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Friday, July 17, 2009

Space Invaders: Infinity Gene will rock my iPod so hard

TAITO just released this trailer for the iPhone/iTouch port of their mobile phone hit Space Invaders Infinite Gene. It's the most exciting thing I've seen on the internet in weeks on a purely speculative level.

Space Invaders was the first videogame I truly loved as a child, the somewhat genius reimagining Space Invaders Extreme was my ninth favorite video game on 2008 and I'm very much interested in the upcoming SIE2, but wow, Infinite Gene is exactly what I want right now:

Sure, it's cool that you can finally break away from the x-axis and that there are bosses and cool visual effects, but that makes it like pretty much every top-down shooter on the market these days. What really excites me is that part about generating custom levels based on the music on your iPod. Procedurally-generated stages reading from the music you choose to listen to? Radtastic! And hopefully there will still be tons of the old-school Space Invaders charm to make the game feel unique, yet familiar.

TAITO says it should be hitting the App Store soon. I am officially on the lookout.

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