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the speed of boredom

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I've been passing the time with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (Warning: Keep well away from face, unless you want it to be rocked)

I've made a new years resolution that I'm going to create one piece of art every day for all of 2004. Nothing big. It might just be a quick drawing or comic strip, maybe a full-blown painting if there's time, but it will be one finished piece of work for 365 days. I'm not going to force a piece if I'm so swamped with other shit (fighting crime and whatnot) every now and again, but my goal is in the rough vicinity of one year's worth of work. Wish me luck!

11:19 PM

i'm sorry, but this song has been stuck in my head for about a week. kupek's "poster child for happiness"

i never claimed to be a savior, i never claimed a whole hell of a lot
i look around your cluttered bedroom and all the things i haven't got
i might've claimed that i could save her, but it looks like i was wrong
i look around her cluttered bedroom and wonder where she's gone
'cause i can't last forever, 'cause nothing ever does.

to me, you're more than just another face in the crowd
and i don't want to whisper, but i can't say this all out loud
you know, the sun is always shining above this bed of clouds
and it's the prettiest up here when it's raining downtown

of course, i wish that i could save her, and so do all of you
and we try our best everyday, but what the hell can we do?
we're all pretending we can save her and make her live her own life
but the day i even close my eyes is the day that she'll pick up that knife
'cause i can't last forever, 'cause nothing ever does
and we can't be together if there is no such thing as love

to me, you're more than just another face in the crowd
and i don't want to whisper, but i can't say this all out loud
you know, the sun is always shining above this bed of clouds
and it's the prettiest up here when it's raining downtown

10:58 PM
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now that's a damn good idea, bri. i knew i had you around here for a reason.

well, i cancelled my new year's plans for reasons that i hate myself for. i generally feel like wasting away a little.

i really have nothing to do. like, there are lots of little things to do and some of them are important, like pay my tuition, but they are generally boring and brief. its just a matter of when they need to be done and when they are able to be done. but most of the time i find myself standing around with nothing to do and nowhere to go. no one picks up when i call, and since i'm just bored and don't actually have anything in mind, i never leave messages. and my family spends most of the day around here either playing weird little flash games on the computer or watching crappy television.
why is television so crappy this time of year?
after coral was done watching cartoons, i flicked through all the channels and the only thing i wasn't sick of was match game.
i've grown tired of laying in my room listening to the same cds reading the same dull books. i've watched every video and dvd of interest in the house. there's just nothing to do. i was eerily excited to go to the mall yesterday, if only for a half hour before they closed. just get out of the house and do something that doesn't involve neccesity or having my whole family arguing in the same car.

i need something to do.

i bought more film today. four rolls of 100 ISO and four of 800.

10:42 PM
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New blog banner. Ok. Picture this: The Fonz eating a dangerous robot. Now who in the hell is ever going to get sick of seeing that?

9:54 PM

New blog banner. Ok. Picture this: The Fonz eating a dangerous robot. Now who in the hell is ever going to get sick of seeing that?

9:53 PM

Monday, December 29, 2003

ok, i am kicking the crap out of this blog as soon as i get back to school. at the very least, i need to change that picture. i am sick of seeing my ugly mug when i read anything here.
i am now accepting suggestions of what to put in the new speed of boredom banner. its kinda like how i got sick of the vespa logo i made when i first started calling it the speed of boredom.

today i cashed the bonds i needed to pay off the next semester. just a few hours ago, nova and i hit up the mall. she wanted to check out the sweater sale at aeropostale and i needed new headphones. i caved and bought this really cute sweatshirt i found at express men (yes, when i'm back in new york i feel all fashionable...) in addition to my cool new earbuds. the wrap behind my ears and are bright orange. great sound because they're sony, and 4ft cord, so i won't strangle myself in the labs.
we ran into heather and anna in the mall. i hadn't seen anna since the summer when she conned me into drawing a picture of her at jesse's house. they were mad that neither of them had found anything good all day "even he found something!" pointing at my new sweatshirt, implying that i have terrible taste shopping or something equally petty...
seeing heather reminded me that dan still owes me 95 dollars from the folk festival. i promised many people that i would get that back from him as i tend not to push people about stuff like that.

ok...need food.

