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the speed of boredom

Sunday, August 31, 2003

I'm also fond of you;re Sandman, but the goes without saying.

2:07 AM

D-Rock. What did you use to make the DeadMan/DareDevil drawing? It love it, and I want to try my hand at that!

1:44 AM

on the a pleasurable headache message board someone noted that britney spears' 'baby one more time' has gone platinum five more times than nirvana's 'nevermind' so we can't refer to her as a failure anymore.
i replied thusly:
'she's a failure as a human being.
she's successful as a ronald mcdonald, selling scientifically engineered meat to children worldwide with makeup, clown suits and catchy jingles.'

12:55 AM
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Friday, August 29, 2003

the computer labs are closed so i can't do homework...

10:54 PM
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Thursday, August 28, 2003

i really SHOULD finish my homework

12:25 AM
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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

so i'm shelving books like always and i see a guy i recognize from last year walking along. when you work at the library all the time like i do, you tend to recognize everyone in the school, and you tend to know the people who are most often there. i've never had class with this guy, probably never will, but i see him all the time here and he sees me.
as he approaches, i say "hey."
"hey guy. how you doin'?"
"hmmm. you?"

after he passes by, i stop and wonder, did this 'conversation' actually occur? did the two of us, legally and socially considered "grown men" just independently proclaim and mutually agree that we were in "hmmm" condition?

i thought about stopping him when he passed back in the other direction to start the conversation over again, but it turned out i really didn't care enough to. only enough to ponder and wonder.

10:21 PM
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that makes me sad. sword in the stone is one of my favorite disney movies, its absolutely beautiful with no CG.

and i loved the reading rainbow reference, but you don't have to take my word for it.

8:39 AM
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"The only difference between Disney and the Titanic is that the Titanic had an orchestra!” -a long time animator of Disney

Suspended Animation
Pencils down. Disney terminates traditional animation
Thursday, August 14, 2003

That's right. Disney has fired all but 60 of its 1,500 animators. They seem to think that "Finding Nemo's" success was entirely due to it being 3D. See Disney Crash. See Disney Burn.

2:17 AM

Hey, it'll be worth it. You're going to need a basic understanding of photography and photographic equipment if you plan on putting together slide portfolios of your work down the line. But you don't have to take my word for it. Isn't that right, LeVar Burton?


See? Even TV's LeVar Burton agrees.

2:12 AM

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

oooh, anime...excel saga is funny stuff.

so it turns out that black and white photo is not reccomended for GICs but REQUIRED, so i can't drop it.
so this weekend i'll be blowing huge wads of cash on camera equiptment.


the only thing that cheers me up at all this morning is listening to "solitary song" be kupek.

10:42 AM
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Monday, August 25, 2003

Oh, btw, you guys know about the big ass Anime convention this weekend, right?


[link] [/link]

-edit- I have no idea how to link the link. Copy paste, my chillins, copy paste.

10:51 PM

no, i honestly believed you, but i highly enjoyed the illo that went with it.

10:51 PM
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What, you think that was a joke!? That's how I have to draw! Arg! But soon...soon my prescious...I will have my box of boom...the one boom.

10:47 PM

i've been listening to too much james kochalka:

life would be so much better if i were dead
life would be so much better
my life would be so much better if i were dead
life would be so much better
i wanna die high, totally out of it
die high, can't talk me out of it
choking of vomit and lipstick and wine
so fucking high

8:42 PM
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sounds more french

[jaques] vor mee, eet vas lyke retourning to mee muver's wooooom [/jaques]

7:59 PM
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ah well. black and white photography suits italian eurotrash better. at least then they can wave a cigarette around and whine relentlessly about how "joo do not understand ze droo meaning behind my vork."
or maybe that's not very italian. either way.

7:24 PM

i'm dropping black and white photography. i need to buy like two hundred dollars worth (guessing, though its probably more) of equiptment by next week, and its all too damn technical. i'm out.

still no com-poo-yah.

3:01 PM
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Sunday, August 24, 2003


morgan, dude, you rock my world.

10:47 PM
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I can't wait until I have my boom box again...

