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the speed of boredom

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

October 15 - New York, NY at Mercury Lounge (The Dears on at 9:00 PM)

goddammit. i'm missing all my favorite bands while i'm at school. MSI, zebrahead, les savvy fav, death cab, and now the dears are all playing NY shows this semester.


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"Actually, and this is totally true, for the first six months after 9/11, I put three baseballs in my carry-on bag. I am blessed with an unusually accurate throwing arm, and wanted more than anything to thwart a hijacking by beaning a terrorist. How American is that!? I imagined the New York Post headline: "Franken Beans Hijackers: Terrorit Hit in Face with more balls than Elton John."

-Al Franken

5:17 PM

Homestar meets Sifl and Olly???

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Monday, September 29, 2003

1985's Real Genius starring Val Kilmer is on Comedy Central right now.

i love this movie. i've loved this movie for years. my mom made me watch it whenever it was on tv. we bonded over these crazy nerds.

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Hellooooooo new wallpapers!

2:25 PM

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Check this out!
a grade school teacher has his students draw pictures after listening to radiohead.

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Max's arch-nemesis, Khang. He doesn't know he's my arch-nemesis, and he's never even met me, but one day he will. Oh yes, he will.

6:01 PM

1:46 PM
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so i had this assignment for my photo class the last week and a half. to take pictures outside, in nature, which had extreme contrast between light and dark. in other words, light and shadow.

now, this was impossible since its been overcast nonstop for two weeks. finally tonight i realized how bright the street lights were against the dark floridian world here, so i just walked around campus at 2:30 am taking slow pictures of just the buildings, cars, trees and lights.

one of the security guys started talking to me and a couple guys on his walkie-talkie started worrying about some guy they'd just seen on campus taking snapshots, possbly staking the place out. i laughed and explained my project and the predicament with the overcast skies. he chuckled and let me go.

when i came back in, i heard tom in his room talking to someone about how i'm an asshole because i won't accept his apology.

for the record, tom has yet to apologize to me. al said that he's probably sorry, but that's the extent of it all. tom and i have not exchanged words since he left for work at noon.

my life is funny.

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Saturday, September 27, 2003

9:58 PM
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Wheee! I'm in Derrick's blog now! I hope it's devoted to how great Tom is!

7:22 PM

brian: So I went to the form and space lab to work on my spire, and tom was standing out in the parking lot...
derrick: hmmmm
brian: I asked "shouldn't you be working?"
brian: And he said, "I am working. Im waiting for the pizza guy to get here'
derrick: oh my god
brian: Then I cried a lot.
brian: I wept on the ground.
derrick: why do we bother letting him in the kitchen
derrick: can't we stop him from doing that
brian: He bought a two liter bottle of soda at work and drank all of it.
brian: today.
derrick: oh god damn
brian: And he insists that the door didn't even touch the wall.
brian: It hit the stopper he said.
derrick: WHAT THE FUCK!!!
derrick: oh, the stopper that's been on the ground all week?
brian: He said that your mirror was only worth two bucks
derrick: FUCK HIM!!!
brian: the other one.
brian: yeah.
derrick: two bucks? two FUCKING BUCKS???
derrick: he dies
brian: He's driving me to home depot tonight
brian: So kill him after I get back.
derrick: he better not fucking talk to me ever
brian: k.
derrick: he's getting booted from my buddy list
derrick: i'm blocking all his IMs
brian: Cool!
brian: Kick ass!
brian: But he said that its not his fault that your mirror broke.
derrick: he's a dead man
brian: he dosn't know why it broke.
derrick: he better put all those paintings in his room and lock the door
brian: But derrick. He's just an innocent man, on the run from the law.
derrick: i can tell you why it fucking broke, but it would require me to draw a chart and explain simple physics
brian: don't forget the puppets
brian: you'd need pupets.
derrick: oh my god, how there will be puppets
brian: so many puppets.
derrick: tom's puppet will be a fire-breathing dragon with a lazy eye and my puppet will look just like the dog, who gets hit in the head by the brick wall that falls on him when the dragon body slams the castle
brian: Make him buy you a new mirror.
derrick: no fucking way
derrick: i'm never talking to him
derrick: this is outlandish

7:01 PM
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yeah, brian, here's what i was talking about. comes out in a few weeks. we should go make fun of it for not being as good as the original.

Paramount Classics' The Singing Detective

Yahoo! Movies site

come on...robert downey jr??? mel gibson??? katie holmes...well...she's cute, but its still not right for the part.

4:01 PM
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tom just slammed the front door open on his way to work, bashing it into the wall i share a room with, knocking my mirror (the one i've had for years in my room at home and tok extra care packing to bring down here safely) off the wall, shattering it into shards of plastic and glass on my floor.

when i came out to ask him what the f*** just happened he had no idea. i told him he'd slammed the door and broken my mirror and he replies 'no i didn't'

i'm really pissed. i liked that mirror a lot. i've had it for almost ten years. i look at it now, shattered on the floor, and i want to cry, but instead i play french music really f***ing loud and draw super mario maps on blueprints that brian had laying around.

goddammit i want to break something...hopefully something of his.

i won't though. i'll just bottle this up and in about ten years i'll kill everyone at the office i work at when all of them start to look and act like tom.

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Friday, September 26, 2003

One more reason I wish I were French...I mean "Freedom."

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"Pay me and I’ll talk" – old woman

"Take any one you want" – old woman

"Boy, this is really expensive." – shopkeep

"Secret is in the tree at the Dead-end." –old woman

"Master using it and you can have this." – old man

"It’s a secret to everybody." – ogre

"Show this to the old woman." – old man

"Lets play money making game." – old man

"Buy somethin’ will ya!" –shopkeep

"By medicine before you go." – old woman

"Did you get the sword from the old man on top of the waterfall?" –old woman

"Meet the old man at the grave." –old woman

"Walk into the waterfall." – old man

12:50 PM

anyway, i can try anything it's the same circle that leads to nowhere and i'm tired now.
anyway, i've lost my face, my dignity, my look, all of these things are gone and i'm tired now.
but don't be scared, i found a good job and i go to work every day on my old bicycle you loved.
i'm piling up some unread books under my bed and i really think i'll never read again.
no concentration, just a white disorder everywhere around me, you know i'm so tired now.
but don't worry i often go to dinners and parties with some old friends who care for me, take me back home and stay.
monochrome floors, monochrome walls, only absense near me, nothing but silence around me.
monochrome flat, monochrome life, only absense near me, nothing but silence around me.
sometimes i search an event or something to remember, but i've really got nothing in mind.
sometimes i open the windows and listen people walking in the down streets. there is a life out there.
but don't be scared, i found a good job and i go to work every day on my old bicycle you loved.
anyway, i can try anything it's the same circle that leads to nowhere and i'm tired now.
anyway, i've lost my face, my dignity, my look, all of these things are gone and i'm tired now.
but don't be scared, i found a good job and i go to work every day on my old bicycle you loved.
monochrome floors, monochrome walls, only absense near me, nothing but silence around me.
monochrome flat, monochrome life, only absense near me, nothing but silence around me.