10:28 PM
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sculptwerks: Oh! here's an interesting thingy that happened to me.
prophitzprofit: do tell
sculptwerks: I went to the doctor's office today and asked him about his kid... Kevin, I knew him in high school
sculptwerks: anyway...
sculptwerks: He aparently got married and has a two year old kid and no job.
sculptwerks: And he's my age!
sculptwerks: So I feel GREAT!
prophitzprofit: that makes life so much better eh?
sculptwerks: This is the kind of people my High school produced here in West Virginia.
prophitzprofit: we have a few of them in baltimore, but money kinda hides alot of them
sculptwerks: Don't get me wrong, he's a nice kid and all, but he's obviously stupid.
prophitzprofit: clearly
sculptwerks: It just shocked me cause he's the son of a doctor so I figured he'd be steered strait.
prophitzprofit: he shouldn't have replaced the condom with a grocery bag
sculptwerks: So thats the second person I've heard of in my High School class and the second who had a kid.
sculptwerks: But it was paper!
prophitzprofit: no excuse, he should know that that only works when there drunk
sculptwerks: who would have thought dead pulped trees pressed into a thin layer and dried would'nt have stopped his 'seed'!?
prophitzprofit: i was rootin for the seed the whole time
sculptwerks: It was the one with the little tiny pin striping along the side and the number 1 on the top so's to make it look fast I wanted to win.
prophitzprofit: he was so cute!!!!
sculptwerks: well I guess the lesson is that a fancy paint job can't see the forest for the trees... or in this case the forest turned into grocery bag.
sculptwerks: See that? I'm trying REALLY hard to be clever but its just not working.
prophitzprofit: thats why the kid's named food lion
sculptwerks: yup.
sculptwerks: and he always asks for plastic.

9:56 PM

Saturday, December 27, 2003

I got a fairly good haul this mass of Christ himself.

A $49 DVD player
Harry Potter 4 (stop laughing! shut up!)
A large bag of Werther' Originals
Frank Cappera's "A Prelude to War" on DVD
A $50 wal-mart/sam's Club card
$200 bucks from my parents (from which I a Sony digital camera!!!!!)
And a flannel shirt. YAY FLANNEL SHIRT!

And on this christmas spirit month to ye all I say "It happened a long time ago in the little village of Werther. There, the candy maker Gustav Nebel created his finest candy. He took real butter, fresh cream, white and brown sugars, a pinch of salt and lots of time. In honor of his village, he named it 'Werther's Original'. Nowadays, people all over the world enjoy the unique creamy taste of this Old World recipe, as if the candy came fresh from Gustav Nebel's baking pan."

8:02 PM

Friday, December 26, 2003

Looks the the Beagle 2 mars probe is MIA. This is an EU probe, by the way, not one of the two NASA probes scheduled to land next year. As somebody at the Something Awful Forums puts it:

"Beagle 2 was an ESA probe, not NASA. American tax dollars were not wasted in this endeavour. If they had been, Beagle 2 would have been three times heavier, five times more expensive, eight times more capable and would have been smeared across the landscape in ten times as many pieces."

11:47 AM

Thursday, December 25, 2003

sounds great, max! now we can ignore homework more with mario kart (which we gave to my youngest cousin, who would not put the case down for the following three older cousin, who seemed nonchalant about opening his gift became exuberant upon seeing max payne 2)

i was wrong about last night. my father pretty much went to sleep. nova still didn't do much at all. i was the last to bed after family guy ended.
i rolled around in my bed for what felt like three hours but was in reality i'm sure something like a half-hour. it was around 3:40 at that point.
i really got up at 7:30, came down, cleaned a little, worked out the time scale for the hot food again, and watched a little tv with my parents.
we all got annoyed that we were doing so much christmas morning and neither of my sisters had risen yet. they didn't squirm out until my mom yelled at them a little before 10. and then i started rushing through washing the dishes and cooking all of the rolls, strudels, quiches (isn't the plural of quiche quiche? whatever...), as time was starting to overlap like madness.
and, of course, everyone came early (*shaking fist* lousy jews...just kidding) so i was going nuts in the kitchen as nova worked on the chocolate fondue and my dad decided to stand around.

still though, among the nicer family gatherings for most of the time. no real hostility or discomfort.

my received gifts, as best as i can remember right now, a little tired:
the xyron stickermaker i posted on this blog about a month or two back about, along with cartridges for double-sided lamination, permanent stickers, removable stickers, and magnets.
flaming lips - yoshimi battles the pink robots
best of the muppet show cd
a khaki, tweed-ish shirt
compact sewing kit
guide to photographing vermont, signed by the author (laugh now, its got good tips on nature photography)
marvel super heros page-a-day calendar (living room, maybe?)
three mini evil rubber duckies

so stuff. and i'm very tired.

love you all, merry christmas, and a happy belated birthday to brian since i think i forgot to say that before.
love ya, bra.