9:55 PM

back at school! yay!
fest was cres. good times chillin' out with dan, stef, becca, and avi, and met cool new peeps like laurie, sherri, and andrew. i also talked with kalayla a couple times (she was the chick i hung out with at fest three years ago, along with irina) and had some laughs with jon and trapper.
loudon was great. i bought his new cd and listened to it three times while waiting for my plane and bus.
my room is pretty cres. everyone needs to come down to sarasota just so they can chill in our apartment at some point. only problem is i forgot my happy new tapestry at the campsite yesterday and i forgot my fun travel sketchpad at home by the computer. my parents will send me both of those sometime.
textbooks are absurdly expensive. the two for my type class are $125 together, and there are no used copies. on the plus side, channel zero is now required reading for steiling's popular culture class, so more people at school will know the brilliance of brian wood.
the only thing i shipped and have yet to receive is my actual computer. i've got the monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse, cords, and everything else all set up in place.

but yeah, i need to do stuff. once i access a scanner i'll show off the happy sketches i did of laurie the other day.
my love to everyone. holla back, dawgs.

1130 Greensboro Ln 259
Sarasota, FL 34234

peanut butter.

5:48 PM
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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

D-rock. I've been thinking of moving to Calif myself (for real) in the nearish (couple o years) future. I was thinking either San Fran or San Diego.

Anywho, good luck in school! And that goes for all of you!

12:28 AM

Monday, August 18, 2003

morgan: i should move to california.

8:12 AM
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woo-hoo. last night my rsad webpage got its 1000th hit (since i started keeping track of them in february)
anyways, its after eight am now so we're gonna pick up dan and hit to road soon.
i had a wonderful summer with most of you. not that i had a lousy one with the others, i just didn't get to see the others. and we need to hang out more.
oh, and heather, the whole time packing last night i was worried i'd look in my bag in the morning and be like "where are my pants? there's nothing but cheeze doodles!!!"

ok, so i'm out of contact until saturday when i'll be getting to school, and even then i won't have internet in my room for at least a week, so i won't be back here for a little while.
don't let my blog die. keep talking about your lives and odd thoughts. i swear i'll read them first chance i get.

hugs for all.

see ya later.

8:10 AM
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I think you should all know that I have decided to run for Governor in the State of California. I'll be a write in candidate. If elected I promise to take what little money the state has left and buy everyone a small American Flag and one (1) mashmellow. For dipping use only.

1:18 AM

Sunday, August 17, 2003

everyone should come to the philly folk fest. its tons o' fun. i've been volunteering every summer since i was born, except last year when i had orientation for college.
dan's coming for the second time this year. he had a blast last time and he'd never listened to folk music or been camping, but he was better at it all than john hoyt when we brought him.
heather wants to come too. as does jesse batus. all the cool kids do. you should too.

6:26 PM
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Oh, and when you go to the Philly Folk Fest, be on the lookout for a tall lanky chick in glasses and sharpie-colored pants. My old pal Diana Oebler has been going every year since she was a wee sprog. You can;'t miss her: she'll be the one dancing dispite complaining about her knees. And possibly while stoned.

6:09 PM

I should probably post my blackout-toon. What with blackouts being the thing that all the kids are into. That and rock music.

6:07 PM

i WILL get to see the friday night concert at the philly folk fest this year:
* Baka Beyond
* Sons of the San Joaquin
* Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys
* Tempest
* Loudon Wainwright III
* Plena Libre
* Dennis Hangey
* Gene Shay
* Roger Deitz

woo-hoo! tempest and loudon wainwright! BOOYAH!!! too bad i won't be around for odetta and ani, but tempest and loudon were the two acts i wanted to see most.
you may remeber loudon wainwright III from his role as the father on the cancelled fox sitcom "Undeclared" or you may know him as the father of popular gay pianist rufus wainwright, but i know him as the hilarious and brilliant folk singer. he last played PFF in 1999 where i adored his songs "I'm Alright" and "Y2K". i was elated when the folksong society put his '99 performance of "I'm Alright" on the PFF's 40th anniversary compilation.

i've been checking out the craft websites on the folk fest webpage and am very bothered that all of the clothes (with the exception of the amerikilt) are designd for women. i want my screen printed yoga pants, dammit!

11:29 AM
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Saturday, August 16, 2003

tom made his hair into green dots:

5:12 PM
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Friday, August 15, 2003

i am so bored with packing:

2:22 PM
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i still can't access the ringling ftp, so i'll just leave it until i get to school. i've been uploading to rennlist for the past week or so.