- Yann Tiersen; Monochrome

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remember the good old days:

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Five-Minute "Legend of Zelda": "Ganon: Oo! The Triforce of Power! I'll take that, if you don't mind.
Zelda: Actually, I do. And I think I'll hide the Triforce of Wisdom before you grab hold of it.
Ganon: So, um, where's the Triforce of Courage?
Zelda: The what?
Ganon: You're not fooling me; it's not called a Triforce for nothing.
Zelda: Seriously, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Old Man: It is dangerous to go alone! Take this.
Link: A wooden sword? What am I supposed to do with this, splinter my enemies to death?
Old Man: Fine, I'll give you a choice: you can either have a wooden sword or take Chakotay along with you.
Link: The sword it is.

Link: This level is easy! I guess that's why it's level one.
Goriyas: GAK! Here, take one of our wooden boomerangs.
Link: What is everyone's fascination with wood?
Aquamentus: Ah, now you're getting to the heart of the matter.
Link: Don't make me hurt you.
Aquamentus: Actually you're supposed to. I'm the boss.
Link: Good point.

Link: Woohoo! Level two! Hey, that rhymed!
Goriyas: I can't believe I'm losing to you. Just take your magical boomerang and leave.
Link: Thanks, I will.
Dodongo: Roar!
Link: I'm fighting a Triceratops? What are you, some Jurassic Park IV reject?
Dodongo: There's no way I'd be in a movie that certain of bombing.
Link: Speaking of bombs, would you mind swallowing a few?
Dodongo: Not at all. (BOOM)

Manhandla: GAK!
Link: Hey, I've got three pieces of the Triforce. That should be all of them, right?
Link: I'll take the silence as a confirmation.
Silence: Sigh. In that case, no, keep going.

Old Man: Master using it and you can have this.
Link: White sword? What sort of 'white' is this sword made of?
Old Man: Concrete.
Link: Great. Now I can scrape my enemies to death.

Vendor: Boy, this is really expensive!
Link: I haven't bought anything yet!
Vendor: You're right, you're right. What do you want?
Link: How about the Blue Ring?
Vendor: That costs 250 coins.
Link: Boy, this is really expensive!

Gleeok: Mwahahaha! You must beat me to get a piece of the Triforce!
Link: You've got two heads. Shouldn't you be named Hydra?
Gleeok: My heads don't grow back.
Link: Sucks to be you then.

Digdogger: Ha ha! You can't hurt me!
Link's Flute: Toot toot toot!
Digdogger: AAAA! The Mario 3 Warp Whistle Sound! The pain, the pain!
Link: Um, this game was made before Mario 3....
Digdogger: I don't care! It hurts! It hurts! Make it stop hurting!
Link: No problem. (Chop!)

Old Man: Master using it and you can have this.
Link: The Master sword -- now that's what I'm talking about. What's it made of?
Old Man: Leola root.
Link: Heh. They don't stand a chance.

Gohma: Yeah, I'd like to see you kill me. I'm pratically invulnerable.
Link: Maybe if I sneak up behind you....
Gohma: Won't work, I've got an eye in the back of my head.
Link: (readying bow) Really? Where?
Gohma: Right here. Ow! GAK!
Link: Heheh. Sucker.

Aquamentus: All right. Rematch time. Let's see you beat me now!
Link: Are you serious? You weren't a threat in Level One, and you certainly aren't now.
Aquamentus: Crap.

Gleeok: I want a rematch too. And this time I have four heads!
Link: Well, I suppose four heads are better than two. But not enough.
Gleeok: GAK!
Link: Now I have all the pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom. Go me!

Link: Alright, Ganon. It is down to you, and it is down to me.
Ganon: Yeah, let's see you try to hurt me -- OW!
Link: You're not an especially hard villain. Those blue Darknuts are impossible.
Ganon: Hey, at least I'm a recurring adversary.
Link: I'm sure I'll care later... and earlier. Stupid prequels.

Zelda: Thanks for saving me, Link. Wanna do it again?
Link: Uh....
Zelda: And this time it will be harder and you'll have to try to put the Triforce of Wisdom together again and everything.
Link: Why can't we just be happy with the win I just got?
Zelda: Well, if it makes you feel better, you can pretend you're getting the Triforce of Courage.
Link: But I won't in reality.
Zelda: No.
Link: Crap.
(The entire game inexplicably happens again at Ludicrous Speed, and then it's over)


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Thursday, September 25, 2003


11:39 PM


11:38 PM

we went to home depot.
there were plastic bags with flagpoles and an american flag inside.
the flag was missing from one of the bags. the poles were still there, though.

somebody actually stole an american flag.

it was funny.

10:35 PM
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its shiny, beautiful and brilliant outside. that's why i decided to do my laundry now since i don't mind wearing shorts and flipflops right now.

so how are there loud thunderclaps so often right now?

damn you, florida.

yann tiersen and radiohead make everything better.

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laundry is fun

when i went to walmart last month and bought bowling for columbine, big lebowski and half baked on dvd, i also bought an armload of film and a box of tide detergent and a pack of snuggle dryer sheets.

i forgot my laundry bag at home, so i just use my big maroon suitcase on wheels, load it up with clothes and go down the hall with the box of tide and a pocket full of quarters.

and the dryers this year are the fun ones where you can see the clothes spinning around.


in half an hour all my clothes will be clean and dry and lovely. i can once again wear my mocca shirts without ring around the collar and my channel zero shirt without macaroni and cheese dribbles.

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Fancy Froglin - a fan-made film

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Mindless Self Indulgence: "Our friends at Alternative Press magazine are having a special 'One of One' contest where they are giving away a one of a kind custom made mix CD created by Mindless Self Indulgence.

MSI burned an exclusive mix CD of their favorite tracks and provided their own artwork to accompany this unique and Super Rare disc.

About The CD:

Title: '21 SHITTY TRACKS' This special one of a kind 21 track Mindless Self Indulgence mix CD contains never released tracks from LITTLE JIMMY URINE, THE LEFT RIGHTS and outtakes from an interview that Citizen Lust did with Little Jimmy Urine's MOM! Also included are some of the band's personal favorite songs. This special mix CD will not be made again, there is only one in existence, making it THE single rarest MSI item on the planet. If you win this item and choose not to share or leak the exclusive songs you will be THE ONLY fan to hear them.