5:27 PM
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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Merry Christmas all!

We open presents on Christmas Eve here at Casa de Lawson, and I got a pretty good haul. I couldn't really think of anything I wanted (aside from my copier/scanner/printer, which I got. Joy!) so I had listed off a few games I was interested in. Surprise, surprise, my parents got 'em for me:

Secret Weapons Over Normandy
Mario Kart (woot!)
Need for Speed: Underground

I didn't bring my systems with me, in an effort to keep myself from getting distracted, but dammit, I'm contemplating a quick 3-hour drive to the apartment. God only knows what shape the place is in right now....

10:54 PM

they've got a couple of these up at the MoCCA office, but these amuse me and newsarama happened to share 'em:

9:25 PM
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i am amused.

i would be smiling, but i'm really quite worn out. christmas eve is the day when my mother and i run around getting all the food we need for our big family brunch the following day and cleaning the house while my father and two sisters sit idly by and bitch at us whenever they are approached to do anything. i already know that nova and my father will each freak out around 9pm tonight when they realize what a mess the place is and they will start ranting about how they're the only people who do anything around here.

of course, this is probably just the very tired and stressed me exaggerating a little. in all fairness, my dad's been at work all day and he's doing stuff in the kitchen now. i don't blame him for anything but i still know he'll freak.

but my sisters have legitimately done nothing productive other than washing their hair today.

i haven't been on the computer much. i just checked my email for the first time since saturday.

and other people want it now, so i am away.

happy holidays everyone. here's wishing many-a-liscensed-lego-product upon you all.

4:57 PM
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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Back in my day, we used to ride the eskimo sled for only 5 lambs bushels. Now they use 'automobiles' and they don't get half the guff the sled dogs did! It was a rare occasion the husky up front would ever actually get to sit down, since, you know, they were bein' used most a good part of the days. Now because of this the developed no sittin' bone unlike most dogs what had two sittin' bones. Now a professor in some kind of degree granting institution would call that evolution, but I never did recognize the arrogant power that come from a Kintucky man....

8:47 PM

There goes crazy old Brian again, always yellin' about one thing or another. What a character!

8:17 PM

Have you ever had one of those moments where you argued with someone; lost; and then over a month later a really good counter point just pops into your head? Well, it happened to me. But the argument is long since gone and half of the opposition I may never see again.
For you see Derrick and Ankur were telling me that The Lego company has always been as much of a sell out as they are today. I pathetically tried to tell them that they were wrong, but eventually agreed with them. Today, however, I just realized that what I should have continued to say was "Wait a minute! There's a big fuck difference between a company bringing out a vaguely themed series and just getting George Lucas to sign his name on every box. You see, though the forest and castle, pirate, and space series may have coincedently came out the same times that popular films of the same themes did (and they provided no proof likewise) dosn't make Lego a sell out. It makes them smart. The point is that those series were very original and brilliantly designed. The series they are coming out with nowadays have fewer, cheaper pieces, and aren't vague themes (as they were before) but specific movies like Harry Potter, Spiderman, or Starwars. And if Lego can't sell out to a specific movie, then it makes things like the Speilburg movie making sets, or officially licensed NBA, NHL, NFL or soccer sets with little lego men wearing Adiddas shirts or real team jerseys like the Celtics etc etc.
Soon Lego will come out with 'Nike outlet store' set with 16 Nike logo sporting employees and two sheep with a minivan. It will cost $159 and be comprised of 4 pieces. One of which is just a regurgitated jar-jar head.

6:36 PM

Josh Middleton posted the covers for NYX 4 and NYX 6, which has made my morning. I need to go draw something....

11:07 AM

Monday, December 22, 2003

YAY! My birthday came and went and now I have Blues Brothers on DVD, The indiana jones Trilogy on DVD, Two books about Volkswagen Minibuses, film, and a rain poncho... wow.. that was anti-climactic. I'm sorry I started with the best stuff... I'm really very sorry.... oh god.

7:45 PM

a couple of the pictures i took on saturday came out cool, but my ftp i unhappy so i can't share 'em right now.

i was dreadfully bored most of the day and i expect that to be the case again tommorrow when everyone's home.


12:39 AM
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Thursday, December 18, 2003

max: yeah, and you haven't seen the traffic on long island. the drivers are angrier and the roads are thinner.

i love the number system. more often than not the place i'm looking for is on some number street i've never been to, but its easy to find you way thanks to the numbers and the subway maps on every other street corner.

its my experience that most of the time you can ONLY cross when the light says so. otherwise, you done get hit, cuz the drivers sure as hell don't stop when there's a pedestrian in the road.

hope you're having fun, max.