2:00 PM
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my blackout sketch:

11:56 AM
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i know people that i consider to be "rich." you know, the traditional definition of "rich" not like the first episode of Wings "rich" (there's a pop culture reference for ya, ha!)

and its not that i hate these people or even envy these people. but sometimes these people just bother me.

11:15 AM
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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Hmm, everything is back to normal, including the contents of my email box. It is WEIRD.

3:06 PM

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

teaNcakies: you still active in model congress?
ArtWhenWeMelt: i would be if they had it at my school
teaNcakies: ah
teaNcakies: ok
ArtWhenWeMelt: i make up for it by picking fights everywhere i can
teaNcakies: hahaha

9:53 PM
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tom DONATO came, not tom blanchard.

and tom, when i went to check my email this morning i noticed that the warning about unavailable home spaces was gone, so i tried accessing mine but still couldn't.

i know mine is still active because the top image is saved on my rsad server and my webpage still works (although i will check my email to make sure its still there)

9:12 PM
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the peter kuper book release party was fun. heather, mia, and tom came and left before anybody really showed up. i saw morgan for a minute, but i don't think he saw me, as i spent two hours at the table with peter managing the money while he signed books and sketched them.
dan came and stayed. he seemed to have a good time.
i finally got to meet seth tobocman and finally got a sketch from him.
we partied at jesse's with a ton of people and crashed at dave's. today i unplugged my computer and made a list of everything i think i'll want or need this semester so i can pack it all up.
it was an uber-cres summer.

since i finally scanned 'em, here are the sketch i got from seth last night and the one i got from michael gaydos in june:

9:08 PM
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Yeah Derrick, I can't acess the FTP either, and it seems that as of monday they also emptied my inbox and my address book (bastards now when i need certain emailaddress I DON'T HAVE THEM!) as well as my hoime space, I figured it was just like deactivated again, but i checked the acct manage page and it was like "you have no space allocated" wtf is going on?


3:31 PM

Monday, August 11, 2003

11:21 PM
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you've got to talk to the wookie
talk to the wookie
talk to the wookie
talk to her
you've got to talk to the wookie
talk to the wookie
talk to the wookie
talk to her
- james kochalka

2:32 PM
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fuckidy-fuck...i still can't access the ftp...bastards.

7:54 AM
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Sunday, August 10, 2003

YAY! server's back up (as you can see by the lack of red X above) so i plan to finally get that update up tonight

7:12 PM
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its BLASTOMAN: party at dan arrigo's house
disco afternoons: tonight?
its BLASTOMAN: good time had by all
its BLASTOMAN: reads the headline of tommorrow's paper
disco afternoons: ha
its BLASTOMAN: you know you want to be a part of headline news
disco afternoons: Next time youhave one
its BLASTOMAN: i can personally guarantee no scalping
disco afternoons: call me
its BLASTOMAN: que pasa?
disco afternoons: Because I'd need to leave somewhat early
its BLASTOMAN: so?
disco afternoons: I live an hour away
its BLASTOMAN: there may not be a next time
disco afternoons: lol
its BLASTOMAN: this is dire
its BLASTOMAN: dire straits, even
its BLASTOMAN: so get your money for nothing and your chicks for free at dan arrigo's house tonight
disco afternoons: whatsyour address again
its BLASTOMAN: 79 illinois
disco afternoons: k
its BLASTOMAN: are you bringing anybodY?
disco afternoons: POssibly
disco afternoons: I'll make a phone call or two
disco afternoons: lots of my friends left already
disco afternoons: for college
its BLASTOMAN: oooh, i like the look of that capital O
its BLASTOMAN: ewww
its BLASTOMAN: college is for wussies
its BLASTOMAN: and wookies
its BLASTOMAN: how's your boy toy?
disco afternoons: he's on vacation
disco afternoons: lol
its BLASTOMAN: vacation from life or vacation from boy toy hood?
disco afternoons: the first one
its BLASTOMAN: so he's dead?
its BLASTOMAN: or just in a coma
disco afternoons: does pennsylvania count as a coma
its BLASTOMAN: have you ever been there?
its BLASTOMAN: hell yeah its a fucking coma
its BLASTOMAN: a green coniferous coma
disco afternoons: I can't leave here until 8
disco afternoons: So if I go
disco afternoons: i'll see you at 9
disco afternoons: is derrick there?
its BLASTOMAN: derrick's typing
its BLASTOMAN: there has been a request from the peanut gallery that some vagina join it
its BLASTOMAN: so bring friends for the nuts
its BLASTOMAN: of pee

