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Thursday, May 27, 2004

maria brought like six of her friends from FIT to the volunteer meeting on monday. a bunch of us took the W train together and stopped at a video store and the neighboring old navy on the way to penn station. they're cool cats and i get along with them well. woohoo, hurrah and all that jazz.
tuesdays are my dad's days off. he went out to get his bike fixed and buy some cold cuts, came back loud and angry because bike shops are closed on tuesdays and delis play favorites with their customers. i took his bike in myself yesterday, then stopped by dan's for some tacos and we watched upright citizens brigade. i listened to Stars' "Nightsongs" along the walk. i realized that almost all the music i listen to now is canadian.
i'm burning Stars' "Heart" so i can rock that on the train, along with the Blood Brothers' "Burn, Piano Island, Burn"
today is my haircut day. blahma-nama.

i need shoes and bagels now.

8:33 AM
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Saturday, May 22, 2004

i just IMed six different people (five of whom had away messages up) the lyrics to the California Dreams theme song.
for some reason it got stuck in my head today.

fairly busy week.
spent a few days doing all sorts of different things at MoCCA, like framing art for the Harveys exhibit, designing book labels for the Harvey nominated books in our library, printing flyers for the Art Fest volunteer meeting (this monday at 7pm, MoCCA HQ, 594 Broadway, between Prince and Houston), cutting said flyers (two per page, 1000 pages = 2000 flyers), distributing said flyers to the four largest comic shops in manhattan, and all the work i don't realize i'm doing while i consult with lawrence klein, ken wong, and jim salicrup.
took pictures of the rain on wednesday. maria and i went to coldstone creamery to try out their fancy-schmancy ice cream and then we discussed her comic book adapting russian fairy tales (she's editing and drawing, she's getting a friend of hers from school and heather and i to draw the rest of the stories) while my film developed. the roll came out very well and i hope to scan them soon to put them online. i'm very much digging photography the more i do it. i'm going to end up bringing like forty rolls of film to the art fest.

i've been keeping an eye on coral all week with her sprained ankle. its mostly better now. she's been walking about without the crutches for a few days. she danced in her tap competition today, but she's still not all the way better.

one month from today will be my 20th birthday. the first kupek song i ever heard lamented "two whole decades old; that's pretty old." ("this is intolerable" for those playing at home)

this thursday, i venture into Bumble and bumble for my stylish new haircut. i'll try to take a few before and after pics for comparison.

that's all. my life's kinda boring. i play megaman for an hour or two a night just to cool my nerves. i've been listening to Minus the Bear alot this weekend. i think their stuff is what mega man's music would sound like if it weren't just a midi video game soundtrack but real pop-rock songs.

also, go to and click on "The Unicorns" on the left hand side to see what minimal work i've done on that website. pavan's pagebuilder program dealy doesn't agree with Apple computers too well. i can't upload lyrics. i need to do that from a PC, so i'll need to email myself all the lyrics i've typed up and go to someone else's house or something.

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Sunday, May 16, 2004

so, like, a month and a half ago when pavan asked if anybody wanted to work on new mini-sites for, i said i'd be interested in doing a page on the unicorns, even though i'm american and therefore out of the loop a bit on canadian music (what the whole web page focuses on). i got no response. i have since gone home and gotten back into the swing of things here.
today he announced the next batch of artists on the site and expects me to have the unicorns page done soon, so i'm compiling all the info i can.

while i was doing that, i stumbled across THIS webpage which has the few pre-album tracks i need. i'll download them later when i have the time. i've had Peach Moon for a few months and its my second favorite unicorns song (Innoculate the Inocuous is the best)

i finally checked out some mp3s from The City Drive and they're really quite good. Scott Waldman plays bass, and the guitarist and lead singer is the star from Big Wolf On Campus. check 'em out.

ok, its insanely hot right now. night.