5:58 PM
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i'm a li'l excited right now.
i'd been putting off a visit to MoCCA all week because i was still situating myself, but i figured that since tommorrow would mark the end of my first week here, and people are usually in the office on friday, i'd call up to see if there were a good time for me to come in.
luckily, lawrence answered the phone. he was excited to hear from me and informed me that they're packing things up for the new gallery space in SoHo. that's exciting. wow!
so i'll be in the office this friday and saturday helping out and moving things around. hurrah.
and then i'll be helping around here getting the place ready for our annual christmas day family brunch. much better tradition than our previous christmas day dinner, as this way we get people out in the afternoon and don't have to really sit down. brunch is quick and lively. they come in, we say hi and compliment each others sweaters and hair, nibble on cookies and crackers and cheese, exchange gifts, have sandwiches, fruit, brie en fillo, exchange boring anexdotes, and everyone's gone with the sun still out.

on a side note, we went to the mall today and i have three qualms:

1) everyone at every clothing store thinks i work there. for this i blame my cool-as-hizznizzell sweater that i got at TARGET and not an upscale store, my queer-eye hair the day after styling, and the fact that i often stand around looking like i have nothing to do.
2) what happened to the clearance section in aeropostale? i loved that. it was almost trendy, but two months too late and half the price. and its gone now. boo.
3) the apple store really needs to label the prices on the things i want. they label the prices for everything else, but not the 2x dvd-rs, the wacom intuos 2 platinum 6x8 tablet, or mac os x panther. i know i can't afford the latter two right now, but i'd like to know how far off i am.

that is all.

went to the midnight show of lord of the rings return of the king with heather and maria on tuesday night.
the movie was great.
the crowd was abyssmal.
WHY would you go to the midnight show of part three of a nine-hour long tolkien movie and protest that the ending is too long? half the theater groaned and shifted throughout the ending.
ITS A NINE-HOUR LONG MOVIE!!! why would you want a one-minute long ending? that's absurd!
they just bugged me...alot.

south park is insanely funny as of late. last week's episode was brilliant with the goth kids, and i adored the rerun over the weekend with kyle's cousin kyle. funniest line i've ever heard on television ever (but only in context of the entire episode) "maybe you should send him to concentration camp!"
and last night's was clear they'd already had the episode done since they advertised the canada issue last week, but squeezing in the captured saddam hussein a mere two days after the capture?! amazing!

last night i was chillin' at dan's. he's progressively downloading every episode of freakazoid based on a challenge of mine. he also seemed to enjoy the yann tiersen i ripped onto his comp more than the modest mouse. i missed hanging with my homeses more than i knew. its easy to write off dan as an asshole until i hang out with him again and remember why we're friends. we just click so damn well together. and hanging with him and heather together for the first time in a loooong while, they agreed with me that we need to start recording our freestyle song jams, which they argued with me during the semester over as they have both dropped every instrument they played and i didn't bring any with me. whatever, we rock a cappella and they forgot that.

ok, enough. 56k madness here.

5:20 PM
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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Things that surprise/fascinate me about New York City

1) The streets follow a number system, and CONTINUE to follow a logical number system throughout most of the city. Most places around the world have a 1st or 2nd street and just give up. Hell, the best Sarasota could manage was a series of streets named after fruits.

2) People actually drive here. I'm so sorry for ever thinking less of you for not getting your license, Derrick. Traffic here is just.......jesus, I don't know what to say.

3) You really can cross when the crossing sign says you can. Once again, this is a foreign concept in Florida. Usually, crosswalks are more of a suggestion than any sort of guideline. It SAYS I can cross, but really it's up to the car.

6:41 PM

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

max: i reccomend you go to a newstand or bookstore and pick up the latest issue of Time Out New York. they tend to do the best coverage for people who are unfamiliar with the terrain. the always manage to find the best places, and the advertise MoCCA for free every issue. its how we get most of our visitors, out of state tourists who pick up time out new york. at the moment, the two spots i'd reccomend just for the novelty of it are the Toys 'R Us in times square (sure, its busy as hell right now, but where else will you find a toys r us with a three-story ferris wheel you can ride?) and, my personal favorite, Jim Hanley's Universe, one of the most well-respected comic book shops in america. easy to find for toursist, too. you go to the empire state building, dace the front door and then turn around because its RIGHT across the street. BIG store, one floor unlike every other comic shop in manhatten, and a million t-shirts, books, videos, gifts, novelty items, and every recent comic and mini comic from every publisher everywhere. best selection ever.