6:46 PM
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its BLASTOMAN: i just drew tina
its BLASTOMAN: and she looks HOT
its BLASTOMAN: i should draw you
its BLASTOMAN: cuz when i draw people, they look mad hella hot
Quivering JELLO: one day
its BLASTOMAN: then you get nothing
Quivering JELLO: oh well
Quivering JELLO: i'm a woman of few possessions
its BLASTOMAN: like when i draw dan, people think he's a model upright hottie
its BLASTOMAN: and when they meet him they're like "oh...well, he's still cute, i guess"
Quivering JELLO: sad but true
its BLASTOMAN: but when they just see him without drawing they think he's mad hella hot
its BLASTOMAN: my drawings make people look hotter than humanly possible
its BLASTOMAN: if i draw a picture for your door, everone on campus will want to take you out for fancy italian dinner
Quivering JELLO: i don't need to look hotter, i already am
its BLASTOMAN: oh, I know that, but the world doesn't
its BLASTOMAN: and that's what art is for
its BLASTOMAN: informing the world of how much better we are than they

3:42 PM
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Saturday, August 09, 2003

sculptwerks: Oh, by the way, max and I have decided that you have to get a car and I have to get one. The reason is so that we can form a giant robot and fight the evil robeasts that plague sarasota.
ArtWhenWeMelt: that's the first GOOD reason i've heard to get a driver's liscense
ArtWhenWeMelt: EVER
sculptwerks: I'm the chest (1967 minibus), Max got dibs on the head (ford focus), tom can be a stupid leg or something... So you need to choose a car to be.
ArtWhenWeMelt: tom's tiny ass car can't be a leg
sculptwerks: No.
ArtWhenWeMelt: he can be a hump on the back
sculptwerks: hmm.
sculptwerks: true.
ArtWhenWeMelt: i'll get a school bus that'll snap in half for both legs
sculptwerks: YES
sculptwerks: Good call!
sculptwerks: tom can be the right fist.
ArtWhenWeMelt: that's the busiest fist of all...for tom at least
sculptwerks: lol
sculptwerks: Maybe he can be a projectile.
sculptwerks: We'll throw him at stuff right before we give up and just form the damn blazing sword already.
ArtWhenWeMelt: hahahahahaha
ArtWhenWeMelt: blazing sword...we need to steal vinny's bike for that...
sculptwerks: like captain planet.... they tried... failed... then just gave up and resorted to captain planet.
ArtWhenWeMelt: i don't know why they even tried to begin with
sculptwerks: especially that shitty little 'heart' kid. What the hell was his point.
sculptwerks: 'heart' (nothing happens and so he runs off crying)
sculptwerks: Sorry.... Im all upset now.
ArtWhenWeMelt: ooooh, he could talk to monkeys
ArtWhenWeMelt: actually...i would like to talk to monkeys
ArtWhenWeMelt: you know they got all the funny stories
ArtWhenWeMelt: what with the feces and shit
ArtWhenWeMelt: or is that redundant?
sculptwerks: oooooh yeahhh!
sculptwerks: NO!!!!!!
sculptwerks: Feces, shit, and masturbating out of fear is what could fuel a million conversations with me!
ArtWhenWeMelt: i'll make a note
sculptwerks: (insert AIM wink emoticon here)
sculptwerks: (insert AIM tongue emoticon here) my lip is bleeding.
sculptwerks: (insert AIM sealed lips emoticon here) now my mouth is dead.
ArtWhenWeMelt: awww
ArtWhenWeMelt: that's unfortunate for your potential girlfriends
ArtWhenWeMelt: cuz you know that minibus is a total chick magnet
sculptwerks: yeah... all negative two of them
sculptwerks: YES SIR!
sculptwerks: I won't need a mouth with my minibus.