10:46 PM
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yes, maria, it IS a free show. they might be giants, friday july 30th, prospect park, 7:30

i spent most of thursday at MoCCA. while i was mopping the hardwood floors (my idea. large crowd coming to look at the art that night? i want the place looking fab.) the air conditioner turned on for the first time ever, continually blowing dust and fine particles of stuff all over the place for over an hour. within the hour and a half before the event's opening, i showed my prowess for doing everything i possibly could in a short ammount of time. it seemed to impress the volunteers who didn't already know me and comfort the ones who did. i spent the next few hours behind the merchandise table looking friendly and showing off books, t-shirts, and other fine stuffs. i sold at least fifty copies of the kyle baker book we were celebrating the release of, two copies of Superman On The Couch, and one Hellboy/MoCCA t-shirt. came real close to selling two kids on Mutant Aliens, one mother on all three Little Lits, and one couple on the Crouching Bunny/Peking Duck statue set. still, i had some laughs and got along well with the populous, so i had fun. new volunteer Liz Allen (i remember because i'm pretty sure that was the name of one of Peter Parker's girlfriends in Spiderman) requested that i help her out as she coordinates the Harvey Award exhibit, so i'm on that now. going in tommorrow to work with her. also, to anyone interested, the first official meeting of Art Fest volunteers is May 24th. i'll be dragging maria, for sure. this will be an easy way to meet the other volunteers, learn what's going to be happening this year, as it is twice as large and for twice as long, figure out and sign up for what particular jobs you want to do when, which people you want to meet or work with, and probably get some free posters and/or flyers.
friday i hung out with elysa and maria. elysa's a fun one and i don't get to see her enough. she's sick this weekend, so much love to her. we ran around waldbaums (maria needs to send me the pictures, they should be quite swell) and watched texas chainsaw massacre and did other silly things. when i came home, i discovered that coral had sprained her ankle on a trampoline at a friend's house and is currently on crutches. silly girl.
yesterday we drove out to westbury where my father's band The Wranglers were playing at a community fair. it was hot and the amps were up way too high. after that we were all really tired and mostly lay around all day.
today, we went to a diner for brunch. both in and out people seemed to ignore that we were using the ramp for a reason and were flabbergasted to keep walking toward us and have to stop in front of the girl with the crutches. coral keeps hopping around the house and i keep telling her to sit down. she's going to be a hellion at school tommorrow, but luckily i will be at MoCCA.
nova reccomended i apply to work at Cold Stone Creamery. i still haven't been there, but from what i hear its a great place for me, so i'll try to rest there after the city tommorrow.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Party Set for Andy Kaufman, Just in Case
May 8, 6:37 PM EST

Andy Kaufman died of lung cancer on May 16, 1984, but according to legend, the eccentric comedian said if he were faking, he'd resurface 20 years later to the day.

So, just in case, a party is being planned by Bob Zmuda, Kaufman's best friend and partner, at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on May 16.

"Over 100 personal ads will be taken out across the country and abroad, reminding him of his words. Will he show?" Zmuda asked on the Web site for Comic Relief, a series of shows that raise money for health care for the homeless.

Zmuda founded Comic Relief after Kaufman's death.

VIP tickets to the Andy Kaufman — Dead or Alive? tribute offer "select seating and celebrity reception (hopefully with Andy)."

The tribute also promises a performance by Las Vegas lounge lizard Tony Clifton, one of Kaufman's characters.

Kaufman was best known as the lovable foreign-car mechanic Latka Gravas on the '70s TV sitcom "Taxi."

9:19 PM

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

i don't think its the not caring about liberal arts so much as the liberal arts teachers not caring so much about the students. i got a c+ in american creativity and i don't know what else i could have done other than get perfect test scores and do the extra credit project. its called extra credit for a reason!
Kendra FINALLY posted my graphic design grade today (it only took her a week and a half)
a lousy C-. i know the grades don't really matter too much since its art school and what matters is that we learn, not how well we grade, but dammit, i don't like getting anyting lower than a B.
with that, i also got a B+ in both creating theater and design with type, and an A in creative geometry.

E3 is this week, and among other things much more exciting, more pictures of the GBA SP Classic NES Edition were released:

3:19 PM
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ooooh, blogger is all new-looking

I finally got all my grades in. I got a B- in Illustration, so I'm pretty happy. Unfortunately, that minus puts me just .05 short of a 3.0. More accurately, the C's I got in American Creativity and Western Civ puts me just .05 short of a 3.0. I think the whole "Not giving a shit about liberal arts classes" thing is biting me in the ass, but dammit, I just don't give a shit!