there are twenty-eight people signed on on my buddy list right now.
the only ones who AREN'T away are myself, koujo, and SmarterChild, which doesn't count since SmarterChild is an automated response system.

and humza added me to his friendster, which strikes me as a little odd as we hadn't spoken since leaving moel congress and we didn't really talk much when we were there. he was always hanging out with bhavin and i was always trying to get bhavin's voice out of my ears.

i've got many problems with bhavin, but most of you know that. that man just...grrr...tim salter, too. but tim salter was an asshole on top of it.

anyway, off for IHOP and IKEA.

neither of those are real english words, but we all know what they mean anyway. [howie long] good stuff. [/howie long]

9:45 AM
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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Hey Derrick, where are some fun places to go in New York? We're planning out our trip and we don't know the hip spots that the cool cats go to.

11:44 AM

home in long beach now. buckaroo banzai was on my plane. not the movie, the actor.


8:53 AM
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Friday, December 12, 2003

JerseyDrift: all alone?
sculptwerks: tom has put a HUGE self portrait in the common room. Its full life size and 6 feet tall. It scares the shit out of me everytime I leave my room.
JerseyDrift: haha
sculptwerks: and his car is still here... why dosn't he drive somewhere like I counted on.
JerseyDrift: he's already taking over the apartment
sculptwerks: yes sir...
JerseyDrift: You're all that stands between him and his entire body turning to goo, expanding, and eveloping the entire apartment
sculptwerks: I'm going to soil my self, regroup and come up with another plan.
sculptwerks: He's sitting in his room and I'm stuck in my room.
sculptwerks: but its ok..... my room is... fun (weeps uncontrollably)
JerseyDrift: god help us all come January

8:09 PM

I'm home!

................well, ok, I guess that's to y'all later....

4:09 PM

so close...

i just have to pack my toiletries and cds.
i'm taking the sarasota-tampa express at 1:30 and jetblue out of tampa at 5 and i'm gonna be picking up my luggage in JFK at around 7:45.

home in NY so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!

8:43 AM
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goddamn, this article finally explains that bug up the RIAA's butt about mp3s.

read it and know them better, man.

8:35 AM
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i'm in my last class of the year 2003, right now. i get in the lab, first one here somehow, turn on the lights and it seems the seniors in the lab last night left a note for us on the board:

Top 10 reasons to be a GIC?

1. you get to live in this lab!
2. cocaine, meth, yallowjackets & mellow yelow will be your diet!
3. pussy, yea right! not gonna happin!
4. butt blisters!
5. let's play, "name that font!"
6. being a complete loser is actually benificial.
7. cute girls in this major!
8. 'cause we're gonna make a shitload!
9. 'cause we'll actually get hired!
10. *!_______________?________________

i didn't make any typos, those were the actual spellings and punctuation they used on the board.
still, amusing to see first thing in the morn.

8:24 AM
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Thursday, December 11, 2003

He he he! (girlish giggle) Go here.

11:59 PM

ah, good, she wrote me back:

Thanks for letting me borrow the maxx. I have watched it to death, and it will be in the library today before 3:30. Have a good break.
Thanks again.

woohoo! if i had to go through the break without watching the maxx, i would have flipped.

12:23 PM
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i am now done with doctor weeks. never again must i sit through any sort of ordeal with him.
there is only one reason i went to class this morning at all.

on monday, i lent megan my dvd of the maxx. she had come to the library looking for it the night before when i explained that it was released on VHS but was rather rare and the library didn't have it. she was doing some crazy research for an illustration class and remembered how insanely great the maxx was. since she clearly aknowledged how great a show it was, i offered to lend her my bootleg dvd in class the following morning under the provision that she return it to me thursday morning in class.
that's the only reason i put up with doctor weeks this morning, was to reclaim my maxx dvd.
and megan didn't come this morning. too busy with illustration work, she emailed doctor weeks to say she wouldn't be in.

now, i'm still crazy busy with my two graphic design final books, but i still managed to get to class this morning if only for my dvd.

i'm emailing her to ask that she drops it in the lost and found at the library today so i can pick it up tonight.
if i don't get that tonight, i'll be mad.

10:05 AM
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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

goddamn, brian wood redid his website a little, including this pic of ryan young and becky cloonan at the MoCCA Art Fest in june:

9:03 PM
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well, max, brian, and i have all read Lost at Sea today, and we all seemed to love it, even if it only took us a half-hour each to read.

goddamn, that was a good graphic novel. but i want much more.