TO ENTER THE CONTEST: You MUST send a 3 X 5 notecard containing your Name, Address, E-mail, and (Most Importantly) the words 'MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE MIX CD'. Entries are to be sent to: AP's One of One, 1305 W. 80th St. Ste 2F, Cleveland, OH 44102-1996. Enter as many times as you want! All entries must be received no later than Dec. 1st."

everyone enter this contest as much as humanly possible. if any of you win, burn me a copy. if i win, i'll burn copies for y'all.
MSI b-sides are my favorite MSI songs.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

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in my own insanity, i decided to check out today. leopardprint was jenny's webpage. it was the first message board i ever used and, from that, the first html i ever learned.
i was banned from the second board she made because she didn't want long beach people on there except her inner circle, so i pretty much stayed away for a while. every few months i'd check the old message board "the lounge" because me and erin would just post there for no good reason once in a while.

when i checked today, i still had all the most recent posts, from when i last went in march.
i went to all the other pages on leopardprint (except for the new message board) to find it pretty much dead and obsolete.

it made me a little sad to know that all these people who seemed so driven and exciting to me when i first got on the internet had pretty much walked away from something that could have been cool.

i guess this all came up because, a few days ago at the library, i came up with the idea to register a domain name (i'm thinking ) where i could host pages for a bunch of my artsy friends. like i could be and heather could be and maria and laurie and so on and so forth. would be a front page that linked to all the subpages thereof. each person could have total free reign over the content of their portion based on very simple guidelines we all agreed on in the beginning or something. sorta like what jacob did over at

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

part gerbil, part robot:


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happy autumn!

summer is officially over...*sob*

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Monday, September 22, 2003

there's this paper store opening in town and they're having an open house lunch on wednesday. my graphic design teacher sent me the info in an email. free lunch, discounts on all paper products, and probably free paper samples and swatches from a lot of distributors. it'd be a good idea to get samples so i know what paper i want to use on later projects.

two problems:
i don't have a car or drive

its at 11:30am on wednesday

the only problem with the time is that its right in between design with type and black and white photo. i've already missed design with type twice so far because i tend to feel real sick friday mornings and throw stuff in my sleep. i missed black and white photo today because i was putting together my graphic design homework, two cd cases which would have been done yesterday if the color printer in the lab worked at all this weekend.

brian and i really want to go. we'll just have to convince max to drive us and we'll need to be in a hurry.

i don't look forward to both of those classes on wednesday when i'm sure i'll find out i missed whole projects or something.

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i've become just like a terrible mess.

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i'm having fun drawing from pics online.

here's christina ricci and johnny depp from pics i found on google:

maria, from a picture on friendster:

some random girl i found on friendster:

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Sunday, September 21, 2003

When I was only a zygote
I still remember the time
When there was nothing to know or to think about
Except the sound of my mind
And the sound from outside

Down at the bottom
Sensible to ear and sternum
And the world first spoke to me in SenSurround

If mom had known she was expecting
She might have gone to see Jaws
Instead of picking a film where the sound effects
Came right up through the floor
And I'd be differently formed

Down at the bottom
Sensible to ear and sternum
And the world first spoke to me in SenSurround.

Accidently in a coal mine it was found
When they accidently dug too far down
And found the SenSurround

I still don't know who conceived it
Or where they got the idea,
But there it was in the aisle by the exit sign
A woofer covered in wood
to shake the room when it should

Down at the bottom
Sensible to ear and sternum
Made the fakeness realistic
When the action went ballistic
One degree shy of sadistic
And the world first spoke to me in SenSurround

If I could swim under the water
without having to breathe
If I could follow the trail to the ocean floor
I think I'd know what there'd be
Down there waiting for me

Down at the bottom
Sensible to ear and sternum
Made the fakeness realistic
When the action went ballistic
One degree shy of sadistic
And the world first spoke to me in SenSurround

SenSurround by They Might Be Giants
from the S-E-X-X-Y single and the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the Movie soundtrack

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sweet! sounds awesome. a bunch of us in the hall all had an improv jam with sean barber the other day (sean barber is one of the illustration teachers here. he also does tons of oil paintings for source, maxim, entertainment weekly, the grammys, and a million other things you've seen everywhere)

we each took a scrap of drawing paper, drew for four minutes and then passed it to the person to our left and took the page from our right and drew for four minutes. we came up with some pretty weird stuff. most of the people were doing detailed figure drawings in pencil. sean proceeded to funk up any page that came with him with his gwash and i did absurd little brush pen drawings on all of them. one that had already been worked on by five different pencil guys showed a reluctant surgeon cutting into a decapitated body which was punching him back. i drew a cute little green angel awash in shining rays of light on his left shoulder and a red devil amassed in flames on his left.

it was cute.

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Let me take this moment to be shallow: There is only one thing grosser than a woman with a mustache. A woman with HALF a mustache! AAAA! (yes, this happened..)

In other news, I just found out that an aquantance of mine knews Warren Ellis. Her name is Merideth. She seems to know everyone. I need to learn her secret (and yes, for the record, I believe her. Trust me. If anone is going to ofhandedly know Warren Ellis, it is she). And no, she doesn't have a mustache; half or whole.

In further other news, everyone should go to the Above Kleptomania theatre every Saturday at 7pm and take part/watch the improv jam. I am there. My friend Dave hosts it. Insanley talented improvers take part, making me look bad/foolish/drunk. It is only 8 bucks. 8th ave
btw 42nd and 43rd, sharing the entrance to the legendary porno theatre "Show World." So, you know, if you don't like the improv upstairs, there's always porn downstairs. It's win-win!

2:46 AM

Saturday, September 20, 2003


the following is taken from this week's "One Hand Clapping" article on

Songs From the Street

Most of us that aren't burdened (blessed?) with extreme arrested development haven't watched SESAME STREET in years. And yet, somehow, unlike a lot of things from our youths (god, what were we thinking, following THE SMURFS?), most of us still remember SESAME STREET fondly.

I admit, I was more of a fan of ELECTRIC COMPANY because of Letter Man and Spider-Man (Spidey), not to mention Morgan "Easy Reader" Freeman, but still, SESAME STREET had the Muppets. There's still not much cooler for all ages than the Muppets.

At any rate, SESAME STREET has always had these big-name celebrity guest-stars over the years. People you were surprised to see hanging out with foamy hand-puppets. Musicians who never needed a show like this, really--I mean, is Billy Joel going to sell many more albums because he did the show? No, but he might impress his kids. So you basically have numerous singers who've stopped by and dueted with characters like Kermit the Frog and others. You'd never see Johnny Cash necessarily release a duet with Oscar the Grouch on one of his CDs, but...well, there's a lot of good, fun singin' that's gone on that's just been sitting in vaults or Grouch-owned trash cans or elsewhere. Until now.

Legacy, Sony Wonder and Sesame Workshop have released Songs from the Street, which covers 35 years of performances (it's also SESAME STREET's 35th anniversary) from Tony Bennett, Cab Calloway, Johnny Cash, Destiny’s Child, Celine Dion, Dixie Chicks, Gloria Estefan, Melissa Etheridge, Fugees, Goo Goo Dolls, Hootie & the Blowfish, Lena Horne, Billy Joel, Madeline Kahn, B.B. King, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Los Lobos, Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers, Bobby McFerrin, Keb’ Mo’, Aaron Neville, *NSYNC, Pointer Sisters, R.E.M., Diane Schuur, Pete Seeger, Paul Simon, Spin Doctors, James Taylor, Steven Tyler, Trisha Yearwood and Stevie Wonder!