11:18 AM

Monday, May 10, 2004

apparently, today i feel like reviving my once-dead persona of "sensative jerk"

sculptwerks: Its nice to have something to counter the stupid.... i forget her name..... hero girl from WV
sculptwerks: Now i can say "Lyndie England" to their "jessica Lynch"
ArtWhenWeMelt: haha, yes
ArtWhenWeMelt: they announced jesica lynch was doing commencement speeches the other day
ArtWhenWeMelt: and i was like "what the hell kind of person is this to lead you into your future?"
sculptwerks: oh brother....
ArtWhenWeMelt: "she was captured and held prisoner"
ArtWhenWeMelt: "she was a failure of war"
ArtWhenWeMelt: "when no one else got caught, she did!"
sculptwerks: Maybe she can commence a way out of her utter failure as a soilder.
ArtWhenWeMelt: "and it wasn't even the cool kind of getting caught where you do it to learn secret information inside the enemy base"
ArtWhenWeMelt: "it was the 'doy, what does this button do?' kind of getting caught"
sculptwerks: Why are you quoting all of this? Did they say all this on the news?
ArtWhenWeMelt: no, its just what i said
sculptwerks: Maybe she and Lyndie will have hot lesbian sex and magically create some sort of faliure tourture baby.
sculptwerks: Its just an abortion who's constantly in a lot of pain....... in the medical waste bin.
ArtWhenWeMelt: ow, doctor
ArtWhenWeMelt: you just said a mouthful
ArtWhenWeMelt: of dead babies
sculptwerks: "ow, doctor" is just what it said before it was tossed.
ArtWhenWeMelt: ZING!
ArtWhenWeMelt: the sound of both the tossing and the joke

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ah, blogger is all different but still cool. i'm going to need to look up some of the new features and see how to work them in here.

if and when i visit philly, i will be completely untourist-like, except for the fact that i won't know where i am most of the time. you'll have to show me all your favorite spots, none of the usual tour spots, girl.

today i had my interview at michael's. my dad insisted i wear a button-up shirt, despite my arguement that its an arts and crafts store. after a few wardrobe changes, we agreed on my shirt sleeve grey folk fest button up. i got there a half hour early so i wandered around radio shack and made it back to michael's with ten minutes to spare. i waited for 45 minutes before i was brought back into the classroom, where i filled answered a ninety-question survey. scale of one to ten, how strongly you agree or disagree with a statement. they were mostly stuff like "guy smokes marijuana, then gets fired." and i'm like ""
yeah, it was weird but quick.
during the interview, she said i was most likely aiming for a teaching position, specifically in calligraphy and using the xyron stickermaker. its good pay assuming i can get people to take the classes, but i can't get a more regular position since i can't work regular weekends (i refuse to miss the art fest for anything)
later on, my mother and i went into the city to have our hair analyzed (selling? who cares right now..?) at Bumble and bumble. the place is tres chic. i'm going to be modelling and getting a razor chunk cut on thursday the 27th. my mother couldn't work out her schedule and they'll get back to her.

i pretty much forgot about the russell butts story before a half-hour ago:

xantixgravityx: russell is terribly upset at you and maria
xantixgravityx: he searched for himself on yahoo and found what you two said about him in your blog
xantixgravityx: and he's very angry
ArtWhenWeMelt: well you can tell him that i'm sure neither of us give much of a shit
ArtWhenWeMelt: its religious politicians like him that drove me away from my spectacularly liberal church

and then:

RuStYb019: Hey whats up
ArtWhenWeMelt: yo
RuStYb019: This is Russell
ArtWhenWeMelt: i figured from "RuStY"
RuStYb019: I just have a quick question for you...
RuStYb019: that I was hoping you could answer
ArtWhenWeMelt: yahuh?
RuStYb019: Ok...we are NOT friends and never have been but for some reason you felt the need to write an entire entry about me in your blogspot which I found...I am not mad about it...@ first I was pissed but but actually I am quite flattered that you took the time out to talk about me...all I want to know is WHY you felt the need to write it
ArtWhenWeMelt: because maria sent me the link
ArtWhenWeMelt: and then we discussed it
ArtWhenWeMelt: and i thought the discussion was interesting
RuStYb019: ok...thats great and im glad you had an interesting conversation about makes me happy actually that people are that interested in my life...and for a little clarification..."Breathe" is not a country song in cause u were wondering
RuStYb019: if you two are seriously that interested in my life I can also send you my xanga journal...just in cause u want a little more information
ArtWhenWeMelt: i don't know about maria, but i'm not interested in the life, i was intrigued by the cause you were working toward
RuStYb019: as for this cause ive been working towards...if you knew anything about me...which you would of always know i have been a christian...maybe I havent always lived accordingly but God has and always will be a part of my life and now with the book i am writing which is going to be Published I get to share it with thousands of people
ArtWhenWeMelt: at the risk of sounding nonchalant, huzzah
RuStYb019: at the risk of sounding nochalant...what r u talking about>
ArtWhenWeMelt: your cause and your book and your tribulations and your dedication
RuStYb019: what about it?
ArtWhenWeMelt: good for you, that's all
ArtWhenWeMelt: kudos
RuStYb019: yes it is good for me...and i would appreciate it if you could please keep my name out of your blogspots b.c if you have no interest in me than there should be no reason to write about me
ArtWhenWeMelt: that's a shame, because i'm putting it in right now
ArtWhenWeMelt: sorry for the free publicity
ArtWhenWeMelt: if you give me the link again i'll include that too
RuStYb019: which link would you like since your so eager to get my name out there?
RuStYb019: they do say any publicity is good publicity so whether it is good or doesnt bother me
ArtWhenWeMelt: whatever you're working on right now
ArtWhenWeMelt: alright then
RuStYb019: good bye
ArtWhenWeMelt: peace