7:39 PM
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wow...does not bode well for the politics of the walt disney corporation. and think of all the money he's walking away from...damn. that's like paris hilton deciding she wanted to live on a secluded farm somewhere or...oh...goddamn....there is something seriously wrong with these great grandchildren (or maybe just grandchildren, i forget) of woldwide staples.

6:37 PM
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Its confirmed! Roy Disney has left Disney... the company.... not his last name.... cause' you know.... he would just be 'Roy' the other way.

So to recap, Roy Disney, the man, has quit Disney the company/empire.

6:33 PM

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

read the comment at the bottom of this page

i'm sorry, but WTF?!?!?!

doesn't wal-mart carry harry potter t-shirts? doesn't toys r us sell masters of the universe action figures? i don't think people are all THAT concerned with magic

i hate christian fundamentalists.

its clear to me that this woman doesn't have enough style to shop at target anyway. she's more of a k-mart person. i have a great deal of respect for target based on my past shopping experiences as well as the big-name professional designers they have making exclusive products for target.

did this woman also complain when target had that exclusive christina aguilera/justin timberlake cd over the summer?
no one else was selling it, right?
and didn't the whole christina/justin thing over the summer maybe show a few things overprotective christian mothers would prefer to shield their children from because its evil?


6:01 PM
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'tis the season...

5:34 PM
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Monday, December 08, 2003

here's the photo that won brian his class assigment and two free rolls of film, one of which he gave me and i used to document the production of the new front page image on his webpage:

yeah, that's me, dressed like a soviet and acting like i'm freezing cold when i was actually melting in that heavy coat on the beach at noon.

ah...good times...

7:37 PM
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wow, MoCCA trustee and all around hilarious guy mo willems managed to snag the number two spot on's top 25 children's books of 2003 with "don't let the pigeon drive the bus!"
it beat the crap out of harry potter, too! damn, that's sweet.

my question, of course, is where the hell is neil gaiman and dave mckean's "wolves in the walls"???

5:29 PM
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support independant comic publishers.
buy DEMO #2 and Lost At Sea this wednesday! (or after, assuming the store still has them, which isn't a sure thing)

the guys over at The Fourth Rail have already both given Lost at Sea a 9 out of 10, which is damn good and usually qualifies for best of the week, except that NYX #3, H-E-R-O #11, and JSA #55 have all also gotten 9 out of 10 and Fables #20 has a perfect 10.

still, Lost at Sea and DEMO #2 are the only new releases i'm buying this week, whether i get them at pop comics in sarasota or jim hanley's universe in manhatten

1:26 AM
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and i threw a few pieces from my design with type class on the design page

12:01 AM
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Sunday, December 07, 2003

five new pics on my illustrations page
the top two are from today.
numero 3 i did a week or two ago.
4 was done at the library about a month ago.
5 is the self-portrait i did the night before i got my haircut.

music: kupek - i'm so sorry

11:45 PM
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Saturday, December 06, 2003

whilst comparing rugrats: all grown up to the prisoner

max: can you ever really pass the fifth grade standardized test???

9:53 PM
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i just had the most delightful phone conversation with my mother and big sister.
i'm almost positive we'll have conflicts of some sort when i come home in a little less than a week, but i still very much look forward to going home and spending some time with them again.
absense makes the heart grow fonder, i suppose.
when i said i looked forward to the snow and ice, my mother reminded me that i specifically was in favor of ringling because it wouldn't snow here.
i almost forgot that.
but i've always loved the image of snow falling in the window.
every december, the first morning i awoke to see snow falling or snow settled on the cars in the street, i'd rush out of my room excitedly and press my face against the windows in the front of the house, marvelling at the wonder of it all.
but damn, did i loathe the feeling of snow crunching under my feet. that always bugged the hell out of me.

i awoke from a very awkward dream this morning. i was relieved to hear the dears' "everlasting" flowing from my computer, reminding me that i was safe in my room and i had important things to do today. aside from a rather sloppy start to the morning; stumbling into a couple of walls, styling my hair very poorly after i showered, pouring hot apple cider and completely forgetting about it, going to the wrong classroom; i had a decent day. decent at least. in design with type we finished laying out our final books (or rather, i finished laying it out, most of the class spent the period futzing with beeswax and thread). i listened to black session a few times through and cracked a few jokes with my classmates. its funny, last year i stuck with two or three people in each class who were moderately entertaining in order to feel grounded, but now that we've developed into our respective fields i really feel a bit of comaradary with the other students, even though my best friends on campus are all in different majors.