The 3-disc set comes in a collector's long-box (meaning it won't fit nicely on the shelf with the other discs like the promotional copy I got, but it'll look nicer) and contains 25 previously unreleased tracks, plus 12 rare tunes that anre't available anywhere else any longer. 63 tracks in all, from artists at all ends of the musical spectrum from the past three decades. The promotional materials state that the set also comes with a 68-page booklet with liner notes by long-time Sesame Street music songwriter, composer, producer, and Grammy and Emmy Award-winner Christopher Cerf. So what do we really have here as far as music goes? I'll tell you. I'll even go song by song.

The thing to keep in mind here is the target audience. The charm of SESAME STREET has always been that it appeals to most anyone, but it's geared toward children who are just learning to read. So the simplistic nature of most of these tunes isn't going to win over you jaded MTV viewers, but they'll be fun, timeless and gently appealing tracks. You already knew all that though, right? It is SESAME STREET, after all.

(Legacy/Sony Wonder L3K 86030)


* indicates televised performance previously unreleased on any album.
# indicates new recording, first time appearance on any album.


Song Title -- Artist/s -- Year
1. Sesame Street Theme -- The Kids -- 1970: There's really no other way for this set to start off than with the "Sunny day..." song. Doesn't mean I ever want to hear it again, though...
2. ABC-DEF-GHI -- Big Bird -- 1970: Bird Bird uses the word "queer" in the song, but even more notable is the fact that he uses the entire alphabet and in order and somehow makes it into one word. Impressive.
3. Bein’ Green -- Kermit the Frog -- 1970: Maybe the best song about tolerance ever, sung in that familiar froggy cadence. This one, you can listen to over and over.
4. Sing -- The Kids -- 1971: The kids get to sing again. Ugh. Give me character voices or celebrity voices, but not kids singing.
5. The Number Five Song -- The Kids -- 1970: Ditto. Especially hearing them sing between symbal claps.
6. Five People in My Family -- The Anything Muppets -- 1969: This one and the next one are from the very first season of the show. A fun tune.
7. People In Your Neighborhood -- Bob and The Anything Muppets -- 1969: One of those songs that you've never quite been able to get out of your head since childhood. And now it's back in there even more.
8.* Henson King Of Eight -- Jim Henson -- 1970: Jim Henson doing a bit of a spoken-word intro to this makes it worth hearing.
9.* Hi-De-Ho Man -- Cab Calloway & the Two-Headed Monster -- 1980: Hearing Cab Calloway scat with a monster Muppet is even better than seeing him do it in THE BLUES BROTHERS. This should be mandatory listening for all kids (no matter how old you are).
10. How Do You Do? -- Lena Horne & Grover -- 1973: There's a lot more Lena here than Grover, which makes for quite a charming tune
11. Over, Under, Around and Through -- Grover -- 1975: Sure, it says it's Grover, but without the video, all I can hear is Li'l Yoda.
12.* Ladybugs’ Picnic -- William Luckey -- 1971: Even better than the song itself (who's William Luckey?) is the countdown intro from The Count.
13. Somebody Come and Play -- The Kids -- 1970: I'm trying to keep in mind who this is geared toward but...ugh, those singing kids...
14. Jellyman Kelly -- James Taylor -- 1979: Hey, kids, it's nap time!
15.* Just the Way You Are -- Billy Joel and Oscar the Grouch -- 1988: A classic Billy Joel tune only made better with Oscar's grouchy accompanyment.
16.* Everybody Sleeps -- Joe Raposo -- 1972: This is one of those loungy tunes from the early `70s that I feel like I've heard before on classic-rock radio, but don't need to hear again.
17. Rubber Duckie -- Ernie -- 1970: I'm too jaded now to listen to Ernie sing about taking a bath without just being disturbed by his ode to his rubbery ducky.
18. Doin’ the Pigeon -- Bert -- 1975: Ol' eyebrows is singing how he loves pigeons and singing a song with this title? Yeah, I'm definitely too jaded to only think pure thoughts.
19.* Me & Julio Down By the Schoolyard -- Paul Simon and Kid -- 1976: Word is that Simon had creative differences with the kid on this song and hasn't talked to him in over twenty years. If the reunion with Garfunkel goes well, though, who knows?
20.* Sweet-A Little Baby -- Pete Seeger and The Kids -- 1986: Pete, back away from the kids. Well, vice versa, get those kids away from an actual singer!
21.* 1-2-3 Sesame Street -- Stevie Wonder -- 1972: The problem with some of these songs is too little of the artist in question--that's definitely the case here.


1.* Pinball Number Count -- The Pointer Sisters -- 1975: It's more of a free-form jazz tune, not really anything to get "excited" about.
2. I’ve Got Two -- Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Mr. Hooper -- 1970: There's just entirely too much going on here.
3. I Love the Trash -- Oscar the Grouch -- 1970: Oscar singing an ode to trash is what this show is all about.
4. Nasty Dan -- Johnny Cash and Oscar the Grouch -- 1973: Man, even hearing Johnny sing about a dirty ol' guy, with Oscar's kibbutzing in the background, is better than most music on the radio. Johnny never did anything halfway.
5. Sing After Me -- Madeline Kahn and Grover -- 1977: More of a comedy bit than a song, but it works because of the two people involved.
6. Captain Vegetable -- Captain Vegetable with Eddie and Andy -- 1982: Captain...Vegetable?
7. African Alphabet -- Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Kermit the Frog -- 1987: It's mostly just our alphabet with some funky nosies in the background.
8.* B.B. King (and the Letter B) -- B.B. King with Bert, Benny Rabbit, Big Bird and Baby Bear -- 2001: You put B.B. and Johnny Cash on the same disc and you've more than given people their money's worth.
9. C Is For Cookie -- Cookie Monster -- 1973: One of the best Sesame Street songs ever.
10. Kiko And the Lavender Moon -- Los Lobos with Elmo And the Lavender Moon -- 1992: Los Lobos brings some nice Latin flavor to the Street. This is actually one of my favorite tunes on the disc.
11.* Sweet In the Mornin’ -- Bobby McFerrin with The Birds -- 1990: Don't worry, be happy that this song's pretty short.
12.* Small People -- Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers with Prairie Dawn and Big Bird -- 1991: Oh, yeah, this disc is definitely the best of the three. Ziggy fits in perfectly here. The kids in the background don't even bother me too much.
13. Imagination -- Ernie with Big Bird and The Cast -- 1972: Imagine if this song hadn't put me to sleep (which just might have been the point).
14.* From Your Head -- Diane Schuur with Elmo -- 1996: A nice follow-up to the Lena Horn appearance on the first disc. Suitably jazzy and yet accessible to kids.
15. What’s The Name Of That Song? -- The Cast -- 1974: I've come to the conclusion that, much like when I was a kid, I don't want to hear from the cast, only the Muppets.
16. The Batty Bat -- The Count with Ftateeta and The Bats -- 1986: I'm not sure what a "Ftatetta" is, but the Count was always a favorite of mine.
17. Mah Na Ma Na -- Mah Na Ma Na -- 1969: I like this song not really at all...
18.* Little Things -- Tony Bennett with Lexine -- 1995: A nice, quiet little end-of-the-night (so, 5 PM for the target audience) number.
19. One Small Voice -- The Kids, Hoots the Owl, Prairie Dawn -- 1989: I like this tune less than 17. I feel like the bad guy on Scooby Doo--"those damn kids!"
20.* I Don’t Want To Live On the Moon -- Aaron Neville and Ernie -- 1993: Somehow Ernie toned down his abrasiveness to mesh nicely with Neville's smooth voice.
21. This Frog -- Kermit the Frog -- 1977: Kermit can do no wrong.