9:11 PM
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journal entry - august eighth:

I exited Jim Hanley's Universe, where I tend to wrap up each of my days this month, and start the walk back towards Penn Station, glaring down at my watch to make sure I'm not losing track of everything - I have about a half-hour till my train. As I look back up into the world ahead of me I notice two young men, no older than me, probably a year or four younger, walking lackadaisically in my direction. They nod toward each person who passes them by, and the taller one proclaims, "I had sex," as everyone continues walking.
A middle-aged Hispanic man passes by. "I had sex."
Two teeny-bopping girls pass by. "I had sex."
An old woman and a 40-year old man, probably her son, pass by. "I had sex."
The taller one turns toward his friend and mutters, "just once, I'd like to hear someone say 'way to go!'"
As I approach, I see them take a brief break from their muffled conversation to return to the walking activity. My keen hearing has given me the advantage to have heard them halfway down the block, unlike the other unprepared pedestrians.
"I had sex."
"Your mom must be very proud."
I keep walking. It's a good five seconds before I hear them behind me stop in their tracks and let out an uneasy squeak, wanting to shout and almost accusingly quizzative "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!??!?!?"
I reward myself with a chuckle and a smile, something I ration for special occasions while on the job.
Before I can ponder the ramifications of our interaction, a clean-cut man in a grey suit stops some five feet in front of me, shuffles with his pocket, slides out a small digital camera, and aims for the sky. Being one block from Empire State the man has outed himself as a tourist. I almost immediately notice small patches of angry looking locals point out the camera-wielder from across the street. A shame, he almost got away with it.
25 minutes to the train, 40 dollars worth of stolen merchandise stuffed in my bag, not one single street fight, and I'm already at Penn Station. This day went much smoother than expected.
Upon entering the large underground hub of the Long Island Rail Road I notice a man of eastern decent in the center of a circle or brightly Hawaiian-printed tourists. He has a large double sided drum affixed to his chest, two long drumsticks in each hand, pounding away at each end of the drum, and a large white ribbon flowing from the top of his head, swirling perfectly to the beat thanks to his perfectly choreographed swiveling of his neck. He speeds up the beat and the ribbon as he begins spinning himself in a circle. I hear a number of fanny-pack laden yuppies chuckle "only in New York," to their friends.
Weaving in and out of crowds of befuddled suburbanites, I make my way to the automated ticket machines...or rather, the line for the automated ticket machines. There are four easy-to-use touch screens lines up side by side, two people at each (the person buying the tickets and their traveling buddy helping them figure out the many complexities of a touch screen), and I'm behind three other people on line to use the machines. No sweat. Usually takes me about 32 seconds from approaching the machine to walking away with my ticket, and I'm fourth on line, so once these four people staring at the pretty colors are done occupying space, I'll get one of the machines for my own 32 seconds, right?
I'm on line for fifteen minutes. I turn to the guy's behind me. Big black duffle bags and khaki tank tops. Obviously not from around here, but I'll humor them anyway, right? "I've never seen anyone take this long, let alone four people...with their friends helping them."
"Heh, yeah...I know what you mean," he pretends, in an attempt to not offend the clearly rushed and unhappy resident before him.
Of course, that much was part of my plan. Mark myself as nothing like the morons with whom I find myself surrounded. By shrugging off the ease and frequency of my own use of the machines ahead of us I have, casually and in a method seeming not in the slightest self-indulgent but rather an attempt to alleviate tension of those around me, made them all aware that I am NOT one of them. Its like being on line for the tilt-a-whirl at the carnival and realizing you're the only one on the line without pink hot pants, a leather vest, and heavily-gelled hair and hitting on the first girl you see walking by. Its not something you particularly want to do or even feel the need to do, its just something you do casually to point out that you are not part of the crowd around you.
I finally procure the attention of a machine for the 32 seconds I need. My train leaves in ten minutes and the two trains after it are already boarding. I haven't eaten all day and I know there isn't any food at home. Do I rush down to my train and sit in the dank humid track area for ten minutes, or do I take my chances and grab a sandwich for the train.
I gotta get some chicken in me...

2:45 PM
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journal entry - august seventh:

Human beings are social creatures. Not to say anything about pigs, bats, geckos, robins or anything else, but I'm just talking' people here. We were designed to be social. Otherwise, we wouldn't need larynxes, would we? Why would you need to make a sound unless you were trying to convey a message to someone else? From there we developed language and then cuneiform and eventually text. We did all this so we could share ourselves with others. We sing songs, write poetry, tell jokes, paint pictures, all so someone else will know what we were thinking. Hell, the human body is even built to interface with other humans.
Which is why it sucks to be alone. We're not supposed to be alone, but oftentimes we are. It's programmed into our genetic code from eons ago that we're SUPPOSED to be social, but we all have our lonely spells.
And there are people who pretend that that's alright. That they like to be alone, that they can't be social. They revel in their own sense of isolation, but that's all a façade. Sure, it's alright to be alone, I am most of the time, but we can't break our programming. We need to be social. We need to go out into the world and find other people. We need to interact with them. Friend or foe, you need to interact before your life becomes another casualty of this popular sovereignty. We've lost too many great minds to lose the potential in you.