wow...what an ass. i'm going to again ignore the grammar and focus on the message and his conversational skills.

what an ass.
that's all. i don't want to ramble about it more than that, lest i offend the christian masses, or the russell butts support club...which i'm pretty sure share members.

so if you're a christian teenager in need of a bit more faith, click the link and see if your fragile little mind can handle the rocking. if you're not a christian teenager in need of a bit more faith, click the link and see if it doesn't offend you, regardless of your own faith. if you just don't care, i completely understand.

the magentic fields album "i" is fun and quite lovely. i especially enjoy "i don't believe you" and "i thought you were my boyfriend"
so far, butterfly boucher's "flutterby" is surprisingly well written and catchy. i think i will enjoy it.
les savy fav's "rome (written upside down)" is completely sensational, and "inches" is still one of the best albums i've heard all year, though more often than not i much prefer the odd tracks to the even.

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i spent all day watching specials on philadelphia on the travel channel, which is odd considering i live about two miles from center city. i even saw a ben franklin reenactor that i think i recognized. it's been raining all day with growling thunder and things feel alright. well, if ever you come to philly, you damn well listen to the travel channel and get your cheesesteak at Geno's or Pat's or even Jim's Steaks if you can stand the lines. jims sold out and got pretty overrated i think. it's hard to enjoy olde city still what with the tourists everywhere. you guys should come down.. but i guess that means you'd morph into annoying tourists, too, huh? as long as you don't ask for a horsedrawn carriage ride through the historical district or society hill, we'll all be okay. oh, if you want cheesecake, now then, go to the redding terminal market. i don't think you all would be bad tourists. you all seem fair enough.
i'm pretty tired.
this feels like a scene j.d salinger would have loved.

2:37 AM

Saturday, May 08, 2004

apparently, Les Savy Fav are playing some venue in Brooklyn called Volume on june 25th.

additionally, TMBG are playing prospect park on july 30th (i think i posted that here already) as well as Downtown in farmingdale on july 31st.

i'm finding i have trouble staying awake lately. its weird. i wake up uncomfortably in the morning, and in the afternoon i just get wobbly.

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Friday, May 07, 2004

Auto response from MadeofStarSs:
Not all who wander are aimless.
ArtWhenWeMelt: true
ArtWhenWeMelt: i would, however, assume that many who have aim do wander
ArtWhenWeMelt: hence the abundance of away messages

i JUST (right now as i was typing) got a phone call from the Michaels Arts & Crafts. i have an interview scheduled for this monday at 10:30am.


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Thursday, May 06, 2004

away messages and i don't get along:

Auto response from meltingpretty:
now what are we so afraid of with gay marriage? that gays will invade society? the military? schools? the boyscouts? oh, wait. the boyscouts. c'mon, that's already the gayest organization out there. a gay man would rather dress like a pirate than in that uniform. they wear NECKERCHIEFS.
ArtWhenWeMelt: i thought my neckerchiefs were pretty cool
ArtWhenWeMelt: and the slide dealy for it too
ArtWhenWeMelt: my friends were scared of it, though
Auto response from meltingpretty:
now what are we so afraid of with gay marriage? that gays will invade society? the military? schools? the boyscouts? oh, wait. the boyscouts. c'mon, that's already the gayest organization out there. a gay man would rather dress like a pirate than in that uniform. they wear NECKERCHIEFS.
ArtWhenWeMelt: they all got bolos instead
ArtWhenWeMelt: bolos
ArtWhenWeMelt: now there's something gay
ArtWhenWeMelt: bolos
ArtWhenWeMelt: i mean, come on
ArtWhenWeMelt: that's like the marlboro man
Auto response from meltingpretty:
now what are we so afraid of with gay marriage? that gays will invade society? the military? schools? the boyscouts? oh, wait. the boyscouts. c'mon, that's already the gayest organization out there. a gay man would rather dress like a pirate than in that uniform. they wear NECKERCHIEFS.
ArtWhenWeMelt: have you ever seen a marlboro woman?
ArtWhenWeMelt: nah
ArtWhenWeMelt: just a man and his horse
ArtWhenWeMelt: and his bolo
ArtWhenWeMelt: and his cigarettes
ArtWhenWeMelt: maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad gay
ArtWhenWeMelt: didn't ash from pokémon wear a neckerchief at one point?
Auto response from meltingpretty:
now what are we so afraid of with gay marriage? that gays will invade society? the military? schools? the boyscouts? oh, wait. the boyscouts. c'mon, that's already the gayest organization out there. a gay man would rather dress like a pirate than in that uniform. they wear NECKERCHIEFS.
ArtWhenWeMelt: you know that cat was into the ladies
ArtWhenWeMelt: c'mon, always twisting his hat around backwards, chucking his balls at stuff and giving orders
ArtWhenWeMelt: and the fingerless gloves
ArtWhenWeMelt: OH! the fingerless gloves
ArtWhenWeMelt: ain't nothin' gay about that
ArtWhenWeMelt: and what was up with pikachu anyway?
ArtWhenWeMelt: tail all zig-zagging around
ArtWhenWeMelt: now there's a fictional character who doesn't know what he's doing in life
ArtWhenWeMelt: and all he can say is his name
ArtWhenWeMelt: how sad is that?
ArtWhenWeMelt: like in "the world according to garp"
Auto response from meltingpretty:
now what are we so afraid of with gay marriage? that gays will invade society? the military? schools? the boyscouts? oh, wait. the boyscouts. c'mon, that's already the gayest organization out there. a gay man would rather dress like a pirate than in that uniform. they wear NECKERCHIEFS.
ArtWhenWeMelt: everytime i see pokémon on tv, i think about that poor retarded war veteran and a little piece of me dies inside
ArtWhenWeMelt: that was a pretty twisted book right there
ArtWhenWeMelt: the whole thing was about rape
ArtWhenWeMelt: pretty much everything that every happened in that man's life was a result of sexual deviance
ArtWhenWeMelt: when i said that to my 10th grade english teacher, she was all "ohh, you've got a dirty mind, you read that book all wrong"
ArtWhenWeMelt: but no, that whole book, every bad thing that happens (and there's a lot) is the result of sexual deviance
ArtWhenWeMelt: everytime i see them talking on the news about gay rights and i hear people talking about how they don't belong in certain places, the only reason is their sexual behavior
ArtWhenWeMelt: and that always makes me think of the world according to garp
ArtWhenWeMelt: and that makes me think of poor little pikachu
ArtWhenWeMelt: and then i cry
ArtWhenWeMelt: the news makes me cry

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brian and max should both be home now.
heather left for hawaii this morning.
yesterday i trekked out to SoHo to check out the new MoCCA location. very nice, very spacious. they've even got a new MoCCA/Hellboy shirt drawn by Mike Mignola, so i need to get one of those next time i'm there. Jim Salicrup (Todd McFarlane's editor at Marvel) took a whole bunch of framed drawings out to UPS to have them shipped out.
on my way to the train, i stopped at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square. i forgot that if you go to a Virgin Megastore in Manhattan, they'll actually have everything you're looking for. i ended up putting back most of the cds i picked up. i did, however, leave the store with Les Savy Fav's "Rome (written upside down) EP", Les Savy Fav's "Inches (w/ Bonus DVD)", The Magnetic Fields' "i", and Butterfly Boucher's "Flutterby"
heather and i watched the inches dvd last night. their music videos are pretty freaking hilarious, and "We'll Make A Lover Of You" is just about the best music video i've seen in years. we were laughing our asses off at that.

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

cool, Jupiter is quite literally changing its spots.

today i had bagels and we played cranium and other random things occurred.

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