1. I Love Trash -- Steven Tyler -- 1998: Very Aerosmithy, but Oscar sings it better. Still, pretty fun.
2.* Two Princes -- Spin Doctors with Zoe, Elmo and Telly -- 1993: This disc almost takes on a "Where Are They Now" quality. I grew up before Elmo, so I just find him annoying. Much like the Spin Doctors.
3.* Like The Way I Do (Like the Way U Does) -- Melissa Etheridge -- 1996: No one steps on Melissa's singing here, so it's just a decent guitar-and-voice tune--it'd fit on even a non-Muppet disc.
4. But I Like You -- Bert and Ernie -- 1983: Damn the internet and the gay undertones all the jokes have given this song.
5. Te Me Gustas (I Like You) -- Luis and Elmo -- 1970: Wait, Elmo has been around since 1970? I don't remember him at all until that "Tickle Me" toy a few years ago. Huh. Here, he sings Spanish.
6. Mambo I, I, I -- Gloria Estefan -- 1995: What does a Cuban backbeat need to really work? Right--A Muppet or two singing back-up. None to be found here, though.
7. Monster In the Mirror -- Grover -- 1990: Grover rules, even when he sings "wubba wubba wubba" over and over.
8.* Hold My Hand -- Hootie & the Blowfish with Elmo and The Kids -- 1994: Hootie takes their big hit and rewrites it to give kids a lesson on how best to cross the street. More fun than it sounds.
9.* I’m Talkin’ Love -- Trisha Yearwood with Herry Monster, Baby Bear and Grover -- 1998: This would be bad country-pop with or without Muppets.
10. We Are All Earthlings -- A Boy and The Anything Muppets -- 1990: This out-schmaltzes "It's a Small World."
11. Happy To Meet You -- Celine Dion with Herry Monster, Elmo & Big Bird -- 1997: I gave it a chance because of Herry, but Celine really *is* pretty unbearable.
12.* Shiny Happy People (Furry Happy Monsters) -- R.E.M. and Muppet Rocker -- 1998: Hearing Michael Stipe sing "furry, happy monsters" is pretty funny. Maybe even better than the original R.E.M. tune.
13.* Believe In Yourself -- *NSYNC -- 2000: Okay, 50-some songs in, this is getting to me a bit.
14.* A New Way To Walk -- Destiny’s Child with Elmo, Grover and Zoe -- 2002: Yeah, this isn't working for me, either. Surprising, since I normally, well, don't like D.C. or Elmo.
15. Elmo’s Song -- Elmo, Big Bird and Snuffleupagus -- 1990: Even the Snuff can't save this one.
16.* Slide (Pride) -- Goo Goo Dolls and Elmo -- 2000: The one place this band's ridiculous name doesn't sound out of place. The song's still lame, though.
17.* Sing -- Dixie Chicks -- 2002: Hmm, they're not getting better now.
18. Just Happy To Be Me -- Fugees -- 1993: Now this was a good way to save the disc after those last few songs. Good to hear some Fugees again.
19. Put Down the Duckie -- Ernie and Hoots the Owl -- 1986: Ernie's really no singer, I have to say.
20.* Everybody Be Yo’self -- Keb’ Mo’ and The Kids -- 1998: Keb' Mo' can do no wrong to me, so I'm willing to forgive the team-up with the obnoxious kids.
21.# Sesame Street Theme Remix 2002 -- Ursula 1000 -- 2003: If ever there was a song that didn't need remixing...still, it's a fun outro to the whole set.

In all, it's like most boxed sets--depending on your taste, you could make one very solid disc out of the material. But like I said, I also know I'm not the intended buyer of said disc. Some of these songs need to have the characters on TV for the full effect, but it's pretty charming nonetheless. If you have kids who've grown up on the show, they're bound to dig it. Or, more succinctly:

[From the press materials:] "Cerf’s liner notes conclude by praising “a matchless team of writers, puppeteers, designers, and educators and a worldwide, ever-expanding audience that is carrying Sesame Street deep into the 21st century. Because of them, we can sing along to tunes that crack up three year-olds, make grown-ups cry and allow every one of us to experience the perfect childhood – one where we’re surrounded by friends as, together, we learn our ABCs and 123s and how to get along. Thanks to them, we’re still counting.”

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Friday, September 19, 2003

i always feel like crap on fridays.

i skipped class this morning cuz i couldn't leave bed. i felt horrible. i had a case of the fridays.

normally people love fridays because its the end of the week...but not me.

i love my mp3s. they're the only thing that make me happy anymore.
listening to this fun chick rock like quentin, rilo kiley, and his name is alive.

10:53 PM
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that's a good sign.
now i get to have a nap...
..after homework.

2:54 PM

Thursday, September 18, 2003

12:48 AM
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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

there, brian, i deleted the post with the typo.

i am god of this blog. i can create and erase information at my slightest long as my whim has access to the internet.

9:43 PM
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YAY! British quality video!!!!!!

9:40 PM

oh, OHHHHHHHH!!! i get it brian!

by the way, if you see this before i get back to the apartment, i just rented a set of dvds for a BBC show called "the singing detective"

9:39 PM
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Hey! Goddamit!!! I previewed that post, fixed the word 'has' to 'had' THEN published it! This blog stuff SUCKS. It can't do the things I want it too.

9:38 PM


and then post something relevent. and post more often.
thanks, erin. love ya. listen to more rilo kiley.

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"President Bush rules out Iraqi involvement in the attacks on the US, but says al-Qaeda and Saddam are linked." BBC news this morning.

Yeah, I bet Saddam and Osama had sex. Get it? 'linked' at the hips?! Well? Get it? GET IT!

(ba! da! bum!)

9:35 PM

i still didn't get that nap..

9:01 PM

i need to have a nap.

1:23 PM

alright, i'm really mad.

that mispelling thing i found on scott mccloud's webpage sunday and posted here monday,

yesterday, one of the guys on the canadian message board i frequent posted it.
and today, our TA in design with type showed it to the whole class, and we all talked about it for a few minutes.


i was hoping this would be another funny thing i found and no one else knew about.

now i look like a loser for having it as my away message since sunday.

11:29 AM
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i got nothing against the green.

its better than sulfur water

11:23 AM
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I went to the fridge to get myself a can of that fun bubble wrapped child type rootbeer, but i noticed a large jug of the color green, and poured myself a glass of that, which made me wonder, what ever happend to make it all like ok and shit for me to be awake at quzarter after 4 in the mornign and drinking an over sweet beverage that's only value is it is a tangible substance relating to the color green?

(damn i should go to sleep...)

