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Monday, July 27, 2009

Tron Legacy Hype Train Now Leaving The Station

People (nerds) have been clamoring for a sequel to Disney's proto-techno-cult hit Tron ever since, well, it became a cult hit. Now that the geeks have inherited the Earth (or at least a fair share of mainstream pop culture), it's finally happening.

It was confirmed back in March that electronic pioneers Daft Punk had signed on to score the film, which meant that at the very least the film's soundtrack would be worth the consumers' dollars. At this past weekend's San Diego Comic-Con, Disney unveiled the first trailer for the film, along with its title:

While there is a noticeable lack of Daft Punk in the trailer for Tron Legacy, there is just about enough fan service to get dorky hearts a-thumping. Hell, the thing already looks like a Daft Punk music video without the music.

I may not be fully aware of what movies are coming out in 2010 (I think I know maybe seven?) but Tron Legacy is totally my number 2 most anticipated film of the year right now, just behind Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and just ahead of Iron Man 2. Man, I'm such a dweeb...

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