2:44 PM
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Friday, August 08, 2003

well, its official, the ringling server is down for two days. commie bastards.

when i get the energy, i'm just gonna register a bunch of rennlist accounts, upload all my crap there, buy a cheap domain name with only a couple megs of space, and fill it with pages using codes and images from the free rennlist ones. that way i'll have my own domain name, tons of free webspace, and none of the problems i have with ringling.

but until then, this is the easiest thing i've got.

me and derek e. just had our rousing final roundtable discussion with ken to wrap up our summers. ken's leaving for vacation at the end of the weekend, so its the last we'll see each other until i swing by to help out in december.

i swear i'm going to volunteer for mocca plenty in the future. i might not intern, as i've done that and their goal really is to train students for future jobs, which i need to get anyway, but i will definitely help out.
everyone seems to love the membership cards and book plates i designed, so its good to know that i not only have some skill as a graphic designer, but that i really accomplished something that will help the museum and that they'll use after i'm gone. i've also offered my services in the future. should they want my help on anything like this during the school year, they just need to email me the info and any files they want me to use, and i'll whip up whatever i can and send it back for critique.

it was very nice to finally get real working critique for once. not like at school where nobody cares. here i was actually designing things that people would really be using and they would tell me what they liked and didn't like and what they wanted and i would come back the next day with something new that used all their ideas and they'd give me their feedback on that and we'd just keep going until we had a finished product.

that's what working in the real world is, and i liked it alot.

i gotta go potty...

4:42 PM
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Thursday, August 07, 2003

i feel miserable. yucky.

the ringling ftp hasn't worked all week, so i've been backlogging updates.

oh man i feel terrible.

i finished new designs for the mocca membership cards, but the printer is out of ink. fuck.

10:51 PM
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Monday, August 04, 2003

"hidden in the attic"

ken gave us our personal post-summer reviews about how we did today. i rocked it hardcore. he admitted that neither he nor lawrence were sure i'd be up to it, considering i just came in off the street while the others all found out about internships from school message boards, but i thouroghly impressed both of them, especially when i went back to the madison square garden event by myself, pimped out MoCCA like mad, got a bunch of email addys and the signed book from bendis and the powers page from oeming. that was, as ken said, when i came into my own. also, he pointed out how i pitch the museum like mad, listening to everything lawrence says to people and then mixing that with my own pitch to customize it for whatever the audience is.
that made me feel really good.

this is my blog, so you'll allow me this self-indulgence, as it feels really fucking good to have such a good time at this job over the summer and have them fully appreciate me for everything. the fact that i can do such a great job by doing what comes naturally and having such a damn good time....woo boy is school gonna suck in comparison to this unpaid internship.

10:43 PM
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i feel ick right now, but that's cuz it's humid and rainy.

yesterday i watched two hours of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge on TNN (Spike TV)
that show is freaking hilarious. if there's anything i love in life, its watching japanese people break their bodies for no good reason.

then i went to dan's, as is a sunday tradition now.
together we got up to the final level in mega man x2 before i left at 11. we switched off in the robot ass-kicking. i need to get a gamepad for my computer when i get back to school. :D

speaking of which, i'll be there in three weeks. the kuper party is a week from tommorrow and i'll be at the philly folk fest two weeks from today. i leave for school from the campgrounds on saturday.

i've got a couple more sketches to upload later. they'll probably be the last update for about a month while i get packed up to go back to "learning"

8:11 AM
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Sunday, August 03, 2003

harveys were last night. hurrah. i think we all had a good time. i did learn, however, that its never a good idea to have more than twenty people in the office at once. by the time you've exceeded eighty, the place is pretty cramped.
lawrence surprised us by giving me and derek elmore certificates of appreciation in front of the entire crowd and prompting the artists there to sign them for us. mike mignola and bill plympton left before i had a chance to ask them, but its cool since i already talked with them at the art fest. the certificate looks really freaking cool with all the names and sketches everywhere (my favorites on there are probably nick bruel's sketch and farel dalrymple's, although my mom loved dave roman's, and i just plain like raina telgemeyer. she's fun.)

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