by the way, i have since decided that "roma amor" is a very good song. it just bothered me that it took forever for me to obtain it and it wasn't nearly as intense musically as some of the other songs on the album. i very much enjoy roma amor now.

at work i shelved about six carts of books, a rather extravagant amount for a friday afternoon. we've put about one-third of all of the dvds into the new cases so far. these are the case that have security strips that lock the case shut on them. when someone brings the case up, we just pop in on the funky little magnet pop-tray dealy and pull the strip off, unlike before when they would bring up an empty case and we'd go into the back and exchange it for the case with the disc. lots less effort for us now. the only dvds that won't use those cases are ones with multiple discs since they won't fit.
also, tim got the new box of dc comcis from will eisner today, and since i was there, i got the pick of the litter. a rather large load, including last month's issue of Y which was sold out at pop when i tried to get it.
and i got my annual christmas gift from the library. last year is was a canvas bag with paper clips, post-its, number 2 pencils, chocolates and whatnot in it. this year is a cool tupperware-sort-of tote with a box of microwave popcorn, pringles, throat drops, rubber bands, post-its, colored pencils, glue sticks, and a ton of chocolates.

i love working at the library.
makes me feel tough.
like a big man.

anyway, got a lot of photo work to do in the afternoon, so i'd better get some shut-eye.
be sleeping in my bed at home this time next week.

mood: sleepy
music: they might be giants - this ape's for you

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Friday, December 05, 2003

maria: floogah
derrick: mawa
maria: it's snowing!
derrick: sweet
derrick: i am home a week from today
maria: : D
derrick: i want there to be snow when i get there
derrick: so you take good care of the snow for me
derrick: that's your job now
maria: ok!
maria: if there's no snow when you get back you me lunch
derrick: deal, chummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
derrick: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
derrick: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
derrick: p!
maria: cool beans!

mood: upbeat
music: kupek - so you suck at life

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Thursday, December 04, 2003

can someone explain to me how the sink in our bathroom doesn't work, but the shower does, as tom took a shower ten minutes ago, but i can't shave?

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i've been on a bright eyes kick since monday. listening to lots and lots of bright eyes.
i particularly love "a line allows progress, a circle does not"
its terrible emotional and honest and all that jazz.
he's like a middle ground between kupek and elliott smith, both of whom i've listened to WAY too much of this semester.

and magnetic fields. i can't believe how much magnetic fields i've listened to this semester.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

i have been alerted to the fact that the toilet on my side of the apartment flooded today. flooded a rather great deal. word is that the water level on the floor was about a half-inch (actually, i was told it was an inch, but i'm giving the absorbancy of the carpet the benefit of the doubt here) deep and that the maintenance guy came to deal with it when the water began dripping down into mike (our RA)'s apartment.
word is also that the carpet is soggy all the way up to the entrance to my room and that the apartment is warm and smells like a toilet.
word continues that tom noticed this earlier today but did and said nothing of it because he was only in the apartment for a minute, and that he did not cause this flooding as he did not use the bathroom all day.

i entered the bathroom once today, and that was to brush my teeth this morning. otherwise, i've been quite content to use only our kitchen, living room, and the seat in front of my desk all day. i washed my hands in the photo lab bathroom, and i will probably use the library bathroom within the next two hours.
so, either the toilet is chock-full of evil, mischievious energies like goblins, fairies and the witch's brew, or some nefarious pirate came into our apartment whilst we were all unaware and gleefully battered the bejeezus out of the toilet.

either way, i can't wait to get home again because art school is making my brain work no-so-good and the most minimal insignificant issues become dramatic conspiracy theories here.
i like it better in new york where no one gives a goddamn what you're doing, cuz it has nothing to do with what they're doing.

and i can't believe it took me that long to get the worst freaking track on the whole black session album. ewwww...roma amor...

mood: headachey
music: yann tiersen avec domique a - monochrome

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SUCCESS!!! i finally got roma amor, and thus, BLACK SESSION IS MINE!!!

