn't really have much of a clue what i was doing.

sometimes you get really stupid pictures in your head and you don't know what to do with them...

the maxx. my god i love that comic book/cartoon. i am SO glad i got that dvd. what a mindfuck...

7:58 AM
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Saturday, July 05, 2003

there is nothing better than getting by with a little help from my friends.

i used to think happiness lay in girlfriends, but i was a naive nerd with a mangled libido.

i went to mia's before noon, we watched some birdman and aqua teens. it was really hot out, so no one felt like going outside, except i hate being around family, so i love getting away. i went to heather's before 3 cuz mia had work and heather was lonely. she's having a long chat with justin in a few days. good for them. we went to dan's, listened to beck, watched heat vision and jack, the maxx, and the animatrix, and...well...yeah.

it was one of those stupidly pointless days that i live for.

nothing gets accomplished, nothing of any importance or significance comes up, its just fucking fun.

11:47 PM
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happy independence, all.

i celebrated mine by being free of my family and their lame church and hanging out with hedder and mia instead.
we watched some of my new stolen dvds, listened to beck, drew, read, and watched fireworks.
it was a'ight.

i need to draw better.

11:35 AM
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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

wow...this actually looks really good...


"Mulholland Drive" star Laura Harring is set and "X2: X-Men United" star Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is in negotiations to join the cast of Artisan Entertainment/Marvel Studios' "The Punisher" for director Jonathan Hensleigh. A July start date is planned in Florida, with Thomas Jane in the title role.

"Punisher" is based on Marvel Comics' vigilante hero who dispenses harsh justice to criminals after his wife and children are slain by the mob.

Harring will play the ruthless, vengeful wife of the film's evil Howard Saint (John Travolta). Saint is a man involved in the criminal underworld who manages to conceal his violent beginnings and become a paragon of society. When the Saints' son is brutally slain, a darker, vengeful side re-emerges in the man.

Romijn-Stamos plays Joan, the Punisher's neighbor who lives by herself and is unaware of his alter ego. A classy and reserved woman, Joan has had her own share of hardship and feels safe and comfortable being around the man who lives next door.

Hensleigh wrote the script, with a polish by Michael Tolkin. Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad is producing along with Gale Anne Hurd. Marvel Studios vp Ari Arad will co-produce, while executive vp Kevin Feige will executive produce.

Artisan Entertainment executive vp Patrick Gunn, executive vp production Andrew Golov and director of development Rachel Murray are overseeing "Punisher" for the studio.

Harring, repped by ICM and Untitled Entertainment, most recently starred onscreen in New Line Cinema's "Willard." The actress just wrapped shooting the indie feature "The Poet" opposite Dougray Scott.

The project marks Romijn-Stamos' third feature for Marvel, having first starred as Mystique in the 2000 feature "X-Men" and reprising the role in "X2," currently in release. The actress, repped by WMA and 3 Arts Entertainment, next stars in Lions Gate Films' "Godsend" with Robert De Niro and Greg Kinnear. (Item courtesy of THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER)

8:52 AM
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a quickie i did on the train last night:

8:38 AM
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Tuesday, July 01, 2003


had my meeting with craig yoe, the graphic designer working on the MoCCA brochure. i have to get him a list of all the possible comic and cartoon artists and characters to use by tuesday.
i also have to go into the office tommorrow to make up for the fact that my friday and saturday shifts are not happening due to fourth of july weekend. in particular i am delivering a banner to doubleday press leftover from the art fest and maybe picking up a box of books from them.
thursday i am going into the city early and representing MoCCA at a city council meeting. i have to clean up and wear a suit and be all good.

i am just human relations guy, ain't i?

lawrence even referred to me as their uber-intern when he introduced me to craig yoe.

10:06 PM
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hehe, a friend had this as her away message, and i loved the analogy:
For President Bush to call for additional tax cuts to solve the economic and budget problems is like the Captain of the Titanic screaming ?More icebergs!? as a solution to his sinking ship.

from now on my solution to everything is gonna be ?More Icebergs!?

9:18 PM

RABBIT RABBIT!!! happy july.

no, tom, the people on the APH assumed it was a self-portrait too, but its not. its just that, being the shallow egotistical man that i am, i put a little bit of me into everything i draw. that's why pretty much every character i've ever drawn has a hairstyle that i myself once had (except mortomer from the teenage jesus story...i never had a green mohawk, i just liked the idea.)
also, i don't own any sweatpants, my jawline isn't that well defined, my nose is lumpier, my chest is lumpier and there's no chinfuzz. the arms and hair are me, though.
and i haven't seen snow since december...

i did a really cres sketch of batman on the train sunday, and i inked it some yesterday. i think i love watching artists sketch because i learn alot. my inking got MUCH better after watching how gaydos did it on sunday.

and i hung with Kuper again yesterday. he stopped by the office because he's still working out how to hang his exhibit, which, by the way, will be a retrospective of all his work so far, including spy vs. spy, speechless, and his kafka work, among others.
the exhibit will be up the last week of july and the book release party will be august 12th.
everyone go, you will not regret it.

i'll post the batman sketch soon.

12:51 PM
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