4:18 AM

yeah, bills fucking suck.

but think about it. if you took the money you've got and went to some third-world nation, you'd be a fucking king!

and perspective is for suckers who need to relate things to other things at all times.

like metaphors without style.

1:43 AM
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In fairness, though, this country is more expensive to live in than most of the rest of the world. Which isn't to say that we shouldn't give 'till it hurts; we should (most American's still spend far above their living expenses), I'm just saying that we have to keep perspective on our perspective. I make about $12,000, and that puts me in the upper 12%. It is also just barely enough to pay for rent, food, water and power.

Speaking of perspective, can anyone recommend a good book on drawing in perspective, particularly the human body? My 3 point is kinda shitty...

1:25 AM

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

have you ever listened to a can of root beer. i mean REALLY listened? it sounds like the cries of an entire nation of starving people.

that or a slew of happy toddlers rolling over miles of bubble wrap.

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put your life in perspective.

but don't donate shit.

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Monday, September 15, 2003

naturally, as soon as i start working on a completely new layout for my webpage, it will start working again.

anyways, swing by there to check out four new sketches and a link to scott morse's awesome page, which i'll probably steal a few ideas from for version 6.0 of my webpage.

also, i took down one self-portrait i hated and most of the wallpapers. unless i drew it, its gone.

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ctue: "

Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, olny taht the frist and lsat ltteres are at the rghit pcleas. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by ilstef, but the wrod as a wlohe. "

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mindless self indulgence is playing irving plaza december 12th, 13th, and 14th...and we don't leave school until the 14th.


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For a minute, she's stuck spinning in it
Still it's better to lose hope than dying in it
Off track, impact, slam!
She's lying in it
Now she leads the way to the lost cost exhibit
You got to break through the walls that try to hold you
Fool you so that fear will always mold you
Push through
Find that the walls are beneath you
And the end of the line is a brand new avenue

You said nothing in this world could ever
Make you feel better than I do (HEY HEY)
You said no one in this world could ever
Take away all this from you
So hold on just a little longer
When you don't feel that you belong
All I want is a chance to fall into you

What a sin it's to find fulfillment
If it's better to crash land than flying in it
Violins, silence, anger violence
Says to herself "I'm going out of my mind"
You got to break through the walls that try to hold you
Fool you so that fear will always mold you
Push through
Find that the walls are beneath you
And the end of the line is a brand new avenue

You said nothing in this world could ever
Make you feel better than I do (HEY HEY)
You said no one in this world could ever
Take away all this from you
So hold on just a little longer
When you don't feel that you belong
All I want is a chance to fall into you

Break yourself from old ties that hold you down
You inspire me, You inspire me
I don't mind wasting time with you

You got to break through the walls that try to hold you
Fool you so that fear will always mold you
Push through
Find that the walls are beneath you
And the end of the line is a brand new avenue
You said nothing in this world could ever
Make you feel better than I do (HEY HEY)
You said no one in this world could ever
Take away all this from you
So hold on just a little longer
When you don't feel that you belong
All I want is a chance to fall into you

zebrahead - "into you"

MFZB - in stores october 21st.

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Sunday, September 14, 2003


zebrahead is playing in farmingdale on october 13th and I'M ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE!!!

are they playing florida? they are not.

i have had "into you" (the new single) stuck in my head for a couple weeks now from a wma file i found online, since they get no radio airplay here, even if i did ever listen to the radio.


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haha, very nice.

yeah, anything involving the pictures on my ringling server hasn't been working for a few days. but for some reason all the pics on tom's webpage work perfectly, and his are super hi-res.
i think its just because i've been getting tons of hits lately, so the bandwidth is shot. i post pics here, in my journal, on a couple message boards, and i use the thumbnails as avatars on ever webpage i go to, so i think my ringling server is getting sick of people looking at it.

which sucks, since i had planned on a whole bunch of updates this weekend.

and while i'm sorrowful for the loss of johnny cash, i feel nothing negative about ritter's death. that guy just bugged the hell out of me.

oh yeah, i bought big lebowski, half baked, and bowling for columbine on dvd this week.

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Here's a cartoon I did for my buddy Dave's website. I'd link the image, but I don't want to overload his bandwidth.

3:17 AM

Yeah! TMBG goodness!! They are playing at NYU soon. I have yet to make it to a kids show, so I think I'll hold out for one of those.

3:11 AM

A tribute to the late John Ritter and the late Johnny Cash.

3:09 AM

Friday, September 12, 2003

i just had a really amusing idea. i would never do it, but it would be amusing in a tv show or movie or something.

open an ice cream parlor. make delicious ice cream sundaes that people love.

make the sundaes half price every week on sunday. call this promotion "sundae sundays"

also, make the most mouth-wateringly delicious ice cream sundae imaginable, and only sell it during the special promotional sundays. you can call it the "sundae sunday sundae"

11:32 AM
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On the heels of the phenomenal success of their #1 children's album "No!", They Might Be Giants continue to expand their creative horizons with their first literary effort-a bedtime picture book entitled "Bed, Bed, Bed" along with a CD of 4 new recordings including the title track sung by Kimya Dawson of the Moldy Peaches. Illustrated by the up-and-coming fine artist Marcel Dzama, "Bed, Bed, Bed" is a children's book of imagination and timeless charm. Here are some other kid-related projects that have recently gotten them out of the house.....
TMBG will be making a special appearance on Nickelodeon's "Blues Clues"and Cartoon Network's "Home Movies" this fall. They already appear (as animated characters no less) in two musical spots for "Dexter's Laboratory" and "Corage the Cowardly Dog" -TMBG's kids song "Clap Your Hands" is currently being featured on the Gap Kids TV ad campaign -TMBG have contributed multiple songs to "Tiny Toons" -TMBG contributed the themes to "Malcolm In The Middle", "The Daily Show",Ý the animated series "The Oblongs", the film "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" "The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" among others. -TMBG also wrote and recorded the music for a recent spot for Play-Doh. -TMBG created the music for PBS Kids "Share-A-Story" literacy program -TMBG contributed an original recording to the Harvey Milk School benefit disc (to benefit NYC's unique high school for gay and lesbian teenagers) The disc will be released this fall (also featuring Polyphonic Spree, Yoko Ono, Ben Folds, and Yo La Tengo)

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"We are an odd people: We make it as difficult as possible for our artists to work honestly while they are alive; either we refuse them money or we ruin them with money; either we flatter them with unhelpful praise or wound them with unhelpful blame, and when they are too old, or too dead, or too beyond dispute to hinder any more, we canonise them, so that what was wild is tamed, what was objecting, becomes Authority."
-Jeanette Winterson

12:00 AM

Thursday, September 11, 2003

we talked about the neccessity of war in my society and ideas class
my teacher said if we stopped glorifying the people who died in war we wouldn't have so many wars
the entire class disagreed except me
everyone was like "but we SHOULD honor them. they're heroes!"
and i'm like "because they failed? if you fight for your nation, your supposed to kill the bad guys, not have them kill you! how are they heroes???"
"and what about the people who DON'T die. the ones who actually kill the badguys, then come back home and die two years later because the war messed up their heads. they're not heroes. they're weirdos, right?"
and they all disagreed like "no, we honor them too"
"oh really, when's the last time YOU went to a retirement home and honored a war veteran?"
"um...i don't know"
"and were you honoring the dead at the service this morning?"
"hypocrite, much?"