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for the past two months or so, i've been regularly reading scott mccloud's latest morning improv, But No One Ever Noticed The Walrus
yesterday, scott finally named the walrus "brimley" based on comments from this message board thread
after reading all their posts, i felt absurd enough to post this critique:

'while i like the theory of suzie being a nobody or a no one, the title still doesn't work as meaning that she notices brimley
if suzie were a geek, for example, you couldn't say "geek ever noticed the walrus"
"no geek ever noticed the walrus" would works as a statement, but that still leaves us at a loss of people noticing.
since no one can notice the walrus, all we can gather is that suzie must not be a one
therefore we must assume that suzie is NOT a "no one" but rather that she is not a one, whereas everybody else in the office IS a one.
perhaps this "one" feature is a statement on confidence. suzie and brimley seem to be the only characters who aren't blinded by their own self confidence (except for stuart in the beginning, but that's before brimley's really in the scene), so, while they may not be able to communicate all that well with other people or even be particularly respected, they do see things that the others don't (such as an error in the invoice or, say, each other)
perhaps scott is trying to say something about people with an abundance of confidence being blind.
or, perhaps, i am.
either way, it seems impossible for it to have been a coincidence that these two are the only ones to really "see" each other.

i hope they go out for fish together.'

sometimes i'm too much of a geek for my own good

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oh crap, i posted the pic of my pizza box on the Hugo boards for critique. i think the last thing i posted there was the "boy possessed" pic.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

i'd just like to formally announce how much i love yann tiersen's black session live album from 1999.
its downright sensational.
it had a limited print run in france and has been long since unavailable anywhere in the world, so i find no shame in the fact that i've only heard it through mp3s i downloaded online.
i have made no secret out of the fact that i do download mp3s for "free" (considering i still pay for the electricity that powers the computer and for the hi-speed internet in my room. i don't use peer-to-peer programs while i'm home) but almost exclusively for live bootlegs, foreign music and painfully rare stuff, none of which is to be found reasonably in any record store i could easily go to.

of the two songs i've been trying weeks to get in order to finish the black session album, i got all but 263kb on one last week, and the file won't play without that last little bit dammit, and i finally got the second one today.
so i either need to download "roma amor" from someone else or wait for that one person to sign back on and let me get those last 263kb.

graphic design final project is simple enough. a final portfolio of all the work from the semester. western ideas and society is finally at the point of history i can stay fully awake in. only real stress-point right now is my photo portfolio. we'll find out about design with type in the morning, though.
home in a week and a half! it must be approaching winter because i've been wearing my sweater all the time, which is weird since this is sarasota. i even drew a li'l cartoon of me in my winter coat and head/ear band dealy in western ideas and society today.

can't wait to go home. i miss new york terribly.
and i'm sure it'll piss me off again once i'm there.

ethan allen recruiters will be here next tuesday. i think i'll go and see what they've got.

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you know how iTunes 4 lets you stream the libraries of people on the same network as you? yeah, pretty cool huh? too bad you can only listen to the songs and not save them to your hard disk...

well, not any more, it isn't!
windows users with iTunes 4, download MyTunes and help yourself.
now, they either need to come up with a working mac version, or i need some PC friends to help me with a couple of songs.

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for anyone who hasn't seen my pizza box, i put up a nice pic in the design section of my ringling webpage.

- hungry

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now, help me out a bit.
should i do all the pages like that?
all the same color, or a different color each page?
should i change the images at the top from grays to matching colors (red on a red page, et cetera)?

help me out, peeps.

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Monday, December 01, 2003

ohhh....but water is soooooooo tasty. i looooooooooove water. i am envious of it, for there is so much more water on earth than there is cheese doodles...and i LOVE me some cheese doodles, especially the puffed variety.

boy...water sure is lucky. there's two hydrogens for every oxygen.
just like that old surfing song. you know, "i got a '34 wagon and i call it a woody, surf city, here we come!"


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Water is Dangerous! Look out! Don't drink water!

9:28 PM

rabbit rabbit

up until two minutes ago i was having a mildly annoying day.
dr. weeks said my philosophy test answers were too succinct and i'd have to do it over with more detail. plus he still doesn't like the topic for my final paper.
my last roll of film got all stuck together while it was developing, so almost every other shot has a huge white burn mark ruining it. i am never using ilford film again. kodak, all the way.
and my photo teacher said i'm not allowed to have all my final prints be digital. we finally agreed that at least half of them need to be done on traditional photo paper in the i need to rework my whole plan.

so i was pretty mad at school on the first day back in session.
i hopped out of photo halfway since, now that i'm out of ilford photo paper, there's nothing for me to do, and i checked my mail where, freshly arrived, was my mp3cd from mal, complete with cardboard and masking tape packaging and handwritten note of apology.

whatever, i am sure it's majestic.

anyway, i'm outta here.

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new look for the blog. similar layout to the old one cuz i liked the layout, it just needed a facelift.
can you believe this is face numero 7 for the speed of boredom? (actually, it wasn't called the speed of boredom until face numero 3)

website's all up and happy, except for the links page and the interview, both of which are incredibly easy and will probably be done tommorrow (

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