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jbopps: I'm definetly cutting my two classes today
artwhenwemelt: whooo! happy patriot day!!!
jbopps: That's what I'm saying man
jbopps: They can't make us learn under these conditions
jbopps: We're only two years removed from the most tragic event in American history
artwhenwemelt: what are you talking about?
artwhenwemelt: this is an american holiday
jbopps: Oh I know that
artwhenwemelt: we remember the day we all got together and decided we liked america more than enyone else
artwhenwemelt: for no reason whatsoever
jbopps: It makes sense though
jbopps: Think about it
jbopps: If it weren't for America, we're all be dead and life on earth would've ceased altogether
artwhenwemelt: yeah...america rocks
artwhenwemelt: rocks harder than maiden
artwhenwemelt: because maiden is only a part of america
jbopps: And they're Brits
artwhenwemelt: without america, there would be no metal at all
artwhenwemelt: that's what i mean
jbopps: Oh man I think you're right
artwhenwemelt: brits, they're just americans with funny accents
artwhenwemelt: like southerners, but smarter
jbopps: Some sort of a pissypants hybrid of America and Europe
artwhenwemelt: as long as they've got no african in them
artwhenwemelt: god how i loathe the africans
jbopps: Those big lipped fucks
artwhenwemelt: that's what i'm sayin' man
artwhenwemelt: fried chicken and orange soda, you can't live like that
jbopps: I'm saying man.
jbopps: How many times can you fry chicken in chicken
artwhenwemelt: i've seen fourteen
artwhenwemelt: but it hardly resembles anything tat was once alive
artwhenwemelt: i need to know my food suffered the indignities of an unfair life before it enters my gullet
jbopps: Its true, if it ain't hanging and sticking its head out of a box I'm not munchin
artwhenwemelt: that's why i only eat rabbit nowadays
artwhenwemelt: you can really see the rabbit
jbopps: Oww doctor

12:28 PM
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oh yeah, happy patriot day!

12:22 PM
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jbopps: KKK
artwhenwemelt: NRA
jbopps: Both 4 eva
artwhenwemelt: not that those two are related or anything, i just happen to be a member of both
jbopps: Its true. Nary a time I've walked with you when you haven't pistolwhipped a dirty spics for stealing american jobs.
artwhenwemelt: and the same of you, old chum
artwhenwemelt: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
artwhenwemelt: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
artwhenwemelt: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
artwhenwemelt: p!
jbopps: Awww you make me smile
jbopps: I kissu
jbopps: Smootch
jbopps: Monjon
jbopps: !
artwhenwemelt: omigodiluvusomuch
jbopps: WHOA
jbopps: FAGGOT
jbopps: C'mon here
artwhenwemelt: woah...woah
jbopps: Nothing nothing
artwhenwemelt: let's take a step back here
artwhenwemelt: and two steps forward

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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

hahaha, i love brian wood. this is from his livejournal:

those big heavy, horrendously unportable original Hersey's Kisses were really dragging me down, hampering my otherwise "on-the-go" lifestyle.


9:43 PM
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heheh...i was just looking on the MoCCA webpage, checking out the info for the art fest, and a kid comes up (i'm at the library) with a bill plympton tape.
it made me chuckle a little. on the inside.

and just now someone came up because he needed to read krazy and ignatz for class. this stuck in my head because krazy and ignatz are on the new MoCCA brochure braig yoe designed, they were in one of kuper's window paintings hanging in the office, and the ignatz awards were given this past weekend, where raina telgemeier, friend of and regular artist for MoCCA, was nominated for best new talent, and james kochalka, who drew the first ever MoCCA art fest poster and whose band performed at the artist's party this year, won the award for best online comic strip.

and it hit me again...i had a great fucking summer.
i love the museum and i can't wait to get back there.

art fest is gonna ROCK!!!

7:06 PM
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my dad sent me an email. apparently he went to my website yesterday and looked at all the new pictures.
first off, he wonders where i learned to draw since no one is his family or my mother's can.
second, he hates the way i put down myself over and over and talk about how all these other artists are better than me.

steph made a similar complaint the other day. i told her to go to Bryan Lee O'Malley's webpage, and she said i could draw circles around him.

which is a lie.

and she didn't use that terminology, but you get the idea...

so this weekend i plan to edit every page of my ringling website and update the text with more self-indulgent dribble and whatnot.
maybe even make a self portrait out of smiley faces with the caption "hey! i'm awesome!"

yeah...that sounds great...

6:29 PM
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i really dig those, morgan. in perticular, i'm enjoying artalicious, scatterart and willdrawforfood
the rest are great (even the colin powell) but i feel they would lead false pretenses about the content of the website.

i need more ideas. and i need more content, too. good stuff, not the crap i've ben drawing lately.

4:05 PM
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I actually like Ducktastic alot. But, sadly, I suppose people would come to expect alot of duck-related work. Then you'd start getting duck-related things for birthdays and holidays, and soon people would think that you're "into" that sort of thing.

Hmmm. How about: (just because) (because you're all over the place) (dit-on the-o) (because you're an artists without a master. in fact, is free, too) (if you don't use this one, I think I will) (I love this one to peices. I know I'm not being constructive anymore! Deal!) (obviously, I have given up trying to help)

12:40 AM

I'm sorry, what's that? More cartoons? Oh, you didn't want more cartoons? Well, tough!

12:24 AM

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

i'm thinking is already taken, i could have, but i know people would forget the hyphen. i'm not a company and i'm not really doing this for profit, although i hope to attract potential clients with the webpage eventually. and i'm not a nonprofit, so i would feel bad using .org
and all the other suffixes are just stupid and no one will ever go to my webpage like that.

something along the lines of how i don't really stick to any particular field of the arts, like how i'm trained as an illustrator, think like a fine artist, take photography classes, but am a professional graphic designer, so i take all these skill and they sort of melt together into the random shit i have on my webpage. that and i had this one laur suggested the other day stuck in my head: based off a stupid thing i said at fest.

after deciding that i liked the name, i got stuck on a front page that would be like a diner menu with coffee stains that says:
"patty melt: 6.95
turkey melt: 6.95
tuna melt: 4.95
art melt: worthless

there are some things money can't buy.
like style. no one's selling."

i thought it'd be kinda funny.

12:36 PM
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Monday, September 08, 2003, .org, and .net are taken. i could have .biz, .info, or .us

all of those are boo-urns

just for fun, i checked out ducktastic, which i can have in any format i want. guess that's because no one else has thought of the word ducktastic before, but i don't want my art to be

so i NEED reccomendations for domain names, peeps!

3:59 PM
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i wrote this in philosophy this morning. people are stupid.

let's underanalyze and make believe we're stretching
let's all hypothesize until you use a three-syllable word
let's say the truth in lies is only second-guessing
pretend to theorize that every human life is so absurd
let's agree that the people chained in the cave are the nation's only heroes
let's argue that the cannibal hypocrites are the only honest villains
let's alert the world to all the terrorists and tell them not to fear those
who launder funds, supply the guns, and beat and rape our children

11:34 AM
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i want to buy a domain name after i get back the money for my camera.

i'm thinking

please post any and all ideas you have for good domain names for me

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Sunday, September 07, 2003

i spent $450 on a camera and two lenses today. i forgot to get batteries.

i've been depressed ever since. its been almost 8 hours.

i even watched two of my favorite movies, "casablanca" and "roger & me", but i still feel like curling up and crying.

i hate being so goddamn emo.

i can't even draw a damn picture without asking why there aren't a pair of slender, soft, feminine arms wrapped around me.

even the postal service isn't making me feel better. i need new cds.

and batteries

and less homework

and a girlfriend

and more money.

2:19 AM
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Saturday, September 06, 2003

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Friday, September 05, 2003

i'm really thoroughly loving these strips, morgan. i just love them to pieces.

reeses pieces.

and yes, i really wrote and drew all that. when i got my test back, the person grading them wrote "oh no!" next to the drawing.

10:28 PM
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JesseQ16 (10:17:05 PM): fets pictures are being posted
JesseQ16 (10:17:08 PM): *fest
JesseQ16 (10:17:10 PM): Lil'Hippie SparkleEyes
ArtWhenWeMelt (10:17:17 PM): OOOH!
JesseQ16 (10:17:25 PM): not all of them
JesseQ16 (10:17:27 PM): just 1/2
JesseQ16 (10:17:31 PM): the ones i have
ArtWhenWeMelt (10:18:07 PM): where are the pictures of me, slut?
JesseQ16 (10:18:17 PM): im having issues w/my comp
JesseQ16 (10:18:22 PM): so im slow at posting them
ArtWhenWeMelt (10:18:32 PM): rawr
JesseQ16 (10:18:33 PM): i have like 50+ pics
ArtWhenWeMelt (10:18:36 PM): i see how it is
ArtWhenWeMelt (10:18:41 PM): no love for the d-wreck
ArtWhenWeMelt (10:18:44 PM): i understand
ArtWhenWeMelt (10:18:47 PM): but i'm a li'l hurt
JesseQ16 (10:18:49 PM): no really i cant fucking do anything w/my comp!
JesseQ16 (10:18:56 PM): im about to throw it out the window
JesseQ16 (10:18:57 PM): !
ArtWhenWeMelt (10:19:01 PM): that's what all the girls say
JesseQ16 (10:19:11 PM): w/e
ArtWhenWeMelt (10:19:14 PM): then they go get boyfriends and blame their computers
ArtWhenWeMelt (10:19:21 PM): you know what happened to those girls
ArtWhenWeMelt (10:19:25 PM): they DIED!!!

10:26 PM
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Thursday, September 04, 2003

A new cartoon for your cartoon dollar. This is a redraw of a strip I did way back when. Enjoy, endure.

8:08 PM

"one question asked what the first keyboard operated printing press was called. i answered "the amazing fantastitron!" and drew a little cartoon of my baggy eyelids sinking over my eyes saying "can't sleep...clown'll eat me..."

yeah...i'm not getting a good grade on this"

HAHAHAHA!! Holy crap, please tell me you really did this!

8:05 PM

You may not be getting a good grade, but when the reason is that, I think it was worth it. The amazing fantastitron...I love the new pieces.

10:38 AM

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

i do not enjoy design with type.

i just had a 45 minute test on the history and anatomy of typeface. not a specific typeface, letterform in general.

and i didn't go to bed until about 3:30, so i had no clue what was going on.

one question asked what the first keyboard operated printing press was called. i answered "the amazing fantastitron!" and drew a little cartoon of my baggy eyelids sinking over my eyes saying "can't sleep...clown'll eat me..."

yeah...i'm not getting a good grade on this

9:19 AM
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vector illustration:

late night brush pens (no reference, thank you very much):

2:14 AM
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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

i figured it was something like that. coolness. you can really see it in the angler fish-dealie

i'm really happy with the art i was doing out of boredom yesterday. a brush pen drawing of an astronaut and a vector illustration i call "boy possessed"

i'll try to have them both up tommorrow. maybe tonight.

1:58 PM
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Monday, September 01, 2003

BTW, i did the wash wuth plain old India ink, diluted with plain ol' water

8:20 PM

Thanks for the info, Der! I'll see if I can find those at the stores near me (I've got an Utrecht and a Pearl, and a couple holes-in-the-wall).

I'm glad you liked the strip. That one was a bit of an emotional roller-coaster to make ("This sucks!" "I love it!" "I'm a hack!")

For those interested, the very first DPOTS is forever archived on The Electric Big Bang Swing-Machine website here:

Magnus is my middle name, btw. I was doing another comic for the same paper and I thought I'd set up another identity for reasons I don't really remember. Also, the scanner I had sucked.

7:09 PM

Funny thing. The other day I happened to look up into the sky just as God stumbled forward unexpectedly, before rubbing His/Her/It's butt and declaring "Stupid Technology!

7:01 PM

sculptwerks (11:29:37 AM): Rabbit Rabbit
ArtWhenWeMelt (11:29:50 AM): rabbit rabbit?
ArtWhenWeMelt (11:29:54 AM): rabbit rabbit!
sculptwerks (11:30:05 AM): YAY
sculptwerks (11:30:16 AM): Are the labs above the library open today?
ArtWhenWeMelt (11:30:21 AM): i hope so
sculptwerks (11:30:31 AM): ah.
ArtWhenWeMelt (11:30:36 AM): i need to do my GIC work, which isn't ahppy with my comp
sculptwerks (11:30:55 AM): I'll pretend you said 'definitly, Brian!'
ArtWhenWeMelt (11:30:56 AM): shit, i just realized
sculptwerks (11:31:10 AM): uh oh... what?
ArtWhenWeMelt (11:31:18 AM): if i leave iTunes open on my comnputer, and go to the lab, i can listen to all my mp3s over there streaming
ArtWhenWeMelt (11:31:21 AM): AWESOME
sculptwerks (11:31:37 AM): Wow. Technology kicks god's ass!
ArtWhenWeMelt (11:31:43 AM): yay!

11:36 AM
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dammit, i love you morgan. that comic made me all chuckly on the inside.
what do you use for your grey tones? they look very textured.

and the DD pic below was done with Tombo Brush Pens number 451 for the tones on his body, 366 for the detail outlines, 452 for the "DD" on his chest, and 553 for the background.

basically, i went to the school store last week and bought all the blue tones that looked good to me. they're 2.69 a pop, so i was being picky.
after i get a few paychecks i may go back for red tones or something.

10:36 AM
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Here is a new cartoon for you all! This is a strip I've been doing (on and off since) since I was in college.

I know, I know, the lettering sucks. I'm still trying to find a good font and point size until I have perfected my hand lettering skillz. My mad hand lettering skillz.

3:05 AM